Laboratory Test Request Description

Electronics Laboratory needed for IEC Testing, IEC 60754-2 - Test on Gases Evolved During Combustion of Electric Cables-
Determine - Degree of Acidity of Gases Evolved During Combustion Of Materials Taken
From Electric Cables - Measure pH and Conductivity.

It Is required That Section 8.1- General Method Performed on the Samples With 8.1.2
Weighted Values As The Result.
3 to 6 Components Per Cable
Provide The Cost Per Cable Component.
Turn-Around-Time For The Testing.

If Possible, Call Me Back Today Before 5PM (EST).
Email: info@ASTB.US
Tel: 212-943-3160

Thank You.
Best Regards,
Dr. David Hoeltzel
Manager of Technical Services
American Standards Testing Bureau (ASTB)- New York


Number: 10-01051


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