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SAE/ASTM Automotive Materials Laboratory needed for testing automobile interior carpet parts. They are body trim (textile), tailgate trim (textile), floor carpet (textile+PU), boot carpet (textile+wood fiber). These parts are for FORD FOCUS3 (C346). Tests required:
1.Corrosiveness to steel(SAE J1389).Min rating 4.
2. Thermal Conductivity ( ASTM C518, ASTM C177).
3. Floor Heat Insulation (Interior acoustical and thermal insulators, SAE J1361, 2h) max 60°C on the top surface of floor systems.
4. Thermal Sleeve Heat Insulation (SAE J 2302). 5.Hazarous substances, Total-C(VDA 277) 6.Formaldehyde(VDA 275)
7.Whole clause 8,Whole clause 10


Number: 10-03003


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