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Laboratory Test Request Details

Adhesives, Glues and Tape Test Request

Request: 16-00941

Status: Closed


URGENT Materials laboratory needed for physical and microbiology ASTM testing of tape bituminous wrapping tape used in petroleum pipelines
Property Values Test method
Tensile strength 12 N/mm2 BS 2782
Elongation 300 ASTM D 1000
Tear resistance >50 ASTM D1004
Adhesion to steel >2 ASTM D1000
Adhesion to Self >1.8 ASTM D 1000
Impact resistance >15J DIN30627
Dielectric strength >30000 total systemASTM D149
Insulation resistance2.5x1012 ASTM D257
Water Absorption <0.1% ISO 62
Water permeability 0.01g/100inch2/24h ASTM F1249
Bacterial Growth - No Mic

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Adhesives, Glues and Tape,Electronic Components and Accessories,Oil and Petroleum

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