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Featured Wearables Laboratory Test Requests

Below are some featured Wearables Laboratory Test Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Wearables laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Wearables lab testing and Wearables scientific research projects.

ASTM Reduced Graphene Oxide rGO Textile Performance

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM peel off performance testing of reduced graphene oxide rGO coated textiles with adhesive tapes. The process for c... View More

Medical Device Wearables Wireless Coexistence Testing

Medical Technology Wearables Company needs Laboratory for ANSI medical device testing for ANSI C63.27/D1.0: American National Standards Institute - ... View More

Wearables Manufacturer needs Nanotechnology Laboratory needed for testing the negative ion/anion levels of a wearable clothing fabric. View More

Third-Party Laboratory needed for disassembly, examination and testing of headphones for loose staples after consumer report of two staples fell out ... View More

Medical Device Manufacturer needs laboratory for cleanliness testing of medical electrodes. View More

Advanced technology company needs Laboratory for autoclave testing and Constrain testing on 27 samples View More

Technology company needs FDA certified laboratory for Product deformulation required of popular beverage in powder format. View More

Nanotechnology laboratory needed for blending 5ml containers of nanoparticle and polymer blends . Please provide costs for a batch of 1 L of the mate... View More

Electronics Safety Laboratory needed for electrical safety testing of a belt that can communicate and charge batteries and phones of any other wirel... View More