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Contract Laboratory has received the following synthetic fibers Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These synthetic fibers Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their synthetic fibers Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a synthetic fibers Laboratory, please Submit a synthetic fibers Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

NIOSH Asbestos Air Fiber Analysis

Environmental Laboratory needed for NIOSH Asbestos Air Fiber Analysis to NIOSH 7400 ASBESTOS and OTHER FIBERS by PCM View More

Pillowcase Hyaluronic Acid and Washability

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for softlines testing of pillowcase for % of Hyaluronic Acid along with how many washes it can withstand. The fibe... View More

Composite Panel and Polyester Fiber Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for three tests on composite panels and it's polyester fiber including:

1. Thermal insulation with Aluminium foil - The... View More

Plastics Degradation from Insect Repellents

North America GLP Environmental Laboratory needed for conducting studies of several EPA Registered insect repellent formulations to determine whether ... View More

Synthetic Ester Oil OECD Biodegradation Testing

Laboratory needed for OECD Biodegradation testing of synthetic ester oil sample by OECD 301 F method-I Biodegradation Test ? O2 Consumption. Please ... View More

ASTM Metal Clad Fiber Testing

Advanced Materials Company needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM testing of metal clad fibers to ASTM E595 Standard Test Method for Total Mass Loss and ... View More

Synthetic Clay Lithium Concentration

Large Mineral Corporation needs Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for synthetic clay testing to determine the lithium concentration via I... View More

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API Method Development and Validation

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for development and validation of a CE-UV/ MS compatible method, for impurities determination (MS only as qua... View More

Polymeric Geosynthetic barrier (HDPE). Gas Permeability

Gas Permeability on one polymeric geosynthetic barrier (HDPE). Gas Permeability (Oxygen, 23ÂșC, 1 atm) according to ASTM D 1434. View More

AATCC and ASTM Protective Clothing Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for AATCC and ASTM water and blood penetration resistance testing of non-woven used in protective clothing to the follow... View More

Antimicrobial Effectiveness

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial effectiveness study of an antimicrobial agent in preventing the growth of bacter... View More

DIN Meta Aramid Yarn

Materials Laboratory needed for DIN Testing of technical fibers Meta Aramid Yarn for DIN certification View More

Textiles Laboratory needed for work garment testing of fibers for fiberglass and or plastic fibers and View More

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)

Laboratory needed Solar Reflectance Index in synthetic shade netting View More

quaternary ammonium release profile

Accredited Toxicology Laboratory(OECD/GLP) needed for OECD 421 Skin absorption study
We are interested in transfer characteristics of a quaternary a... View More

ASTM Condom Compatiability

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of personal lubricants for compatiability with natural rubber latex, polyurethane and synthetic cond... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING US Automotive Laboratory needed for vendor supplier confirmation cleaning testing of parts used in pumps and turbines to ensure part... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of polypropylene fibers to meet ASTM standards C1116/C116M, C1609, D638, and any others that may need to ... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Protective Clothing to the following standards: ASTM F1670/F1670M Standard Test Method for Resist... View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for performing REACH Toxicology Study on synthetic aroma chemicals. View More

EPA GLP or ISO 17025 agriculture analytical chemistry laboratory needed that is accredited for the analysis of pesticides needed for quantitation of A... View More

Consumer Products performance laboratory needed to measure the Clothing and Thermal Insulation (CLO) value on synthetic thermal insulated pillows View More

Oil laboratory needed for analysis via 2D GC/MS (GC-GC/MS) gas chromatography with mass spectrometry of synthetic hydrocarbon oil mixture for the mole... View More

Home furnishings company needs textile laboratory for BS testing of inner fibers of duvet quilts to BS 5335 Test Standard for Continental quilts conta... View More

Polymer laboratory needed for monomer coating testing after curing process to determine monomers left on garment after curing by LED UV printers and ... View More

Oil refinery company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for silicon dioxide testing for determination of % purity (Silicon Dioxide)
Sample is synt... View More

Large University in India needs laboratory with Bioassay capability for cytotoxicity study(apoptosis) using cell Hela cell lines for synthetic compoun... View More

Medical Device microbiology laboratory needed for SAE and USP Testing of Nonwoven and Fibers to USP 61 and 62.

2.)We will also need testing done fo... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM plastic film testing of Natural fibers enriched plastic films for packaging application View More

Materials laboratory needed for surgical gowns testing
- NFPA Standards - Standards for the use of Inhalation Anesthetics.

- ASTM 1670, Standard ... View More

ATF TTB and FDA certified laboratory needed for light wine testing under CFR Code additives to < 7% alcohol wine food product to assure additives to 6... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for hot acid (sulfuric) resistance testing in textile fibers View More

Large corporation needs laboratory for LC/MS quantification of synthetic cannabinoids in urine samples specifically: AB-PINACA and its metabolites (A... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of tape (synthetic) used in the fire resistance cables to sustain up to 800 deg celcius of temperature ... View More

Contract bioanalytical lab needed to form a long-standing relationship for antibody production, ELISA, and neutralization testing for a synthetic pep... View More

University Scientific Researcher needs Contract Laboratory for conducting science experiments for Research Study on comparison of synthetic oil to com... View More

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP sterility testing services including but not limited to: sterility and endotoxin validation, pot... View More

Hospital needs laboratory for K2 synthetic cannabinod testing in solid plant samples obtained in the emergency department that we would like to test ... View More

Tyre manufacturer needs rubber testing of natural & synthetic rubbers,carbon black,silica SiO2,sulfur,zinc oxide,stearic acid,process oils,micro wax,r... View More

Canada bioanalytical laboratory needed for Capillary Zone Electrophoresis for determining purity of stable isotope labeled synthetic peptides. 5000 pe... View More

Food Laboratory needed for colour testing by lovibond or hunter scale in synthetic syrup sample View More

Agriculture Microbiology needed for Non GMO certificate testing for our product containing lactic acid bacteria, Yeast (Saccharomyces sp) and photosyn... View More

Startup developing new polymer material for fibers and textile needs complete UV degradation tests wfor different polymers (before extrusion process, ... View More

Manufacturer needs Textile Laboratory for fabric testing of natural fabric from manufacturers to determine if it is natural or synthetic. View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for food coloring testing for synthetic colours in foodstuffs? View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for hair extension identification testing to determine composition of human vs. synthetic hair I hair extensions View More

India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for lycopene testing of lycopene samples from one of our supplier. Lycopene is available in synthetic for... View More

Washington or Oregon USA laboratory needed for Product Toxicology Testing of herbal cigarette that we need tested to show the absence of controlled an... View More

Canada Agriculture analytical chemistry laboratory needed for mustard seed testing: Quality and utility of mustard seeds Oil percentage
- Contents of... View More

Nanotechnology Researcher Post-Doc needs Food laboratory that uses standard ISO techniques for analysing some juice samples. We are mainly interesting... View More

USA materials laboratory needed for Product Performance Testing - Oil Defoaming Test 4 defoamers in Group 1, 2, 3, PAO, Synthetic Ester, Vegetable Oil... View More

East Coast USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for AATCC Testing and ASTM testing of synthetic leather products to test for anti-microbial properties t... View More

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for contract synthesis: Synthetic Chemistry of pharmaceuticals View More

California Materials Laboratory neeed for sneaker Testing of 3 sneaker samples with variation of materials. Leather Testing for determination of synth... View More

Plastics laboratory needed for textile fiber testing. Form plastic pellets into textile fibers for testing/analysis and carry out testing on those fib... View More

Synthetic chemistry laboratory needed for Research and Development, bench chemistry testing /stability testing of wine product for components and com... View More

Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Pharmaceutical Synthetic Chemistry Testing support of molecule (o=R=o) which is insoluble in w... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for synthetic lubricant testing. A contract laboratory that will run a pH test and not just the TAN/TBN tests o... View More

USA EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA Toxicity Testing: Chronic Whole Effluent Toxicity Monitoring Requirements: The Water Quali... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for hair extension identification testing to determine composition of human vs. synthetic hair I hair extensions View More

USA Clinical Laboratory needed for Clinical testing for efficacy of potato-based resistant starches and resistant oligosacharrides as dietary fibers i... View More

Law Firm needs Florida analytical chemistry laboratory for XLR-1 testing. For a criminal case, test approximately 500 packets of "spice" or synthetic ... View More

FDA GMP pharmaceutical laboratory needed for stability testing: R&D Testing of aqueous Vitamin, acylated amino acid and a synthetic corticosteroid.
... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for biological particle testing of synthetic biological particles at x235,000, similar to vlps. FDA validation eventua... View More

USA consumer products laboratory needed for incense testing of herbal incenses to determine what synthetics are contained and what are not. and update... View More

NJ Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer poducts certifcation testing that Synthetic Cannibniods and prohibited substances natural herbal ... View More

Canada Materials Laboratory needed for gear lubricant testing: Gear lubricant 'Optigear Synthetic X220'
Mfr.: Castrol Industrial North America, Inc. View More

USA laboratory needed for controlled atmosphere hot rolling of graphite and graphite fluorination synthetic chemistry. Also AFM indenter, tensile, ben... View More

Preclinical Laboratory, Contract Research Oranization CRO needed for Influenza vaccine proof-of-concept studies. Peptide immunizations in HLA-transgen... View More

USA Nanaotechnology Laboratory needed for nanoparticle testing. First project is for nanoparticles' surface functionalization. We need to find a solut... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Taber loss (by ASTM D3389, Standard Test Method for Coated Fabrics Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Platform ... View More

Newspaper needs pharmaceutical analytical chemistry labroatory for analytical chemistry testing: "bath salts" (a synthetic cathinone, in powder form) ... View More

Canada and USA Analytical Chemistry Laboraory needed for plastics/ rubber testing to ISO 13741-2:1998 (Plastics/rubber - Polymer dispersions and rubbe... View More

Food Laboratory needed for food research and development on whether benfotaimine,S-benzoylthiamine O-monophosphate (a synthetic S-acyl derivative of t... View More

A2LA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM anticorrosive testing of anticorrosive system for pipes, this system has several layers methods. ASTM G21 R... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for children's safety product testing of a synthetic curtain material - to see if it's safe for children View More

USA FDA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for FDA and ASTM Testing of T Synthetic wax with all the FDA test for food grade wax.
-ultravio... View More

Materials Laboratory needed or DIN Testing: (DIN Standards) for Synthetic PVC water proofing membrane, are available at your lab or not. Please confi... View More

US DEA Schedule 1 Registered Pharmaceutical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Formulation / development for a chemical color spot test reagent used ... View More

USA Production Chemistry Laboratory needed for Electrical stability testing of synthetic based drilling muds View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D3235, Extractable oil content of wax samples extracted from synthetic horse track... View More

Plastics and Polymer Laboratory needed for Nissan Engineering Standard
MO135 Weatherability and light resistance test methods for synthetic resin... View More

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for synthetic testosterone testing for the actual mg per ml of active testosterone within. View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM C1549-
Testing for Solar Reflectance Index Values (SRI) for Heat Island reflectance with paving surface of s... View More

Large Thailand Fibers Manufacturer needs Textiles Laboratory for testing their product as follows:

1. We would like to get our fibers evaluated and... View More

Northeast US ISO, FDA GLP Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, mechanical testing of UHMWPE Fibers, incl.density, tensile strength, tensile ... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical contamination testing of ATA and Kevlar Protective Sleeves. Not sure how to explain what we are lo... View More

India NABL Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing, Facemask Biocompatibility Testing as per ISO 10993-1:2003
Breathability t... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed to test substance on carpet that has certain species of organisms present within fibers. View More

ISO Analytical Food Laboratory needed for testing food items for sorbic acid, tar color, parabens, and the synthetic color in accordance to ISO-17025. View More

UKAS Materials Laboratory needed to test plastic fibers made up of HDPE,LLDPE with UV stabilizers and master match chemicals added for color choices. ... View More

Boston, USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for smoke point test on synthetic hydrocarbon blends formulated for high and low kerosene smoke p... View More


Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ISO Testing, Non Metallic Synthetic immersion as per ISO 15500-2 :2001 a) For CNG b) Oil immersion Please l... View More

India Materials Laboratory needed for oil immersion test ester based or alpha olefin based synthetic compressor oils at room temp. for min.70 hrs. af... View More

Canada Product Saety and Certification Laboratory needed for Pre-Shipment Inspection on Pressed & Baled Recycled PET Bottles. It is waste material tha... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing the absorptivity in Synthetic Paraffin powder by USP 32 method and Oil content by ASTM method D721-... View More

USA Clinical Serology Laboratory needed for whole blood clotting testing and plasma clotting test to examine the pro-thrombotic activity of biocompati... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing herbal blend to ensure it does not contain synthetic cannabinoids (jwh-018, 073, cp-47, 497 etc) or... View More

India Nutritional Laboratory required for testing stabilized rice bran for:
1.moisture content
2.fatty acid profile test fatty acids
4.d... View More

GA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for synthetic intestinal juice method analysis for residual acrylic acid monomer View More

Product Safety Laboratory required for testing Costmetic Products for human safety and efficacy testing; synthetic peptides - alone and in concert wi... View More

USA Preclinical Contract Research Organization required for short term biopersistence test by inhalation - it has been shown that fibers longer than 2... View More

Materials/Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for product testing. Semmes Inc has developed a process of introducing nano fibers into foam product... View More

UAE ASTM Physical/Environmental/Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing
2. PRACTICE FOR OPE... View More

Textiles Laboratory needed for testing Free Formaldelyde Content and Lead in Substrate, 100% polyester knitted fabric as the substrate for making synt... View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for virucidal efficacy study. I am researching the costs associated with testing the virucidal effic... View More

Mexico Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Glass fibers solubility in saline solutions.
I need the ppm of Si, Ca and Mg that are solub... View More

USA Non-GMP,pre-clinical Microbiology laboratory needed to determine the effect of new synthetic candidates on the level of glutathione in mammalian c... View More

Mexico, USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM Testing determine the oxidation stability of synthetic oils View More

Canada Preclinical laboratory need for pharmaceutical efficacy testing in small animal on new herbal product administration of a high fat,high cholest... View More

California Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA Biodegradabilty Testing of Synthetic Saturated Ester Hydraulic Fluid used in Off Shore and Sub Sea ... View More

USA Tribology Laboratory needed for ASTM testing to compare two synthetic lubricants vs two established ones View More



Florida or Puerto Rico Environmental Lab needed for NIOSH Testing: NIOSH 7400 Asbestos and other fibers by phase contract microscopy (PCM)/testing air... View More

Lab needed for C13CV PDB Determination by Elemental Analysis Combustion Isotop Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EA-C-IRMS)and to determine % natural VS synthe... View More

India Textiles Microbiology Lab needed for Antimicrobial testing of synthetic Fabrics of Polyester/Polyamide View More

Laboratory needed for the analysis of a synthetic substance and foam glue View More

Materials lab needed for thermal testing of synthetic microwax. It is desired that thermal diffusivity (heat transfer coefficient) or some other quan... View More

Medical Devices Manufacturer needs materials laboratory for MALDI analysis of synthetic polymer View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for mosquito repellency testing of treated knitted hoses of synthetic yarns like Polypropylene, Polyester and P... View More

Materials laboratory needed for mechanical testing of 15 different conformal coating products (acrylic, urethane, and synthetic rubber) using DMA (AST... View More

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for the following testing:
o Peg-20 Cetostearyl Alcohol; Peg-20 Cetyl/Stearyl ... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed to test for presence of any infestation and/or larva in a pillow made in China. The product is 100% Cotton Terrycloth... View More

Biomedical lab needed for the following ASTM testing:

1.) ASTM F2101-01 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BF... View More

Experienced Cosmetics laboratory needed for testing on hair fibers including mechanical properties, optical properties, color, weathering, and any oth... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Full mongraph testing (microbiology, contaminants, impurities) on synthetic Resveratrol from a Chinese Manu... View More

Molecular Biology laboratory needed for partial digest to remove a synthetic gene in a vector and clone into another vector cut with compatible restri... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP analytical testing for two cysteine materials: synthetic and avian-derived. Characterize impurity profi... View More

Textiles laboratory needed for ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS testing of synthetic textiles for following attributes: 1. Flammability and LOI test as per Internat... View More


Materials laboratory needed for ISO and ASTM Minerals analysis testing. Analyze synthetic mineral carbonate View More

Histology laboratory neededfor testing nerve fibers in a marine molluscan bivalve, e.g. bodian's or Holmes nerve stains OK. Specimens routinely fixed ... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for
HPLc analysis using flourescence detection of synthetic 7-mer oligonucleotides - 512 samples each containi... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing the Mineral Oil & Synthetic oil content & % Additives in a Grease. View More

Consumer Products textiles laboratory needed for research studies and testing on textiles/fibers including netralization research, identification of c... View More

Textiles laboratory needed for physical and anlytical chemsitry testing polyester synthetic yarns:
1. Denier
2. Number of filaments
3. Cross sectio... View More

Biophysical laboratory needed for testing sealing of canine carnial dura mater with a synthetic sealant. Determine maximum pressure sealant can maint... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for MALDI-TOF MS analysis of synthetic oligomers and polymers. View More

FDA cGMP laboratory needed for ORD Optical Rotatory Dispersion of synthetic high purity peptide samples. Repeat analysis of cGMP material needed. View More

Large multinational company needs bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing synthetic protein obtained by purifying an E. coli fermentation broth. ... View More

FDA, GMP, GLP, AAALAC, USP, ASTM and ISO Laboratory needed for protein testing on semi-synthetic soy-bean based process (test must quantify protein le... View More

GLP Analytical chemistry needed in Canada for elemental analysis of a synthetic 28 aa peptide for patent protection View More

2D NMR of a 30 amino acid synthetic peptide to support FDA CMC filings View More

Biopharmaceuticals company needs preclinical bioanalytical laboratory for in vitro diffusion testing of a topical biologic pharmaceuticals product acr... View More

Analyzing and testing for a blended wax contents of diffrent types of waxes like natural wax,synthetic wax,polyethelene wax and polymer/copolymer or r... View More

measuring D-3-hydroxybutyrate. design a synthetic standard so that it can be used in the measurement of ketosis without using plasma/serum samples View More

Required testing to be done on natural and synthetic rubber gloves to include EN388, EN374, tensile, extractable protein. View More

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Synthetic antimicrobial peptide mimics for broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. This would involve broth MIC d... View More

Scanning Electron Microscopy. Ability to take a cross-section of a hollow-fiber dialyzer that has been exposed to human blood and capture a SEM image... View More

We are considering outsourcing the QC of synthetic compounds by LC-Diode Array UV-ELSD-ESIMS. Compounds will be delivered at a concentration of 2mM an... View More

Determination of synthetic ingredient baked into consumer product. Specifially Cheez-Its (crackers) View More

"We are a producer of compounds labeled with stable isotopes, like Deuterium, Carbon-13, Nitrogen-15. Our product line is comprised of amino acids, fa... View More

Europe Materials Laboratory needed for ISO Testing or ASTM Testing: mechanical stability for nathural and synthetic latex View More

West Coast USA analytical chemistry, product safety lab needed to test powdered herbal perfume to analyze the ingredients to ensure that they arenot s... View More