Performance Space NFPA Large Scale Testing

Laboratory Description

Third-Party Laboratory needed for large scale flammability and other testing for a performance space including:
CBC 2603.9 - Special approval. Foam plastic shall not be required to comply with the requirements of Section 2603.4 or those of the Section 2603.6 where specifically approved based on large scale test such as, but not limited to, NFPA 286 (with the acceptance criteria of Section 803.1.2.1), FM 4880, UL 1040 or UL 1715. Such testing shall be related to the actual end -use configuration and be performed on the finished manufactured foam plastic assembly in the maximum thickness intended for use. Foam plastics that are used as interior finish on the basis of special tests shall also conform to the flame spread and smoke-developed requirements of Chapter 8. Assemblies tested shall include seams, joints and other typical details used in the installation of the assembly and shall be tested in the manner intended for use.


Number: 18-01427

Industry: Entertainment and Performance

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