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Featured Industrial Gases Laboratory Test Requests

Below are some featured Industrial Gases Laboratory Test Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Industrial Gases laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Industrial Gases lab testing and Industrial Gases scientific research projects.

ISBN Certificate

Large Food Company needs Europe Independent Industrial Laboratory for ISBN certificate, for nitrogen and CO2 analysis used in the food industry View More

H2 Gas Content Verification Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for verification of the contents of 2-3 gas samples/ a week (in 500-1000 mL Tedlar bags) via gas chromatography. ... View More

AIHA Piperdine Analysis

AIHA Certified Laboratory needed for analysis of 3 sorbent tubes of two gaseous samples plus a blank for piperidine via OSHA CSI.

View More

FDA GMP microbiology laboratory needed for testing non-condensate steam used for sterilizing pharmaceutical manufactured products. View More

Materials laboratory needed for propylene testing for the Purity of Liquid propylene View More

FDA GMP contract testing laboratory needed for full USP monograph testing on the following medical grade gases: N2, O2, CO2 as part of Raw Materials ... View More

Metropolitan New Jersey area laboratory needed for Butane Gas Testing for purity, aromatics, benzene, olefins per ASTM D2163 and sulfur per ASTM D6667... View More

Large corporation needs BSL-2 Microbiology laboratories for bacterial toxins testing: bacterial toxins activity tests (in particular, CHO-K1 clusterin... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to measure impurities such a CO2 and CO in hydrogen plant output gas using gas chromatography View More

LONG-TERM Pharmaceutical company needs laboratory for Annual on-site sampling and testing of Non-condensable gas, dryness, super heat testing of clea... View More

Australia Microbiology Laboratory needed for Compressed air quality testing for microbes: Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae. Sample woul... View More

FDA Laboratory needed for Non-GLP Food Contact Surface Sanitizer study with Bacillus cereus.
B. Cereus spores and on the vegetative state using AOA... View More