ASTM and IEC Testing

Laboratory Test Request Description

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM and IEC testing to the following testing standards:
1 Linear Thermal expansion (Tg-10°C) 10^-6/°C ASTM E 831
2 Linear Thermal expansion (Tg+10°C) 10^-6/°C ASTM E 831
3 Thermal Conductivity W/m.K ASTM E 1356
4 Dielectric Strength IEC 60243 with 2mm specimen at RT kV/mm IEC 60243
5 Volume resistivity at 500 V DC as per IEC 60455-2 (at RT & after water immersion for 168 hrs) IEC 60455-2
6 Dielectric loss factor 30 V/1K/kHz as per IEC 60455-2 at RT & 155°C IEC 60455-2


Number: 20-00052

Industry: Industrial

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Test Request: 20-00282

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