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functional Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming functional Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for functional laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their functional Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Diode Testing

MEXICO LABORATORY (Large Laboratory Preferred)
Mexico Labo... (view details)

Passenger Automobile Master Brake Cylinder Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for manufacturer's master brake cylinder funct... (view details)

Novel Air Filter Material Virucidal Functionality Testing

Commercial testing service in the... (view details)

Novel Aire Filter Virucidal Functionality Tests Against COVID-19 Virus

USA commercial testing service to repeat virucidal function... (view details)

Functional Mushroom Tinctures Testing (5 Tinctures)

USA Contract Laboratory ... (view details)

Heavy Truck Component Functional Testing of Two Braking System Pneumatic Valves

Large Automotive Company needs Laboratory for Component functional testing ... (view details)

Functional RTD Energy Drink Formulation Testing

Food Laboratory needed for product formulation testing for a functional RTD... (view details)

SAE Quick Connect Coupling Functional Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Testing per: SAE-J2044 Section 6.1, 6.... (view details)

Ground Coffee Beverage Product Development Services

USA Food Laboratory needed for de-form... (view details)

Long-Term Clinical Testing for Nutritional / Chemical / Bacterial Deficiencies

Psychiatric practice branching out into a functional me... (view details)

Spark Plugs Functionality and Comparisons Studies

Automotive Laboratory needed for functionality testing and comparison studi... (view details)

Ball Bearing and Oil Filter Testing

ISO 17025 Third-Party Independent Labora... (view details)

Functional Wear ISO 18184 and ISO 20743 Testing

EU Contract Laboratory needed for ISO 18184 and ... (view details)

Home Cleaning Product Labeling Claims Substantiation Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for labeling claims substantiation for ... (view details)

Dryer Drive Motor Functional and Life Testing

Product Testing Laboratory needed for functional and life testing of a Drye... (view details)

New Air Treatment Antiviral Activity Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for antiviral activity testing on new air treatm... (view details)

Reuseable Textile Mask Antiviral Efficiency Testing against H1N1 and H2N3

Functional apparel company needs Laboratory for reuseable textile mask anti... (view details)

Urgent Medical Device Real-Time Shelf Life Studies


Large Medical Device company has six projects... (view details)

UV Multifunctional Sterilizer Labeling Claims Studies

Contract Laboratory needed to conduct studies to determine labeling claims ... (view details)

Automotive EVI, Functional and Drop Ship Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for EVI, Function... (view details)

Handheld Computer MIL STD Transit Drop Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for MIL STD 810G transit drop testing of Handhe... (view details)

Stroller Prototype Safety Testing

ISO 17025 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for safety testing of a funct... (view details)

AB Serum Method Transfer

Large Pharmaceutical Company Clinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for m... (view details)

Functional Food Nutritional Certificate of Analysis COA Testing

Food Laboratory needed for consumable functional food product nutritional a... (view details)

Industrial Robotics Application Testing

Technology Laboratory needed for Industrial Robotics Application Testing in... (view details)

Novel Carbon Powder Analysis

Experienced Materials Laboratory needed for analysis of novel carbon powder... (view details)

Fragrance Blend Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for full GC analysis of all function... (view details)

Constant Acceleration Testing of Weather Antenna

Large Corporation needed for ISO constant acceleration testing commercial s... (view details)

HPLC Analysis

Functional Ingredient Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for qua... (view details)

Large Technology Company needs Automotive Laboratory for Cleanliness Testi... (view details)

Medical Device laboratory needed for surgery simulation and functional test... (view details)

Pharmaceutical company needs mechanical laboratory for ISO functionality (f... (view details)

Medical device laboratory needed for physical ASTM testing of a range of ti... (view details)

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE functional and validation testing of a... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for integrity / life expectancy testing of PVDF... (view details)

Materials certification laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing ... (view details)

Automotive laboratory needed for fatigue testing of automotive components u... (view details)

Product safety laboratory needed for ANSI testing of ladder levelers to ANS... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for expanded rubber testing studies to three DI... (view details)

University researcher needs physical laboratory for doppler radar vibration... (view details)

Experienced pharma / nutritional supplement analytical chemistry laboratory... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical... (view details)

Engineering laboratory needed for measuring the free flowing oxygen content... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for NATO STANAG Testing of gun cases for dry h... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for functional testing of integrated circuits ... (view details)

Polymer laboratory needed for ASTM testing of flexible cell materials (eth... (view details)

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