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Request: 09-2059

Status: Closed


Mechanical Laboratory required for testing:
I- toruqe & U- Toruqe test and we are using these test to detect subtle differences in body Catheter performance (85cm aprox).
The Dynamic `U' Test is designed to measure the rotational transmissivity of a sample of body material. This test can also measure the amount of torque required to turn the sample while it is held in a `U'-shape. One end of the sample is attached to a torque gauge/motor assembly and the other end is connected to a rotation sensor while the sample is constrained in a `U'-shaped holding fixture. As the motor turns the sample, the amount of torque required and the amount of rotation tranmitted is measured. The Static `I' Test is designed to measure the rotational stiffness and kinkability of a sample of body material. One end of the sample is turned by a motor and the amount of torque transmitted is measured at the other end. A kink is detected by an instantaneous decrease in the torque transmitted.
These parameters are the way to measure how the catheter pushability, torqueablity, cannulability, tip control, etc.
We need to be able to determine the torque efficiency in the I torque test (straight) for an 85 cm shaft.
 % Efficiency
 Angle in, angle out
 Force in Force out

We also need to determine the torque efficiency in an U configuration.
 % Efficiency
 Force in, force out
 Angle in Angle out
 %Whip (ration of lag and energy sorted in the catheter.

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