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Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These rheology Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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India Pharmaceutical Rheology Studies

University Researcher needs India Materials Laboratory for rheological studies of pharmaceutical samples. View More

Viscosity Testing

Large Pharma needs Laboratory for viscosity testing using the following instruments. HAAKE RS75RheoStress or the HAKKE RheoStress600 rheometers View More

Human Mucus Study

Pharmaceutical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for rheological testing of elasticity and viscosity on samples of human mucus. View More

Polymer laboratory needed for rheology testing to determine the viscosity on Polyamide 06. Is this possible at your end ? View More

Construction materials laboratory needed to conduct ASTM and AASHTO testing of asphalt binder to ASTM D2006 Method of Test for Characteristic Groups i... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for physiochemical testing including thermal, mechanical and dynamic analysis to support the development of a new tra... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Pharmaceutical analytical laboratory needed for in vitro release testing & physical characterization (viscosity and rheology) for dr... View More

NABL materials laboratory needed for rubber rheology testing of optimum cure time & temperature of a liquid silicone rubber using a rheometer. View More

Plastics / Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM physical testing of plastic crates from different suppliers including:
Raw material tests as per ASTM... View More

Food laboratory needed for sugar syrup testing for rheology studies for analyzing surface tension, viscosity and elasticity profiles for various sugar... View More

Cosmetics laboratory needed for rheology testing of creams and oils for Shear flow, yield stress, oscillatory profiles View More

Oil Laboratory needed for DIN grease testing along with determination of rheological resistance. View More

Oil Laboratory needed for DIN Grease Testing to DIN 51816-1 Testing of Lubricants; Conveying Characteristics of Greases; Determination of the Rheolog... View More

Laboratory needed for DOT Testing to ISO Standards: (i) Viscosity test. The flow time in seconds is determined at 23 °C (73.4 °F) using the ISO standa... View More

Laboratory needed for gas flooding-reporting on slim tube, gas injuction and flow assurance
View More

Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM oil testing. Need No 6 Oil tested for kinematic viscosity at 40C and density. View More

Technology laboratory needed for materials testing to develop the Flow Characteristic Chart (Pressure Drop vs Flowrate) for product.
Flow rate ranges... View More

Materials laboratory needed for rheology testing of adhesive used in pharmaceuticals. Please provide quote. View More

Europe Pharma needs FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory for Rheology analysis according to GMP. to analyze a type of Silicon with Rheometer (ODR)... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for rheology testing of bio sealant to find its gel time(i.e time required for the substance to change... View More

University Researcher needs materials laboratory for rheological testing of EPDM rubber compound which include viscosity vs shear rate ,dynamic modulu... View More

Materials laboratory needed for rheology testing of Analytical work monomers of polyester textiles View More

California Materials laboratory needed for ASTM rheology Testing to determine levels of cure in samples of liquid silicone rubber to ASTM D6601-12, S... View More

Manufacturer of septic-filled banana puree, both acidified and not acidified needs food rheology laboratory to determine rheological properties of the... View More

Large food manufacturer needs food laboratory for sauce analysis for viscosity/rheology of starch samples or sauce samples containing starch.
submit... View More

Canada Cosmetics Laboratory needed for cosmetic testing: Stability Testing, Viscosity Testing & Rheology testing on Personal Care Ointments and Creams View More

India materials laboratory needed for rheology testing View More

Southern California Rheology Laboratory needed for Rheological testing viscosity vs. shear rate
using a capillary rheometer. View More

Europe Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: polymer rheology and physical testing Capillary rheometer, Ash, FTIR, moisture, tensil... View More

Europe materials laboratory needed for rheology testing: Rheological profile of inks View More

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing specific gravity, kinematic viscosity, ppm iodine, ppm hydrogen peroxide, and rheology descript... View More

West Coast USA Analytical Chemistry Rheology Laboratory needed for High Shear Viscosity of dilute solvent base ink View More

West of China (Zhejian province or Shanghai)ISO 307 (2007-05) Rheology Testing Laboratory required to determination of viscosity number of PA material... View More

South-Eastern USA Rheology Laboratory required for Viscosity(cone and plate)rheological testing. Currently we use a HAAKE VT550 and PK100d cone and pl... View More

UK analytical chemistry / rheology laboratory needed for viscosity, surface tension,and rheology testing of Acidic viscous polymer solution View More

California Rheology Laboratory needed for study - Plot of Viscosity v/s shear strength.

View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for rheology testing of an asphalt-based compound for viscosity v/s shear rate by pressure-capillary rheometry at 280F... View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Ph. Eur rheology laboratory needed for viscosity measurements,
Creep measurements
Oscillation exp... View More

China ISO 9001 or 1702 mechanical laboratory needed for ASTM mechanical testing by DSC, DMA, TGA, rheology, mechanical testing (Instron), impact testi... View More

Eastern USA Materials Laboratory needed for rheology testing for viscosity as a function of shear rate, at temperatures of 40, 80 and 120 F, of about ... View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing Viscosity, inherent and intrinsic viscosity, Freezing point and boiling point, Vapour pressure... View More

Analytical testing on rheometry of FEP View More

EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL: Rheology lab needed for testing with Cone-plate or plate-plate rheometer. Shear from .01 to 1 second^-1; viscosity range fr... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for rheology testing - Flow curve on polymer beads (20-100 micron size) View More

Rheology laboratory needed for Dynamic Surface tension measurement testing on viscous fluids using the bubbletensiometer method or other known methods... View More

Materials laboratory needed for rheology testing "index of adhesion" or cohesion or stickiness of red mud (clay) as a function of polymer dosage, soli... View More

Materials laboratory needed for performing multiple tests on waxes including: Wax Appearance temperature on Live Oil
Extended Composition to C100+ u... View More

ISO, Non-GLP Medical Devices Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of a Polymer: melt flow (melt index), Molecular Weight (GPC), Rheology (Str... View More

Manufacturer of diffusion absorption refrigerators for RV's needs physical laboratory to visualize flow in a bubble pump generator used in a ammonia-w... View More