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Helicopter company located in remote area needs oil laboratory for fuel testing. The fuel we use is trucked to our location as required. We have noticed a foreign substance in suspension in our fuel and have not been able to determine its origin, or how to remove it. This substance appears in all samples taken from the source tank on the truck itself, to the nozzle at the helicopter which is downstream of the filters we are running the fuel through, and every point in between where we take samples. It appears to the naked eye as fine particulate when swirled in a glass jar with a bright light shone from the side. We are running this fuel through coalescing filters to remove any water in suspension, and filters of a 0.5 micron spec for removing particulate matter. In spite of our efforts this contaminant is still present in all samples I would like to determine the nature of this foreign substance, to determine the source, and finally to devise a method of effectively removing it from the fuel. Can you please respond with the necessary information for me to send a sample of sufficient quantity for adequate testing to satisfy my requirements.


Number: 14-00772


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