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Electrical laboratory needed for Outdoor single pole hook operated Disconnect Switch testing: Rating: 11 KV/ 15 KV, BIL : 110 KV, Continuous Current Rating: 600 A, Momentary Current Rating: 40 KA 2)Outdoor single pole hook operated Disconnect Switch: Nominal System Voltage: 33 KV; BIL : 150 KV; Continuous Current Rating : 600 Amps; 3)Outdoor single pole Fused Recloser Bypass Switch: Nominal Voltage: 11 KV; BIL : 110KV; Minimum Current Rating: 600A; Momentary Current Rating: 40 KA 4)Single pole Voltage Regulator combination Bypass and Disconnect Switch: 15 KV, 1200A 5)Outdoor Three-pole Gang operated Air-Break Switch:34.5KV, 600A, Load break. 6)Single-pole power fuses 34.4KV class voltage rating, 200 KV BIL for outdoor use,175A complete with dropout fuse holder. Requirement of Test & Standard: 1) Dielectric Test Voltage: By using the following tests described in ANSI C37.34. a. 1.2x50 micro-second full wave impulse dry withstand voltage test. b. 10 second wet withstand, 50 Hz voltage test. c. 1-minute dry withstand, 50 Hz voltage test. 2) Radio Influence Voltage(RIV) Test: : By using methods described in section 3 of ANSI C37.34 and equipment which conforms to ANSI C63.2 RIV test voltages and proposed limits shown in Table I-B are obtained from Part 32 of NEMA Pub. No SG 6. We will be pleased if you inform us about the costing of Testing for mentioned product.


Number: 11-2692


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