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Contract Laboratory has received the following Pipes and Piping Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Pipes and Piping Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Pipes and Piping Laboratory Test and Scientific Research. If you need a Pipes and Piping Laboratory, please Submit a Pipes and Piping Laboratory Test Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

PVC Tubes Comparison Study

Laboratory needed for comparison study of the mechanical and physical properties of several different PVC extruded tubes for urometer, column strength... View More

Cleavage Testing of Bonded Joints

Industrial Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Cleavage testing of composite materials to ASTM D5041, Standard Test Method for Fracture Strength in C... View More

Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for eco-toxicity testing on a pipe liner to be used in culverts in California. View More

Materials laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of jointing materials for sewer drains to DIN 4062, Cold processable plastic jointing materials f... View More

URGENT TESTING Laboratory needed for corrosion testing of metals to ISO 6509 on faucet shanks. ISO 6509-2:2017 specifies assessment criteria and provi... View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for plastIcs testing for identification of additives in plastic pipes
View More

LONG TERM. TESTING Petroleum laboratory needed for ISO and ASME Testing: of composite reinforcement to ASME PCC2/ISO 24817Petroleum, petrochemical and... View More

Plumbing product developer in North America needs a closet flange (toilet flange) tested for CSA181.1 or ASTM d2661 or the UL corresponding certificat... View More

Metal Fittings company needs microbiology laboratory for biocidial efficacy testing of product surface testing according to EN ISO 22196 and TS EN 1... View More

FDA 175.300 and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory needed to test polymeric coating samples for repeat use with food contact, in order to use it to line ... View More

Laboratory needed for quality control testing of the piping pressure of a piping steel lining View More

Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of aggregates used in oil pipeline operations to the following standards ASTM:Cement:ASTM C150 ? Standard specifica... View More

Laboratory needed for study on the compatibility of slotted HDPE pipe (for horizontal wells) through a groundwater contaminant plume over time and wit... View More

Shipping company needs laboratory for hose bend testing of 6 hoses that need doing bending test according to EN1765 standard. Electrically discontinuo... View More

Fittings company needs India analytical chemistry laboratory for raw material testing: Spectro (Chemical Analysis,) Micro, Mechanical,sand testing( ... View More

Canada Laboratory needed for HDPE Plastic Pipe Testing to American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, AASHTO designations: M25... View More

India Physical laboratory needed for joint testing to test double universal joint for following test conditions
1) Functional Test
2) Double Torque... View More

Large piping company needs East Coast North America materials laboratory for ASTM Testing of six o-ring elastomer samples for DMA analysis to measure... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of porous pipes to ASTM D638
Tensile Test, Elongations test
Fluid friction coefficient test and
Consis... View More

Contract Lab needed for radioactivity Testing of NORM contaminated piping Need levels of lead 210. Verify Radium 226 is not present View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of porous pipes to ASTM D638
Tensile Test, Elongations test
Fluid friction coefficient test and
Consis... View More

Middle East Mechanical Laboratory needed for pipes testing: test the UPVC pipes according to DIN 8061-8062 View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ISO plastic piping testing to ISO 4437:2007 we would like to perform following test on our pipe manufactured with PE1... View More

Bergen County New Jersey physical laboratory needed for tensile strength testing of T shaped weld sample with 1" OD chromoly pipe that is .120" thick... View More

South Korea Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASME, ASTM, and NACE Mechanical testing of pipe to A522 Type 1.
We will also need to have NACE testing t... View More

Materials laboratory needed to test UPVC fittings for ISO 1452-2 Plastics piping systems for water supply and for buried and above-ground drainage and... View More

Texas Laboratory needed for Lubricity Testing for O&G Pipe on Pipes. We have a customer who is wanting us to run an independent lubricity test on our ... View More

India Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Polyester Pipes Testing ( ASTM D2992 ) View More

UK, USA or Canada Electrical laboratory needed for ISO Testing: electrical conductivity testing to iso 8031:2009 View More

Asia mechanical laboratory needed for SSC Testing. Steel pipe testing to NACE MR0175 for Sulfide stress cracking NACE MR 0175. 250 jts DRL HFRW pipe A... View More