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Request: 10-02077

Status: Closed


ASTM Packaging/Mechanical Laboratory needed for the following testing:
SEQUENCE: 1 ELEMENT: A Manual Handling Distribution Simulation Hazards incurred during manual handling such as loading, unloading, dropping, throwing, stacking, sorting or palletizing. DESIGN TESTING PRACTICE FORM Delphi Electronics & Safety PKG WI FOR 651.01.02A Effective Date: March 12, 2006 2 Test Standard- ASTM D4169 (latest revision) Equipment - Lansmont drop tester model PDT-56E Conditioning - ambient Drop Height - 21 inches Drop Sequence - bottom, bottom edge, adjacent bottom edge, bottom corner, diagonally opposite corner Results:
SEQUENCE: 2 ELEMENT: D Vehicle Stacking Distribution Simulation Compressive loads that occur during vehicle transport or warehousing. Test Standard- ASTM D4169 (latest revision) Equipment -Lansmont model 76--5K compression test system. Conditioning - ambient Load applied -L=M x J (H-h / h) x F Where: L=minimum required load, lbf or N, M=mass of one shipping unit or individual container, lbf or N, J=1 lbf/lb or 9.8 m/(s squared) H=maximum height of stack in transit vehicle, in. or m, h= height of shipping unit or individual container, in. or m, and F= a factor (8.0) to account for the combined effect of the individual factors described above. Note: Applicable for expendable containers only. Note NOT APPLICABLE - RETURNABLE if appropriate. Results:
SEQUENCE: 3 ELEMENT: F Loose Load Vibration Random Vibration Test: ASTM D4728 Distribution Simulation Repetitive shocks encountered in the transportation of bulk or loose loads. Test Standard - ASTM D4169 (latest revision) Equipment - MTS vibration system Conditioning - ambient Test Duration - 30 minutes in the normal shipping orientation and remaining 30 minutes split among all other possible shipping orientations (specify orientation in the Results area). Results:

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