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Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These proficiency Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Acoustics proficiency tests for accreditation

ISO 17025 Materials Laboratory needed acoustics proficiency testing to the following ISO Standards:

(1) ISO 354 Measurement of sound absorption in ... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for pressure drop and CFM airflow testing on HVAC cold air returns. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Packaging laboratory needed for oxygen transmission and water vapor testing (OTR and WVTR) for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) lami... View More


Large manufacturing company needs testing of Sealants (Silicone/PU/Acrylic) used in building and construction to comply with ASTM standards (ASTM C920... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for qualification testing to determine inhibitor (MeHQ) and PTZ (Phenothiazine) in acrylates ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for proficiency testing programme for Linear Thermal Shrinkage of Plastics as per ASTM D 1204. View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM proficiency testing for Linear Thermal Shrinkage of Plastics as per ASTM D 1204, Standard Test Method for Linear ... View More

Large chemical company needs biotechnology laboratory for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Testing for crop plants. Must be able to process single seed... View More

Clinical Sports Performance laboratory needed for clinical biomechanical testing in humans to validate performance of university's sports biomechanics... View More

Oil Laboratory involved in proficiency testing needed for petrol analysis, diesel for distillation characteristics using optidistil View More

Middle East Proficiency Laboratory needed for ACi, ASTM construction materials proficiency testing for soil, aggregate, concrete, bitumen, water and f... View More

ISO / IEC 17043 Proficiency Laboratory needed for Proficiency Testing in cables:
1. Insulation thickness
2. Conductor Tensile Strength
View More

Organization needs ISO-17025 accreditated laboratory needed for comparision studies (proficiency testing) 1. Isolation and Identification of Ralstonia... View More

Organization needs ISO-17025 accreditated laboratory needed for comparision studies (proficiency testing)

1. Isolation and Identification of Ralst... View More

India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for proficiency testing on powder detergent: 1-Free fatty acid as oleic acid in soap(%)
2-Free alkalinit... View More

South Africa Agriculture Laboratory needed for feed testing: test for gossypol or providing proficiency testing (PT) scheme/ inter-laboratory comparis... View More

USA, Europe, Asia and Africa ISO 17025 Laboratories needed for Available Proficiency testing (PT) scheme, inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) or certifi... View More

ISO 17025 electrical labooratory needed for IEC Electrical Proficiency Testing for IEC 60076, Power transformers ?. Part 3: Insulation levels, dielect... View More

Accredited Food Laboratory needed for proficiency testing: Food pesticide testing screening for pesticides in fruits, vegetable and meats View More

As ia Food Safety Laboratory needed for proficiency testing of food device that measures the level of contaminants, harmful substances, salts (nitrate... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC electrical proficiency testing for Measurement of thickness of insulation for Low and medium voltage Cable accord... View More

Middle East Materials Laboratory needed for Proficiency testing of thickness of Medium Voltage Cable. Would you help me to find Proficiency test provi... View More

Egypt life science bionalytical laboratory needed for proficiency testing Diagnosis of plant diseases uding, real time PCR,RT-PCR and ELISA. Our lab ... View More

Oil laboratory needs Europe oil laboratory for interlaboratory comparison and proficiency testing: physical and chemical testing in Turkey. We are tes... View More

Middle East pathology laboratory for proficiency testing of plant pathology (PT, such as plant viruses, bacteria phytoplasma etc." View More

Middle East ISO 17025, UKAS Materials Laboratory needed for proficiency testing for cement(chemical test, loss on ignition, setting times, compressive... View More

Europe materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: proficiency testing for sample biodegradable bags (ASTM D5576:2000).

View More

Russia ISO and CLSI Clinical Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing (aerobic /anaerobic, including susceptibility), according to CLSI... View More

A2LA Mechanical Laboratory needed for proficiency testing View More

Africa-Tanzania Proficiency Testing Laboratory needed by Environmental Laboratory that is seeking Accreditation and implementing ISO 17025.Our scope o... View More

India Materials Laboratory needed for proficiency testing on KF, DT, Weighing balance, Friabilator View More

Physical Laboratory needed to perform proficiency test on PolyVinyl Chloride View More

Europe ISO 17025 Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for Proficiency Test (PT) 1. Bioburden test ( AAMI/ANSI/ISO 11737-1:2006) 2. Sterility test ( Europe... View More

Pharmaceuticals manufacturer needs laboratory to perform Proficiency Testing for ISO 17025 certification of it's in-house bioanalytical laboratory whi... View More