Candy Complete FDA Food Analysis

Laboratory Test Request Description

FDA Food Laboratory needed for complete testing of two chocolate candy products including for melamine.


Number: 20-00170

Industry: Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cacao

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Other Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cacao testing, analysis, scientific research and development, inspection, certification, engineering, failure investigation, and product development needs include :

  • Labeling Testing
  • Moisture Content Testing
  • Fats Testing
  • Solid Fat Content Testing
  • Free Fatty Acid Testing
  • Particle Size Testing
  • Temper Testing
  • Fat Content Testing
  • Viscosity Testing
  • Color Testing
  • Flavor Testing
  • Carbohydrates Testing
  • Sugars Testing
  • Calories Testing
  • flavonoids Testing
  • alkaloids Testing
  • theobromine Testing
  • phenethylamine Testing
  • caffeine Testing
  • riboflavin Testing
  • Vitamins Testing
  • vitamin B12 Testing
  • Minerals Testing
  • manganese Testing
  • phosphorus Testing
  • zinc Testing
  • calcium Testing
  • magnesium Testing
  • iron Testing

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