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Consumer Products Test Request

Request: 18-00424

Status: Closed


Candle Compliance Evaluation


Consumer Products Laboratory needed for compliance testing of two different candles with coconut wax and 2 separate fragrances to international safety standards including:

-safety of the containers that will be used Flammability)
-wick size that should be used for both wood and cotton wicks including whether or not an additional wick is required?
Is the candle burning safely, cleanly and at the correct pace?
-How many hours of burn time

We have two fragrances and three separate containers. We are looking for our candles to achieve the following: when it eventually burns itself out, all wax should be burned from the container including the edges. It should have a steady flame that is not too high or low and that burns clean and not too fast.

Container Candles testing needed. Candles poured in coconut bark (natural and lacquered bark). Coconut wax; two separate fragrances.

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