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New Laboratory Wires and Wiring Requests

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100 Most Recent Wires and Wiring Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Wires and Wiring Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Digital Splitter RF Testing

Laboratory needed for RF Testing ANSI / SCTE 153 2016, Paragraph 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 (Bandwidth, Passband Response, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, ... View More

ISO Vehicle Cable Testing

Europe Electrical Laboratory needed for ISO testing of cable to ISO 6722-1 Road vehicles -- 60 V and 600 V single-core cables -- Part 1: Dimensions, ... View More

Independent Laboratory needed for TXL and GXL cable testing to SAE J1128 Low Voltage Primary Cable View More

IEC Wire Connector Pull and Hi-Pot Electrical Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC wire connector pull test and hi-pot electrical testing for crimped connector and wire to IEC 60352 View More

Automotive ELectric Wire Fire Performance Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for automotive electrical wires and cables fire performance testing according to ECE R118-02 & R100. View More

IEC Rail Car Wire Assembly Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for the following IEC wire assembly testing: wire pull testing, hi-pot testing of crimped wire assemblies in passenger ra... View More

ASTM Wire Relaxation Testing

Laboratory needed for relaxation testing for PC strands (7wires) as per ASTM A416/416M Standard Specification for Low-Relaxation, Seven-Wire Steel St... View More

BS Modular Wiring Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for modular wiring products tested and certificated to BS8488 Prefabricated wiring systems intended for permanent connect... View More

SAE Single Conductor WIre Certification Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for SAE certification and testing of single conductor wires to SAE J1128 Low Voltage Primary Cable View More

Electroluminescent Wire Radiance Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for radiance testing of electroluminescent wire that is approx. 125 long and 1/2 diameter per requirements of table 3 on ... View More

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory needed for DIN testing of Messenger Wire according to DIN 48201, Dropper Wire, DIN 43138, Contact Wire and according ... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM testing of copper clad steel wire to two ASTM Standards including:

ASTM B227, Standard Specification for ... View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing (yield/breaking strength/elongation) of uncoated seven-wire strand (15.24mm) in accordance with ASTM A41... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for AITM testing of wires /cables 1) AITM 2.0008A Smoke Density Electrical Wire/Cable for Power Supply, 2) AITM 2.0008B S... View More

Metallurgical materials laboratory needed to quantify surface roughness of thin metallic strips (interferometry, atomic-force microscopy AFM, etc.) View More

ISO 17025 certified laboratory needed for OECD physical / chemical testing of solid materials and an octanol / water solution as per three OECD standa... View More

Large corporation needs metals materials laboratory for RoHS testing for plain-carbon steel wires of various sizes, grades, and treatments. Wire is i... View More

Large cabling company needs a laboratory for fire resistance cable testing to BS 6387 Cat C W & Z.

1) Copper conductor, Mica tape, XLPE insulation... View More

Physical laboratory needed for EN electrical wiring testing to
High temperature exposure EN 6059-302
Fluid Resistance EN 6059-303
Fluid absorption ... View More

Chemistry laboratory needed for testing a liquid sample via gas chromatography for the presence of the organic compound, diacetyl. View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC certification testing for electrode holder, cable connector, and work clamp under IEC 60974, Arc welding equipmen... View More

Third-party testing laboratory needed for Ethernet cables (CAT6 and CAT6A) used in networking View More

Electrical laboratory needed for SAE Testing to SAE J1292, Automobile and Motor Coach Wiring View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing for Aluminium and nylon Cable Cleats as per attached specs IEC 61914:2009 (Old BS EN 50368) Cable Cleats... View More

ELectrical Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to Test impedance of twisted pair wires at 1MHz by the open and short methods per SAE J1939-11. Wires are... View More

Physical Laboratory needed which has an accreditation for the scope of the test methods in accordance with IEC 60754-1 - Test on gases evolved during ... View More

United Sates Materials Laboratory needed for copper wire testing for concentration and amount
of impurities present in the sample,which elements it ... View More

East Coast USA Physical Materials Laboratory needed for Micro hardness testing of silver-plated (less than 15wt% silver) copper flat wire
Number of s... View More