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Featured Manufacturing and Production Laboratory Test Requests

Below are some featured Manufacturing and Production Laboratory Test Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Manufacturing and Production laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Manufacturing and Production lab testing and Manufacturing and Production scientific research projects.

IEC Bottle Blowing Machine Production Line Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for IEC testing of Bottle Blowing Machine & Filling Machine on bottle production line, preferably as per IEC 60204-1
View More

Machinery Oil Analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for Discous Oil Analysis of Machinery Fundamentals lubrication. View More

ISBN Certificate

Large Food Company needs Europe Independent Industrial Laboratory for ISBN certificate, for nitrogen and CO2 analysis used in the food industry View More

Analytical Instrument Testing for Proof of Concept

LONG-TERM TESTING PARTNERSHIP Analytical Instrument Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory to support them on an evaluation of the testing various agricu... View More

PET Preform Failure Investigation Analysis

ISO 17025 Forensics Laboratory needed for failure investigation analysis of PET preforms. One PET preform has a grey shade and another PET preforms ha... View More

Polyurethane Injection Process Development

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT Polymer Laboratory needed for working on a project that wants to create an optimized process of polyurethane injection, that´s inc... View More

Amazon Plastic Child Safety Device

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Materials Laboratory needed for testing to certify a Plastic Child safety device to sell on Amazon. The device has already passed... View More

ISO 9888 or DIN-EN 29888 Biodegradability Testing

Third-Party laboratory needed for biodegradability testing via either ISO 9888 or DIN-EN 29888 methods. Please provide a quote. View More

Manufacturing Unknown Powder Identification

Large food processor needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for identification testing of unknown powder sample collected from our equipment in out pr... View More

SMEPAC / Surrogate Process Performance Study

Large Healthcare Company needs Pharmaceuticals Laboratory for SMEPAC/Surrogate powder test as part of performance testing of equipment. using lactose ... View More

URGENT Large Industrial Machinery Company needs Materials Laboratory for impact, failure analysis and identification of the cause of filtration liquid... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for root cause analysis / failure investigation on leakage defect on manufactured aluminum can. View More

Large Manufacturer needs A2LA Materials Laboratory for ASTM Materials Testing to following ASTM Test Methods:
ASTM D695 Compressive strength,
... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large Manufacturer needs environmental laboratory for GWP (Global warming potential) and/or ODP (ozone depletion potential) measurem... View More

Manufacturer needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for testing to determine the purity of beeswax. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Metallurgic laboratory needed for ASTM grain size testing on Ni 200 rolled sheet that has been cold worked in multiple operations to... View More

Engineering company needs metallurgical laboratory for corrosion investigation of rotating bottle apparatus. View More

URGENT TESTING: Large corporation needs industrial hygiene laboratory for equipment cleaning validation study testing using Texwipe TX751 to test for ... View More

Contract laboratory needed for accelerated product life testing on turnkey automation and lighting solutions used in hospitality industry. View More

Large electronics company needs product safety laboratory for fall hazard, structural integrity / physical stability / product safety testing of a com... View More

Large corporation needs metals materials laboratory for RoHS testing for plain-carbon steel wires of various sizes, grades, and treatments. Wire is i... View More

Automotive Parts Company needs VW validated materials laboratory for VW Testing to VW 50180 odor test View More

Industrial laboratory needed for elastic modulus testing of a textile conveyor belt as per DIN EN ISO 9856. View More

LONG TERM TESTING . Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cannabis testing by HPLC-uv for Rhynchophylline and Speciophylline alkaloid content View More

ASTM metallurgical laboratory needed for testing gold plated coupons made with copper or aluminum bases for Thickness, Purity, Hardness, Appearance, A... View More

FDA Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for sunglasses testing to meet FDA regulations for importation. View More

Auto parts manufacturing company needs quarterly check of metal surface for compliance with ANSI B46.1 Standard in compliance with Rz10 requirement in... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for 3000 hour accelerated aging testing of plastic connector made from polyamide 66+ 30% glass fiber, in order to see th... View More

Global pharmaceutical manufacturing (advanced chemical synthesis) company needs testing of 2-3 samples of Polysorbate 80 and 2-3 samples of Polysorbat... View More

UK Company needs a laboratory to test Adipic Acid as a raw material for to be used in manufacturing for:
1. Purity
2. Heavy metals residue... View More

Large manufacturer of electro-mechanical products for the aerospace industry needs test facility for various types of compliance testing per DO160G ... View More

Manufacturer needs electrical laboratory for IEC Testing of Welding machine test per tto IEC 60971-1, Semiconductor convertors. Identification code ... View More

Manufacturer of rubber parts needs materials laboratory for UL certification testing for a gasket. View More

Analytical Laboratory with validated EPA method for analysis for unreacted (free) Ethylene Oxide content in surfactant samples using the most current ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for crack testing in plastic parts View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Processed woodcore Panel Board assemblies (using core material such as MDF / Particle Boards, Laminate... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Equipment manufacturer needs laboratory for swabbing and residue testing to detect presence of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, antibioti... View More

Materials laboratory needed for analysis of particulate formation in natural oil wood finishes. We are having some particulates forming that we need t... View More

Medical Device Company needs medical technology laboratory for packaging/ product /development of developing a disposable medical cable assembly that ... View More

Laboratory needed for study to determine the efficient method for determining amount of residual alcohol left over after sanitizing metal mixing equip... View More

India Manufacturing Company needs metallurgical laboratory for silver alloy electrical contacts testing: detailed mineralogical analysis of industrial... View More

Georgia laboratory needed for organic waste stream testinf for relative volumes and BOD of the following organic constituents in a supplied sample of... View More

Laboratory needed for failure analysis on metal composite delamination problem During the production,Test result of adhesion is ok but after 2,3 weeks... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiological testing of production facility including water testing and air testing of various areas around prod... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for sludge testing: Rotational Viscosity on a WWTP sludge sample View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM tensile testing to ASTM E8.,Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials. Flat tensile specime... View More


FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for formulation and manufacturing process development of milk made from sesame seeds (developing and customizing formul... View More

Laboratory needed for Environmental simulation testing including Temperature extremes , Humidity , temperature cycling , Thermal shock View More

Laboratory needed for Deep Freezer and Ice Lined Refrigerator Testing to WHO / PQS standards:
WHO/PQS/E03/FZ01-VP.2, Refrigerators and freezers for... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to measure impurities such a CO2 and CO in hydrogen plant output gas using gas chromatography View More

Materials laboratory needed for rubber testing for Hexane extract, Thermal analysis (DSC, DMA, TGA) , EDX analysis (REM) of the material for heavy met... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for optical density rating on a couple of pieces of polycarbonate. One would be a clear piece and the other a smoked grey pi... View More

Food bioanalytical laboratory needed to measure non protein nitrogen levels in milk/whey samples. There is less than 2% NPN ( including urea) but we n... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Coupler Slip test as per IS 16172,REINFORCEMENT COUPLERS FOR MECHANICAL SPLICES OF BARS IN CONCRETE - SPECIFICATION View More

URGENT: Aerospace company needs Laboratory for ISO Testing: scratch test per ISO 1518 (airbus requirement). View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of chemical composition of galvalume coating. and the methodology. View More

Physical laboratory needed to provide a quote for high pressure testing - upto 30 KSI + High Temperature - to 400F testing More details after confirm... View More

Toronto Laboratory needed for Colou fastness wet and dry crocking testing View More

Canada Environmental Monitoring Laboratory needed for sanitation swab testing for packaging equipment View More

Manufacturer needs Polymer Laboratory for Materials Testing: ASTM Testing to ASTM D922, Standard Specification for Nonrigid Vinyl Chloride Polymer Tub... View More