Aerospace Turbine Blade Experiment Study

Laboratory Test Request Description

Aerospace Laboratory needed for performing an Research and Development experiment on aero-engine gas turbine blades

determine the composition, and investigate the microstructure of the ex-service blade.
vary the temperature, centrifugal loads and determine coarsening, micro-cracks sizes along grain boundaries and trans-crystalline on the 3 - stage rotor blades of the Turbine section ONLY using Transmission Electron Microscopy machine (TEM).
determine the material deformation rate, and mechanical behavior of blade specimens for the same range of load and thermal conditions using TEM and Cyclic Testing machine.
Carry out mechanical tests and observe the mechanical response such as vibration, thermal stresses, plastic strain, creep, and cyclic stress (HCF and LCF) of the degraded blades in the wind tunnel.
check the corresponding rate of fuel consumption for these conditions using Particle Image Velocimentary.
determine the gas stream conditions at exit of the turbine in a wind tunnel.
determine the fracture points of the degraded blades for each test and number of cycles to failure and predict permanent engine failure using cyclic spin and torsional test facility with Brüel & Kjær piezoelectric accelerometer

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