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Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These CLIA Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Gene Therapy Vector Copy Number

Pharmaceutical Company needs USA Bioanalytical Laboratory to test plasma samples by droplet digital PCR for VCN. ddPCR for gene therapy vector copy nu... View More

Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay

CAP and CLIA Certified Genetics Laboratory needed for quantitative Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay of # genes in FFPE primary mela... View More

CLIA Genetics / Pathology Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Molecular pathology group needs CLIA Genetics /Pathology Laboratory for long-term partnership. Laboratories must be able to do pharm... View More

CLIA CRO FDA Medical Device 510(k) Study

CLIA-waived CRO needed to help run one more studies in support of filing a 510(k) /CLIA Waiver petition of a whole blood analyzer device. View More

CLIA Gene Sequencing

LONG-TERM TESTING Health Organization needs CLIA Clinical Laboratory for gene sequencing of 100 micro tubes/week (extraction done by company) for rpoB... View More

New CLIA Breast Cancer Test

LONG-TERM TESTING Texas CLIA certified laboratory needed for introducing a new diagnostic test for breast cancer with 1000 samples per month. The labo... View More

Early Cancer Warning System Biomarker Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIA Certified Clinical Laboratory needed for assisting a company in the development of an early warning system for cancer. Labora... View More

CLIA Molecular Diagnostic UTI and RPP Samples

CLIA Certified Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory needed to run some UTI and RPP samples. Ideally first step would be done by RT-PCR, followed by antiob... View More

PCB's, Dioxins and Furans HR GC MS

LEGAL CLIA Certified Laboratory needed for PCB's, dioxins and furans testing by High Resolution Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry HR GC MS for View More

Dried Blood Spot Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING CLIA Medical Laboratory need for Dried Blood Spot testing of following panels to consumers at a capacity of 2000-3000 samples per m... View More

CLIA Clinical Comparison Study

CLIA Laboratory needed for bioanalysis of clinical samples in duplicate using two different technicians using a new method and new instrument. View More

CLIA Clinical Laboratory

CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for bioanalysis for FDA Clinical Trial of new regulated medical product used to assist doctor in diagnosis and treatme... View More

CLIA Laboratory

LONG-TERM TESTING Medical Device Company needs CLIA accredited laboratory to distribute, manage, and rollout the devices at POCT clinical testing cen... View More

Blood and Urine Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for blood and urine analysis including clinical drug toxicology, PGx, CGx, PCR analysis for 1000 T... View More

CLIA Biomarker LC-MS/MS

LONG-TERM TESTING Biotech Start-up needs CLIA certified laboratory with State-of-the-art UHPLC-MS/MS system required. for Liquid chromatography-tandem... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING CLIA certified Clinical Laboratory needed for Sexually Transmitted Infections STI testing services for CHLAMYDIA
HEPATIT... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Long-term care facility needs CLIA medical laboratory to process drawn ordered patient tests weekly. Clinical Laboratory must meet C... View More

Hospital needs CLIA Medical Laboratory for asparaginase level analysis View More

CLIA certified/ CAP accredited laboratory needed to validate and perform testing on clinical samples for a therapeutic dose monitoring test by ELISA View More

Genetics Laboratory needed for microbiome Next-generation sequencing NGS of 16S NGS 16S ribosomal RNA gene ampliconsfrom fecal samples. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large organization needs one or more CLIA clinical laboratories that can analyze a volume of 500-1000 hereditary cancer, blood well... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory needed for urine toxicology confirmation 400 tests per month Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor S... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING / START-UP Company opening a walk-in, self pay laboratory is looking for a laboratory for the blood testing of specimens View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Clinical laboratory needed for urine drug screens (UDS) testing at approximately 100k uds samples a month. View More

CLIA certified genetics laboratory needed for CYP2D6 and 2C19 genotyping for 80-100 samples (blood or sputum) View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Private clinical trial and internal medicine practice needs CLIA certified clinical laboratory to perform all routine clinical blood... View More

Medical therapeutics company needs CLIA clinical laboratory needed for quantification of primary and secondary bile salts in stool samples using gas c... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING CLIA certified clinical diagnostic laboratory needed for high complexity HbA1C blood tests from dried blood spot (DBS) paper on an o... View More

Rehab center needs Clinical Toxicology Laboratory for Urine analysis: drug and alcohol testing for about 2000 urine toxicology samples View More

Gene Therapy company needs CAP/CLIA laboratory to conduct ELISPOT testing for T Cell response View More

CAP or CLIA certified histology laboratory needed to process and analyze paraffin blocks of human skin samples that we would like to have cut for sli... View More

Pharma company looking for FDA GLP CAP/CLIA testing facility for two clinical development compounds. View More

Midwest USA High complexity CLIA lab to perform LC/MS/MS urine drug testing on 1200 samples. View More

Metrology Laboratory for genetic's laboratory site equipment inspection and certification to meet CAP/CLIA/AABB and ASCLD-LAB standards View More

USA Clinical CLIA certified lab needed to perform split specimen genetic testing on at least 5 patients. We are specifically interested in the followi... View More

USA Pharmaceutical CLIA certified reference laboratory needed for contract testing for pharmacogenomics PGx testing (Personalized Medicine) with Compr... View More

USA or Canada CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for genetics testing: (DNA) Blood testig for genetic disease View More

USA Bioanalytical laboratory needed for serum testing. Assay to detect free iron in serum. Assay must be validated and or CLIA certified Bleomycin-de... View More

US CLIA / CAP clinical laboratory needed for serum testing: LC MS/MS testing for specific proteins in serum for use as a diagnostic test. View More

CAP / CLIA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for bioanalytical testing : IGF-1 by IDS system to ISO 15189 View More

CAP / CLIA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to do Elispot testing to ISO 15189. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed develop/improve and perform routing release testing using an existing diagnostic kit that would be provided to the se... View More

CLIA Laboratory needed for LDH Isoenzyme Testing. Tiff file of raw electrophoresis gel image as part of deliverable
Would provide 1 or more full gels... View More

USA CLIA certified genetics laboratory needed for DNA isolation from saliva or buccal samples and genotyping panel of 17 SNPs and possible DNA banking... View More

USA FDA GMP/GLP, CLIA bioanalytical laboratory needed for FACS human blood testing: CD3+, CD4+, CD8+, HLA-DR+, CD20+ and CD56+/CD16+ cells by FACS
- ... View More

US CLIA Clinical laboratory needed for next generation sequencing to target parasitic infections in the human body, specifically the trematoda class ... View More

CLIA Bioanlytical Laboratory needed for qPCR testing for fasciolopsis genus of parasites, specific species Fasciolopsis buskii. As well as a full comp... View More

University needs CLIA clinical laboratory for in situ hybridization or immunohistochemistry measles virus testing in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedde... View More

France ISO and CLIA bioanalytical laboratory needed for CLIA molecular biology assay (IVD / LDT) development: design optimization, analytical performa... View More

Employer needs Clinical Toxicology Laboratory needs for 12-panel CLIA-waived drug testing for pre-employment. Candidate tested positive for Tricyclic... View More

USA FDA, GMP, GLP, CLIA Histology Laboratory for (IHC) Human punch biopsies to be tested for VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), FGF (Fibrobals... View More

Large Pharma needs USA and Europe FDA GLP/CLIA Clinical Laboratory for C difficile GDH antigen and toxin detection or PCR detection of toxin from sto... View More

Israel medical diagnostics manufacturer needs . East Coast CLIA laboratory molecular biology (QRT PCR) View More

Sweden FDA GLP, CLIA GMP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for ELISPOT, Elisa, Flow Analysis View More

Eastern USA FDA CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed to test blood samples for Nucleated RBC, CD34+, HBsAg, HBc,HCV, HCV RNA, HIV 1/2, HIV-1 RNA, HTLV I/II... View More

San Francisco Bay Area GMP CLIA Laboratory needed for ELISA testing. We will provide test materials and test method. Sample number is low, one plate a... View More

USA CLIA Laboratory needed to perform Food allergy ELISA testing. Brendan Bioscience will supply the ELISA test kits and serum to the contract lab whi... View More

New York CLIA High Complexity Laboratory needed to run Elisa immunology test- will provide plate and reagents. Want OD results only. View More

Start up Diagnostic Company looking for USA CLIA Certified Lab, that can detect EGFR mutations via plasma, using the Wave system and Surveyor nuclease... View More

USA CLIA Preclinical Contract Research Organization required to process 8 SnP genetic test. Assay provided. View More

Blood Center needs Eastern US FDA, GMP, CLIA clinical laboratory needed for flow cytometry, CD34+ enumeration

PLS provide cost per test View More

USA or Canada GLP, CAP/CLIA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for plasma testing for detection of strontium in human plasma by ICP-AES View More

FDA CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for blood,Urine and body fluid test for HIV. View More

New Jersey NAT CLIA certified Clinical Laboratory required for HIV/HCV testing. View More

USA CLIA Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory needed for anti-Mi2 and anti-SNP testing View More

USA CLIA Serology lab needed for analysis of FGF-23(phosphotonin)in serum. View More

USA CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for NMR testing 1,200 samples for Fecal Fat analysis on 48 or 72 hour stool specimen (qualitative)
- refrigerated... View More

Clinical diagnostics manufacturer needs USA CLIA bioanalytical laboratory for Value Assignment Testing for D-Bilirubin(serum), LDH(Serum), Amylase(Uri... View More

USA CLIA, CAP Microbiology Laboratory needed to do culture on mascara. View More

USA GLP, CLIA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for blood testing using the Tigris system on a set of blood samples previously tested with a proprietar... View More

USA CLIA Clinical laboratories needed provide CLIA-approved drug levels for beta-lactam antibiotics such as ampicillin, cefepime, penicillin G, ceftaz... View More

California CAP certified/CLIA acrredited/preferrably a molecular diagnostic lab needed to perform Immuno-Histochemical and Immuno-FluorescenceH look f... View More

ISO 17025,CLIA Genetics Laboratory needed for Genotyping of 19 SNP panel View More

CLIA Clinical laboratory needed for FDA approved hiv-1,2 htlv-I,II hepatitis B surface antigen,hepatitis B core antibody,hepatitis C antibody,VDRL/RPR... View More

CLIA-certified laboratory for testing single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping assays. Need to assay ~400 SNPs per DNA sample. View More

ASHI, CLIA clinical laboratory needed for HLA Class I & Class II hi-res typing View More

CLIA clinical laboratory needed for testing serum, plasma and other clinical specimens employing MALDI TOF MS. These tests would be for research purpo... View More

CLIA Serology laboratory needed for blood screening testing for HIV;HBV;HCV;Syphilis NS bacterial micro on swab cultures View More

Experienced clinical laboratory needed for clinical trial testing for alpha-1 acid glycoprotein determinations in clinical trial serum samples. View More

CLIA Approved Molecular Biology Laboratory needed for RT-PCR testing View More

CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for TRC by Blood/Bone Marrow TRC by Tissue TRC by Paraffin BRC/ABL Major and Minor by Quantitative RC_PRC etc
View More

FDA GLP CLIA Bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing anti-factor Xa from human plasma in Phase 3 clinical trial View More

CLIA certified laboratory needed for DNA extraction, SNP genotyping and if possible DNA banking. View More

CLIA clinical laboratory needed for protein analysis - tear osmolarity. View More

CLIA clinical laboratory needed for serial blood testing for absorption of bisphosphates, EDTA, delta tocotrienol, CoQ10, and niacin3 during clinical ... View More

FDA GMP, GCP, CLIA, ISO Clinical laboratory needed for HPLC bioanlytical assay measuring drug and metabolites using derivatization and fluorescent det... View More

GLP microbial species specific quantitation of S. capitis (S. epidermidis cross-reactivity is ok) genomic load and/or S. capitis metabolite load in a ... View More

To support pre-clinical testing Genotyping PCR products using the ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer is needed. View More

Endocrine serum testing for a pharmaceutical clinical trial with a group of medical doctors and chiropractors. Including E2, E1, TSH, T3, T4, P4, Cort... View More

New CLIA lab needed to perform on-going specialty Infectious Disease (malaria, shigella, etc) testing for patient diagnostic clinic View More

CLIA certified / HIPAA certified laboratory needed for contract genetic DNA testing for Plavix and Warfarin View More