FDA Cigar Testing and FDA Application Submission

Laboratory Test Request Description

Cigars manufacturer needsFDA lab testing of our cigars and guidance on our FDA applications for SE or through new product market approval pathway. Please let us know your services and how we may collaborate and work together through this process.


Number: 20-00110

Industry: Cigars and Cigarettes

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Laboratory Test Request

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Other Cigars and Cigarettes testing, analysis, scientific research and development, inspection, certification, engineering, failure investigation, and product development needs include :

  • nitrates Testing
  • particulates Testing
  • TSNAs Testing
  • total alkaloids Testing
  • secondary alkaloids Testing
  • heavy metals Testing
  • chloride analysis Testing
  • pesticides Testing
  • water content Testing
  • nicotine Testing
  • flavor Testing
  • ingredients Testing
  • component Testing
  • packaging Testing

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