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100 Most Recent Insects Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Insects Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Insect Repellency Efficacy Studies

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA insect efficacy study including cage in arm method for repellency and direct spray testing of our essentia... View More

Mosquito Repellent Efficacy Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of of mosquito repellent (our new product) against mosquito species causing malaria, Dengue and ... View More

Flea and Tick Efficacy

Europe Laboratory needed for EU approved mosquito repellency efficacy testing of organic natural spray against tick and mosquito.
View More

Bed Bug Pesticide EPA Efficacy testing

USA EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA efficacy testing in the USA. Testing to be performed generally according to the EPA guideline OCSPP 81... View More

Mosquito Repellent Activity Research Study

M.pharm student needs India Environmental Laboratory for testing 6-8 batches topical formulation for mosquito repellent activity. it is a topical fo... View More

Mosquito Repellency Efficacy Testing

India Environmental Laboratory needed for Mosquito repellent efficacy testing View More

Insect Replellent Wipe Labeling Claims Studies

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for labeling claims testing of natural biodegradable insect repellent wipes to show they are non-irritating, etc... View More

Natural Mosquito Repellent Efficacy Studies

Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy tests on a number of natural mosquito repellents View More

Fly nutritional analysis

Organization needed Laboratory for determining the nutrition composition in flies View More

Electronics Product Development and certification

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Electrical Certification Laboratory needed for product development and UL certification of a new insect killer aluminum lampholde... View More

Quotation for OECD, OPPTS, CEE and CIPAC MT. Pesticide Testing

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for all toxicological studies to support reqistration of new pesticides including: 5-batch, physical and c... View More

Mosquito Repellent Experiments

Environmental Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent experiments to test new mosquito repellent formulas. It is FIFRA 25B exempt so it does not need... View More

Anti-Lice Efficacy Testing

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of ant-lice pharmaceutical chemical agent on lice eggs and adult lice. View More

EPA OPPTS Fly Bait Testing

EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for OPPTS toxicology testing of fly bait to OPPTS 830.1800 Enforcement analytical methods. CAS# 131929... View More

FDA Food GMP Juice Testing

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for finished juice product testing for fruit moth larvae presence. View More

Mosquito Repellent Effectiveness

Environmental Laboratory needed for effectiveness testing of mosquito repellent. View More

Mosquito Repellent Efficacy Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of a mosquito repellent topical skin formula. View More

EPA Antimicrobial Pesticide Registration Testing

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA Generic Testing and field testing for EPA Antimicrobial pesticide registration for the state of California... View More

Mosquito Repellent Evaluation

Third-Party Laboratory needed for performance testing of mosquito repellent product (all natural) to confirm it emits Co2 and Lactic Acid. when a spat... View More

Mosquito Repellent Comparison Study

Environmental Laboratory needed for effectiveness testing of mosquito repellent as compared to other mosquito repellents. View More

Mosquito Repellent Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent effectiveness testing. It is a specific combination of sixteen (16) different essential natur... View More

University researcher needs analytical chemistry laboratory for formulation study and expiration dating of natural oil based mosquito repellent. View More

OECD compliant and EPA GLP Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for large suite of toxicology tests on pesticide.

OECD 401/20/23/25 Acute Or... View More

OECD GLP toxicology laboratory needed for Toxicology testing 5-BA physical-chemical properties on pesticides.

View More

Environmental laboratory needed for pesticide testing of natural extract for fungicide, insecticide, bactericide, and nematicide activity for commone ... View More

Agriculture Laboratory needed for liquid fertilizer testing for contaminants including radiation,
agricultural soil, and pests View More

EPA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for acute toxicology studies (6 pack) for an insecticide (technical and formulated products, in a GLP) View More

EPA GLP environmental toxicology laboratory needed for pesticides toxicity testing:
Acute oral toxicity
Acute dermal toxicity
Acute inhalation toxi... View More

Large organization needs Environmental Contract research organizations capable of insect study with performance testing in a sealed chamber where envi... View More

Laboratory needed for formulation of water based pesticide and mosquito repellent using essential oils (e.g Citronella oil, Geranium oil) for use in... View More

EPA GLP Environmental microbiology laboratory needed for OCSPP 885.1300 GLP CofA and 5 batch analysis for 5 microbial biopesticide active ingredients ... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for quality testing and certification of electromagnetic and ultrasonic insect/mosquito repellant technology. View More

Canada food laboratory needed for Raw Honey testing View More

Analytical Laboratory needed for Honey bee venom analysis View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Formulation of a novel insect repellent based on combination of esential oils for use in spray systems View More

Large corporations needs Environmental laboratory for fungicide efficacy field trials :in-furrow and/or soil drench fungicide applications targeting s... View More

US EPA certified Clinical Research Laboratory needed for insect repellent Testing of lotion for repellents against mosquitoes and ticks in human volun... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for insecticide residual analysis on soil, water and cabbage leaves. Please provide the price/quotation and duration ... View More

GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for six-pack toxicology study to support pesticide registration framework on one single active ingredient. Please pro... View More

India consumer products laboratory needed for development testing on herbal mosquito repellent voporizer to adjust the evaporation rates. Currently ... View More

Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent testing to ASTM International. E 951-94. Standard Test Method for Laboratory Testing of Non-Commerci... View More

Canada Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for microbiology testing and analytical chemistry testing of medicinal cannabis. We need a lab that has exempt... View More

USA Agricultural Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial pesticide testing: Insect larvae feeding and killing trials for 96+ different microbial ... View More

Genetics Laboratory required to analyze allozyme variations using certain enzymes to differentiate the enzymatic moibility in the populations of the i... View More


Canada Product Saety and Certification Laboratory needed for Pre-Shipment Inspection on Pressed & Baled Recycled PET Bottles. It is waste material tha... View More