Laboratory Test Request Description

Laboratory needed for multiple tests on Oil Cooling System including crash, vibration, contamination, fire, oil leakage, thermal cycling, etc:

1. Temperature & latitude test as per DO 160 Section 4 Category -B3.

2. Temperature Variation test as per DO 160 D Section 5 Category-A.

3. Fluid Suceptability test as per DO 160 D Section 11 Category-F.

4. Humidity test as per DO 160 D Section 6 Category-C.

5. Fungus test as per DO 160 D Section 13 Category-F.

6. Salt Spray test as per DO 160 D Section 14 Category-S.

7. Water Proofness test as per DO 160 D Section 10 Category-S.

8. Icing test as per DO 160 D Section 24.

9. Operation shocks & crash safety test as per DO 160 D Section 7 Helicopter Category.

10. Constant Acceleration test test as per MIL-STD-810 Method 513.5.

11. Vibration test as per DO 160 D Section 8 Category-R.

12. Fire test as per ISO 2685.
13. Contamination Test as per CS-E-840.

14. Fire test as per ISO 2685.
Test Condition:-
First 5 minutes testing with air / oil flow simulating engine
running at minimum power rating (condition to be defined )
followed by 10 minutes with no air / oil flow (engine stop
condition) there shall be no oil spillage throughout the test

15. Contamination Test as per CS-E-840.

16. Fungus test as per DO 160 D Section 13 Category-F.
Test Condition :-
This test to be carried out in test chamber where air
temperature 30±1°C and relative humidity _85%. During the
test, OCS shall not be operating.

17. Image 1 for Performance test.
18. Image 2 for pressure drop test.
19. Proof Pressure Test :-
Test conditions : P= 450 kPa,
Temperature Of Oil = 293 ± 10 K (20°C ± 10°C)

20. Ultimate Pressure Test :-
The Oil/ Air Cooler shall be subjected to an Ultimate Pressure
Test in accordance with para 4.3.5.
Test conditions : P = 520 kPa, Temperature Of Oil = 293 ± 10 K
Oil leakage shall be measured and recorded.

21. Cycle Test ( Fatigue) :-
The Oil / Air Cooler shall be subjected to a Pressure Cyclic Test in accordance with the requirements of this specification.
Test conditions : T oil = 393 ± 5 K
Pressure Proof = 0 and 450 kPa
Number of cycles : 100 000

22. Thermal Cycling Test :-
The Unit shall be designed to withstand 10000 thermal cycles at an ambient temperature of
130°C, cooling air temperature of 15°C and Oil temperature as define


Number: 16-02029

Industry: Aerospace, Aviation and Aeronautical

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