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Request: 11-00249

Status: Closed


Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to set up temporary mobile lab at Palouge Site Feed Processing Facilities and provide Laboratory Testing apparatus along with reagents and chemicals. We require a Lab Chemist for collecting and Testing the Samples and need another Oil Specialist to suggest and improve testing methods and interpret the Results. Testing of Samples Required:
1. Crude/Water/Gas Feed to FPF: Water content (Free water / Total water), Sp. gravity, Viscosity @38 DegC / 75 DegC / 85 DegC / 105 DegC, Asphaltene content, Basic Sediments & Solids (Sand), Pour Point, Total Acid Number, Field test of foaming tendency, free settling etc 2. Crude at O/L of First Stage Separators: Water content (Free water / Total water), Sp. gravity, Basic Sediments & Solids (Sand), Pour Point.
3. Crude at O/L of Second Stage Separators: Water content (Free water / Total water), Sp. gravity, Basic Sediments & Solids (Sand), Pour Point.
4. Produced Water: Basic Sediments, Oil Content If they have some standard Oil Field Testing Equipment such as Portable Pumps / Separators etc for demonstrating the Plant Performance, that can also hired. The testing may have to conducted at normal / highest feed conditions with varied chemical Injections if possible.
We need to have a consolidated quote for 5 days of services with break up for manpower resources, independent tests, hire charges for lab/test equipment including transportation and clearances, chemical/reagents cost for the 5 days and additional cost in case of extended requirements etc.

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