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100 Most Recent functional Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These functional Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Industrial Robotics Application Testing

Technology Laboratory needed for Industrial Robotics Application Testing in Multiple areas:
System reliability
Accuracy Test
Functio... View More

Novel Carbon Powder Analysis

Experienced Materials Laboratory needed for analysis of novel carbon powder samples containing fluorine surface functional groups and having its F con... View More

Fragrance Blend Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for full GC analysis of all functional groups of a fragrance blend (terpenes, esters, phenols, ethers, etc). View More

Constant Acceleration Testing of Weather Antenna

Large Corporation needed for ISO constant acceleration testing commercial systems weather radar antenna assembly at a functional air transport level. ... View More

HPLC Analysis

Functional Ingredient Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for quantification of Isocitric Acid and Isocitric Lactone by HPLC. View More

Large Technology Company needs Automotive Laboratory for Cleanliness Testing To VDA and ISO Standards: VDA 19 Inspection of Technical Cleanliness - ... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for surgery simulation and functional testing of sterile surgical packs after sterilization including on:
- aged sam... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs mechanical laboratory for ISO functionality (force testing) of medical instruments to ISO 11608-1 Testing of auto injecto... View More

Medical device laboratory needed for physical ASTM testing of a range of titanium surgical-grade products to the following ASTM Standards: ASTM F2052... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE functional and validation testing of automotive quick couplings as per SAE J2044 , Quick Connect Coupling Specifi... View More

Materials laboratory needed for integrity / life expectancy testing of PVDF and Tedlar used in Supported Structure industry and Fabric Structure indus... View More

Materials certification laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of lightweight concrete to ASTM C177 Steady-State Heat Flux Measurements an... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for fatigue testing of automotive components under cycles Thermal. Temperature range: -40 ° C to +180 ° C Humidity range:... View More

Product safety laboratory needed for ANSI testing of ladder levelers to ANSI 14.8-2013 (Safety Requirements for Ladder Accessories). View More

Materials laboratory needed for expanded rubber testing studies to three DIN EN ISO Standards:
- Coefficient of thermal conductivity according DIN EN... View More

University researcher needs physical laboratory for doppler radar vibration measurement of sensor, receiver and software to model the receiving data a... View More

Experienced pharma / nutritional supplement analytical chemistry laboratory needed for functional beverage testing for organic compound nano-particula... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical, and accelerated aging testing of polymer auto parts to car manufacturers ... View More

Engineering laboratory needed for measuring the free flowing oxygen content of a vapor stream used in the petroleum industry. View More

Materials laboratory needed for NATO STANAG Testing of gun cases for dry heat, low temperature, impact, and vibration testing according to STANAG 428... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for functional testing of integrated circuits after reballing. View More

Polymer laboratory needed for ASTM testing of flexible cell materials (ethafoam-180) to ASTM D3575 and ASTM D3576. View More

Packaging / plastics laboratory needed for neck leakage testing of HDPE plastics bottles in different sizes. View More

Electrical and lighting laboratory needed for ASTM-D 5470, ASTM E1461, MET 5.4-01-40000, IEC 61189-3-913:2016 thermal conductivity testing for both of... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Tensile and ELongation Testing to ASTM D1055-09, Standard Specifications for Flexible Cellular Materials-Latex Fo... View More

Hygienic laboratory needed for FDA approved product safety testing of a reusable tampon applicator to meet the following criteria: product cleanliness... View More

Accredited Photometry laboratory needed for testing functional and climatic tests on retroreflectors. View More

Food laboratory needed for certification testing of scoville units of a capsaicin extract. View More

Pressure drop & CFM airflow testing on new line of HVAC cold air returns we are manufacturing. View More

Large company needs laboratory for Optical Characterization, Functional and comparison testing for a plastic Lens to characterize the Lens used in a... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for 3000 hour accelerated aging testing of plastic connector made from polyamide 66+ 30% glass fiber, in order to see th... View More

Third-party testing laboratory needed for Ethernet cables (CAT6 and CAT6A) used in networking View More

Large pharma looking for preclinical laboratory for functional testing to investigate the lack of effect of drug compounds on the cardiac Na-H+ antipo... View More

Materials laboratory needed for Field Study on concrete door for soiling ability View More

Certification Laboratory needed for performance testing of waterproof pocket for swimwear and would like to test it for water inflation when submerse... View More

Laboratory needed for validation testing projects on Locomotive Radiators and CACs.

1. Thermal Cycling:
Full size radiator testing, which is appr... View More

Laboratory needed for Deep Freezer and Ice Lined Refrigerator Testing to WHO / PQS standards:
WHO/PQS/E03/FZ01-VP.2, Refrigerators and freezers for... View More


Laboratory needed for multiple testing on hand sanitizer 1. Glove Compatibility: The influence of Instant hand sanitizer on nitrile and latex gloves w... View More

Medical Device company needs textile laboratory for laundering testing for patient slings to CAN/CGSB 4.2 Method 58

Looking for a quote. View More

Robotics Laboratory needed for development and evaluation studies of robotic equipment to ISO/TR 13309:1995 Manipulating industrial robots -- Informat... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and testing to norm MS211-47 Type A2 (KIA/HIUNDAI):
ASTM D792, Standard Test Methods for Density and S... View More

FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for Functional Tests for orthodontic metal medical device expander .
We're expecting to have a list and quote fo... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs laboratory for Leak Testing for drug 10cc Lyophilized Vials View More

functional tests for an is an orthodontic medical device intended to be used for widening upper jaw. Could you please send us a proposal for testing t... View More

India Physical laboratory needed for joint testing to test double universal joint for following test conditions
1) Functional Test
2) Double Torque... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to strip xylene and mineral spirits from functional fluoropolymer resins for coatings, then process the resulti... View More

URGENT: USA FDA GMP Medical device laboratory needed for device functionality and performance testing of medial devices used to administer biological... View More

Optical laboratory needed for filter and testing for optical light transmission density. Company has cracked 16Ømm x 1mm thick filter that is part of ... View More

Europe environmental simulation laboratory needed with climatic chamber big enough to test pantograph for train according to EN50206-1 (According to E... View More

California construction materials laboratory needed for ASTM waterproofing testing of liquid applied to foundations for
- functionality
- thickness... View More

University PhD student working with cereal grain supplemented with soy flour needs food laboratory for expiration stability studies on shelf life of t... View More

Canada ISO bioanalytical laboratory needed forbioanalytical research study for Evaluation of the effect of crude oil contaminants as in-vitro endocrin... View More

Europe Preclinical Contract Research Organizations needed for topical multifunctional drug study The tests can be performed very quickly, since the dr... View More

USA Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for USP Functionality testing with modification: USP<381> Functionality Tests: Self-sealing (n=57... View More

North America analytical chemistry laboratory needed for wax testing: Deformulation testing of a liquid fluoropolymer wax. Qualitative and quantitativ... View More

Medical School University Researcher needs biophsica laboratory for Xenopus oocyte transfection, patch clamp electrophysiology of 2 receptor subunit ... View More

Korea skincare company products needs consumer products safety laboratory for consumer safety testing and skincare efficacy tests, finished product t... View More

USA Nanaotechnology Laboratory needed for nanoparticle testing. First project is for nanoparticles' surface functionalization. We need to find a solut... View More

USA FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for FDA Food Contact and Food Package testing and assessing food packaging material according to FDA guidelines, CF... View More

UK Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for food testing: food processing and Extrusion technologyProduction of production of protein isolate,f... View More

Consumer Products Research and Development Laboratory needed for performance evaluation testing of New Freeze-Dry Process. Freeze-Drying Allows For ... View More

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO experienced in expression and refolding of recombinant proteins. We have expressed our fusion protei... View More

Preclinical Laboratory Contract Research Organization needed for preclinical toxicology studies, ISO 10993 - cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation ... View More

FDA GLP Toxicology laboratory needed for toxicity studies: Acute oral toxicity
- Bacterial reverse mutation test (Ames assay);
- an in vivo mamma... View More

Canada or USA Electrical Laboratory needed for CENELEC EN-50436 (I & II) tests:
tests for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrical, Calibratio... View More

FDA GLP Microbiology Laboratory needed for measles neutralization assay, which is a functional assay to quantify titer of antibodies to measles. View More

San Francisco, California Mechanical Laboratory needed for functional testing of key design elements of orthotic foot beds.
Gait analysis,in shoe pre... View More

USA FDA FMP Laboratory needed for functionality testing og medical pump for proper function View More

India (UP) NABL Mechanical Laboratory needed for Vibration and Shock Test, Dump Heat Test, Dry Heat Test, EMC/EMI, IP 23, etc. Functional Test after e... View More

Non-GMP Materials Laboratory needed for packaging testing as follows:

The testing we need to complete is to compare or test the fluid flow properti... View More

USA/Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for Functional testing (efficacy) of a new soap product for a client company. Enzymatic formula is designed ... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing AA in PET using ASTM F-2013-05 or functional equivalent. Testing purposes are to establish validity... View More

New Jersey Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for HPLC assay for finished cosmetic products for contract manufacturer in New Jersey. Report qua... View More

U.S. or South Korea FDA EPA for drinking water and O17-NMR Environmental Laboratory required for analysis. We are planning to start up the bottled wat... View More

ISO and FDA GMP medical devices laboratory needed for ASTM, MRI compatibility testing for class III medical implantable device (Active) View More

Non-GLP Contract Research Organization needed for Discovery/Safety pharmacology; functional sigma receptor assay (in-vitro)
- not looking for sigma b... View More

Northwest materials laboratory needed for gasoline testing for failure analysis from seeing a rash of car engine odd functional problems with customer... View More

India FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed to perform functional assays on 3 of our drug compounds, against 11 receptors, to determine their intrinsi... View More

Non-GLP Preclinical laboratory needed for a gut functional uptake test to evaluate the intestinal nutrient absorptive function. Usually people use gl... View More

FDA Non-GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for conducting In Vitro functional assays for human opioid receptor subtypes: mu, delta, kappa. Can be eithe... View More

Analytical Chemistry Lab needed for analysis of microencapsulated compound for major/minor components: pesticide analysis, polymer structure & functio... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Functionality Testing of printed pantograph security paper. View More

Nanotechnology laboratory needed for testing to separate a nanotubes functionalized material by size (100nm, 200nm ...). This material is soluble in ... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for cell based functional leptin assay testing to demonstrate functionality of a leptin ligand in a cell based functio... View More


GLP laboratory needed for functional analysis (control vs drug) angiogenesis testing in rat OIR model View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for immunology and histopathology testing the effect of a nutritional supplement on the immune system of rats after chall... View More

Government needs physical laboratory for bench testing functionality and accuracy of pneumatic temperature controller involved in a fire and explosion... View More

FDA GLP microbiology laboratory needed for validation of sterile filters (0.22 micron) to demonstrate functional integrity after centrifugation. View More

FDA GLP, Eastern US bioanalytical abd clinical lab needed for testing of human blood and equine peripheral blood or marrow for performance testing of ... View More