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Electrical Laboratory needed for conformance testing of automotive spark plug cables:
ISO 3808 (or SAE J2031) for Spark Plug Cable. ISO 3808 or SEA J2031 when imports ?Spark Plug Cable?. There are two kinds of Spark Plug Cables need to get tested, 5mm (in diameter) cable and 7mm (in a diameter) cable. ?Spark Plug Cable? is component part of ?Spark Plug Cable Set? that comes with connector plugs On both end of cables, But we only need test data for cable part only, not on ?entire spark plug cable assembly set?. QT Request: If possible, I would appreciate you qt me following 3 versions. ISO 3808, SAE J2031 and Partial Test of ISO 3808.(9 testing categories) (Most likely, I like to test with most reasonable way) . ISO 3808: 5mm Spark Plug Cable 7mm Spark Plug Cable: SAE J2031 5mm Spark Plug Cable 7mm Spark Plug Cable Partial Test for ISO 3808 5mm Spark Plug Cable 7mm Spark Plug Cable 4.5 Thirty minutes test voltage and breakdown voltage 4.6 Capacitance 4.7 Resistance to corona effect? 4.8 Pressure at high temperature 4.9 Thermal overload ? 4.11 Resistance to flame propagation ? 4.12 Flexibility at low temperatures 4.15 Fluid compatibility 4.16 Accelerated life tests? QT Request for Certificate of Conformance for ISO3808 (or SAE J2031). If you are able to issue the certificate of conformance, please Let me know cost to issue it.


Number: 16-02072

Industry: Automotive and Motor Vehicle

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