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US agriculture and microbiology laboratory needed for crop study using sedimentary pea gravel to grow crops from seed to harvest without any fertilizer nor soil. I need to be able to conduct these 23 test on a period basis. I didn't see food nutrition testing, but I imagine you can do that as well. Can you also study the composition of rock to determine its DNA. We want to know the varying composition of sedimentary pea gravel and what is contained within it that enables it to sustain plant production. See list below.1. Agriculture Raw Material Quality Control (QC) Testing 2. Plant Analysis Testing 3. Plant Tissue Analysis Testing 4. Agriculture Genetic Engineering 5. Composition Analysis Testing 6. Biological Activity Testing 7. Plant Biotechnology Risk Assessments 8. Total Nitrogen (TKN) Testing 9. Total Nitrogen (Combustion) Testing 10. Potatssium Testing11. Copper Testing12. Agronomy Testing 13. Germination Determinations Testing 14. Plant Pathology Analysis Testing 15. Tissue Analysis Testing 16. Plant Bioass17. Microbiology Testing 18. Trace Mineral Testing 19. Agrifood Testing 20. Sustainability Testing21. Compost Testing 22. Enzyme Testing 23. Water Activity Testing
We need to study closely, validate and refine this process.

We ultimately need a price per test for each of the 22 tests below and the name of the equipment used to conduct the test. I have a deadline of 4pm to get this in an RFP response. I understand that the turn around is short and that you may only be able to get a few of the costs if any. Since I know you have the capability for the full scope of testing, we will need your services anyway for the next few years. We have been looking for a while for this comprehensive list of testing capabilities.


Number: 13-01307


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