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Contract Laboratory has received the following mobile laboratory services Laboratory Service Requests which need to be fulfilled! These mobile laboratory services Laboratory Service Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their mobile laboratory services Laboratory Service and Scientific Research. If you need a mobile laboratory services Laboratory, please Submit a mobile laboratory services Laboratory Service Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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FDA Medical Device Contract Sterilization Services

LONG-TERM FDA Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO & Gamma sterilization serv... (view details)

Laboratory Developed Test CLIA Compliant Analytical Validation

Clinical Laboratory Consultant needed to provide guidance in performing C... (view details)

Medical Device Contract Cleaning, Packing and ETO Sterilization

LONG-TERM Medical Device Manufacturer needs Contract Sterilizer for cleanin... (view details)

India IS 17025 / NABL Food Laboratory Start-Up

India Laboratory Consultant needed for advising in the laboratory start-up ... (view details)

Industrial Optical / Electronics Laboratory Start-Up Services

Laboratory Consulting Firm needed for assisting industrial research laborat... (view details)

FDA GMP Sterile Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

FDA GMP Compliant Labs to provide contract manufacturing services for smal... (view details)

Laboratory Set-Up Consulting

Laboratory Consultant needed to setup a state of the art Laboratory facilit... (view details)

Alcohol Spirits Analyses Training

Chemist would like training in alcohol spirit analysis specifically alkali... (view details)

Contract Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

LONG-TERM SERVICES Medical Device Company needs Contract Sterilizer for con... (view details)

Hyaluronic Asic Bioprocessing, Fermentation, and Purification

FDA GMP Bioprocess laboratory with BCL2 needed for fermentation and purifi... (view details)

Laboratory Consulting Firm needed for advisory services on the set-up of or... (view details)

CLIA Clinical Lab Set-Up and LDT Validation

CLIA Laboratory Consultant needed for new clinical laboratory set-up and l... (view details)

Calibration of a reference sound source

Acoustics Laboratory needed for calibration of a reference sound power sour... (view details)

Laboratory Advisory Services

Technical Consultancy Firm in Renewal Energy Services needs Laboratory Cons... (view details)

Laboratory Equipment Set-up (potential 6-12 month contract)

Laboratory Consultant / Engineer needed to set up laboratory equipment to t... (view details)

URGENT Board Certified Cytogeneticist for Cytogenetic Case Signing

URGENT Genetics Laboratory needs Board Certified Cytogeneticist for cytoge... (view details)

Middle East Laboratory Consultant needed for consultation to setup a labora... (view details)

Cannabis Testing

Laboratory consultant needed to advise on potentially starting a Cannabis t... (view details)

Pipette Tip Contract Sterilization

Laboratory needs Contract Sterilizer to sterilize pipette tips. Ethylene ox... (view details)

Food Microbiology Laboratory Set-Up Consulting

Laboratory Consultants needed for assisting on the set-up of microbiologic... (view details)

USA Based Laboratory Consultant needed to set-up a Mineral and Agriculture ... (view details)

Large tobacco company needs regulatory consultant for consultancy services... (view details)

Laboratory Culture Vessel Contract Sterilization

Research and Development R&D department of a large biotech company requires... (view details)

Fume Hood Tracer Gas Containment

India Laboratory Service Provider needed for tracer gas containment test fo... (view details)

Chemical Company needs Laboratory Engineering Company for technical advisin... (view details)

Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance Consulting and Testing

Company looking to bring in cosmetics from overseas and registering them in... (view details)

Laboratory Instrument Calibration

Contract Laboratory Service Provider needed for accredited calibration of ... (view details)

Radiation Dosimeter Calibration

USAF Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory needed for TMDE calibration for 10 EPD ... (view details)

Laboratory Start-Up Consulting

Laboratory consultant needed for advising on starting a Consumer Products L... (view details)

Mobile Laboratory Service

LONG-TERM TESTING Mobile Laboratory needed to provide regular clinical test... (view details)

Jasco FTIR and a Jasco FTIR/Microscope Service

Large Laboratory needs service provider for a Jasco FTIR and a Jasco FTIR/... (view details)

Acculab Sound Source Calibration

Laboratory Service Provider needed for calibration of Acculab 101 Reference... (view details)

Petrochemical Lab Construction

Architect / Consultant needed for assisting on design and equipment for Pe... (view details)

Laboratory Development

Laboratory Consultant / Architect needed to design analytical research and ... (view details)

Agriculture Laboratory Construction

Laboratory Architect needed for design and construction of Agriculture Lab... (view details)

Offer request

Food Packaging Laboratory for food contact applications analysis and certif... (view details)

Cleaning validation

Medical Technology Firm needs Medical Device Laboratory for validation assi... (view details)

Medical Device Company needs FDA Laboratory for Washer/Disinfector Cleaning... (view details)

Laboratory needs Contract Manufacturer to assemble kits for the NIH Taste I... (view details)

Laboratory Consultant needed for assisting on the design and development of... (view details)

LONG-TERM Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of a range of measur... (view details)

LONG-TERM SERVICES Laboratory needs contractor for routine maintenance on ... (view details)

LONG-TERM SERVICES Contract Sterilizer needed for steam sterilization servi... (view details)

Laboratory Engineering Company needed for construction and set-up oil testi... (view details)

Company needs laboratory service provider to perform maintenance on fume ho... (view details)

Europe Biotechnology Company needs laboratory engineering firm to design an... (view details)

Laboratory Consultant needed for advising on the complete set-up of CLIA ur... (view details)

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer need for encapsulation and labeling se... (view details)

Plastics laboratory needed for gamma ray irradiation and measurement of lig... (view details)