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Request: 12-0393

Status: Closed


Start-up company doing research & development and product development needs Canada or China food laboratory to create enzymatic beverage from natural fermentation process. We are seeking expert advise on the following area: 1. identification of microbial organisms/enzymes in our beverage (Food Microbial Challenge Testing &/Food Enzymatic Testing)including Food Microbiology Testing, food microbial culture identification testing,food microbial heat resistant mold testing, food microbial lactic acid bacteria testing,food microbial lactobacillus testing,food yeast and mold testing 2. process of prevention from microbial contamination (preferably natural alternative to SO2) during and after fermentation(at bottling)(Food Preservative Efficacy Testing, Food Quality Testing) 3. we hope to be able to find a solution to ensure the stabilizing agent /preservation doesn't in any way affect/inhibit the nutritional enzyme in the beverage(Food Real Time Stability Studies Testing/Food Accelearated Aging Stability Studies Testing)including Food and Beverage Alcohol Content Testing, Food Water Activity Testing, Food Moisture Testing, pH levels,antioxidant testing) We appreciate any advise and referral for a suitable lab in Toronto, Canada as well as Suzhou/ Shanghai , Chna that could help us in these fields. .

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