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Contract Laboratory has received the following source Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These source Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their source Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a source Laboratory, please Submit a source Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

ASTM Arc Flash Testing

Certification Laboratory needed for ASTM arc flash testing to ASTM F887 for fall protection harnesses. Laboratory must be able to certify the testing ... View More

Low Dermatitis Clinical Trial on Sensitized Individuals

$100,000 BUDGET APPROVED FDA Clinical Research Laboratory needed for Clinical Trial on Low Thiuram, and/or Carbamate, and/or Thiazole Claim for Nitril... View More

Cosmetics Beeswax Purity and Flame Testing

US Based company that focuses on handmade products needs Consumer Products Laboratory for Beeswax Purity Testing for Grade A Cosmetic Beeswax sourced... View More

Nootropic Compound Certificate of Analysis (COA)

BUDGET APPROVED / LONG-TERM TESTING Bioanalytical Laboratories needed to provide a few quotes or quote package on small-sample peptide purity and spe... View More

Beehive Health Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for Beehive Health, Floral Source Testing, Flavor Testing, and Botanical Testing. View More

Placer Gold Bearing Ore Testing

Natural Resources Company needs Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for placer gold bearing ore testing to determine the gold percentages pe... View More

Solar Radiation (UVB, UVA, and Vis)

Large Natural Resource Company needs Laboratory that has the capabilities to test for solar radiation (UVB, UVA and Vis) View More

Acculab Sound Source Calibration

Laboratory Service Provider needed for calibration of Acculab 101 Reference Sound Source (use for determination of sound power levels). View More

Acoustics proficiency tests for accreditation

ISO 17025 Materials Laboratory needed acoustics proficiency testing to the following ISO Standards:

(1) ISO 354 Measurement of sound absorption in ... View More

REACH Evaluation of Sodium Glucoheptonate

Laboratory needed for analysis of source of sodium glucoheptonate (Milco150) according to the REACH approved test methods. View More

Calibration of Reference Sound Source

Technology Firm needs ISO 17025 Calibration Service Provider needed for calibration of Reference Sound Source for a 1 year cal cycle. View More

Metrology Laboratory needed for calibration Reference Sound Source Fan, B&K model 4202 in a Hemi-Anechoic sound chamber per ANSI S12.5:2006/ISO 6926:... View More

Genetics laboratory for proteomic analysis of a raw material product, to identify the gene source and expression vector, and perform peptide sequencin... View More

Electrical laboratory needed with the capability for testing specialized circuit breakers at 600VDC, 16kA, 50ms duration. Inductance <30uH, 50uH, 100... View More

Geology laboratory needed for elemental and heavy metals analysis of two ores from a new source including iron ore to >10 ppm, with % or ppm concent... View More

Construction laboratory needed for ASTM testing of floor covering system using radiant heat energy source to 2 ASTM standards

ASTM E 648, Standard... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for inductor testing to AC + DC load life testing of three production lots

1 3 separate lots of 77pcs each
2 Chambe... View More

LARGE AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY needed for sealed house evaporative determination (SHED) testing for California air resources board (CARB) certification test... View More

Environmental microbiology laboratory needed for water testing for bacterial identification of two different strains from a water source. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING: Renewable ENergy company needs Environmental laboratory for environmental monitoring stack analysis on regular interval Source emi... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC certification testing for electrode holder, cable connector, and work clamp under IEC 60974, Arc welding equipmen... View More

Need laboratory testing for VOC content in adhesive material to comply with SCAQMD rule #1168, shall be determined by USEPA'S Test Method 18, or Air R... View More

Laboratory needs confirmatory petfood testing on moisture content testing on pet supplement edible wafers that are contract manufactured . The U.S. ba... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Brewery needs packaging laboratory to outsource their HDPE resin analysis used in producing plastic plastic crates for bottles. Melt... View More

Laboratory needed for development of companion animal lateral flow antibody and antigen diagnostic test products including Canine Heartworm, Lyme dise... View More

Research Scientist needs bioanalytical laboratory for plasma testing of 150 human plasma samples. Bioanalyis for creatinine, thiosulfate, and homocys... View More

FDA Electrical medical device laboratory needed for Skin massager testing:
2. FDA Product Code : PBX
3. Performance test standard
? IEC 60601-1: M... View More

FDA cGMP qualified laboratory needed to outsource specific rotation testing determined photoelectrically at 325 nm, for one of our Active Pharmaceut... View More

Automotive mechanical laboratory needed for front suspension springs testing for test requirements for Corrosion Key Life Fatigue test (KLT), t.e. Hea... View More

EPA environmental laboratory needed for environemtanl assessment and sampling of soil, sod and gravel. The samples need to be sent to an approved EPA ... View More

FDA Laboratory needed for FDA compliance testing and certification of food containers for 2 productssourced from China.
1) Hip flask, inside SS 304
... View More

Petroleum company needs NABL Accredited Laboratory for grease testing as per Indian Standards IS 507 : 1993 Grade 2 ( View More

Virology Laboratory needed for performance testing of an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) device used to kill H1N1 influenza virus deposited... View More

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP sterility testing services including but not limited to: sterility and endotoxin validation, pot... View More

Food laboratory needed for assistance in doing food analysis, with emphasis on lead content, calcium and other minerals and fat. I am aspiring to sta... View More

Optical laboratory needed for filter and testing for optical light transmission density. Company has cracked 16├śmm x 1mm thick filter that is part of ... View More

Toronto, Ontario Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing of couple different sources of raw meat for Campylobacter. View More

Geochemistry laboratory needed for Zirconium dioxide testing to bring product into the United States. Need to test a mixture or compound for its sourc... View More

Large Mining Company needs Nuclear Science Laboratory needed for radioactive sources testing from ore samples View More

Biotechnology company wishes to outsource USP Method Bioactivity testing in Rabbits and hence seeks Quotation details. View More

Geotechnical Laboratory needed for core Chemical/mineral testing of a tripolitic chert/limestone deposit as a possible source of tripolite/diatomaceou... View More

Biotechnology company wishes to outsource the preparation of electrocompetent cells from strain of E. coli and QC step (electroporation of a BAC) with... View More

URGENT: Forensic Laboratory needed for natural gas testing for analysis of contaminants we are finding in our natural gas fuel at a power plant. These... View More

LONG-TERM: Europe company needs to outsource genetics testing services to GLP Genetics Labortory for saliva testing of 300 SNPs to use chips for 10 - ... View More

Healthcare System needs Microbiology Laboratory for suture testing to determine the source of a cluster of post operative infections View More

University Medical Researcher needs United States food laboratory for phthalate and phthalte metabolite testing for the phthalate levels in several di... View More

Texas Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological testing of coffee beverage to determine if pathogens are from an air or water source; what ty... View More

Canada mechanical laboratory to outsource part washing and testing for Ford program - est. annual volume is 850,000 pcs.


Oat company needs food laboratory for Oat Milk testing for rancidity source.

We have 2 sources of oil tat aybe causing the rancidity: 1/ Partiall... View More

Need to Source a Mainland Europe or Par East Lab to perform retention testing in accordance with ISO 7864:1993, Sterile hypodermic needles for single ... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for water testing from new water source.
We like to understand all the possible mineral content found in this water. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of cable to ASTM E 162 / ASTM E 662 / SMP 800C:
ASTM E 162 Standard Test Method for Surface Flammabili... View More

Helicopter company located in remote area needs oil laboratory for fuel testing. The fuel we use is trucked to our location as required. We have notic... View More

Geology laboratory needed for bentonite testing. we are looking for a laboratory to know its qualty, especially if it can be a source for drilling flu... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Laboratory Testing: Thermal testing ISO 22007-2 Transient plane heat source method View More

California FDA medical device aboratory needed for FDA certification testing of illuminating device used in sports type scopes. Need to certify if it'... View More

North America materials laboratory needed for paint testing: comparison analysis of two paint chip samples to identify if they are from the same sourc... View More

USA radiochemistry laboratory needed for radioactivity testing for radioactivity in dietary supplements (radioactive isotopes). Currently we are manuf... View More

USA Food Laboratory needed for food testing to deformlate [re-engineer]mix and find out ingredients,source ingredients.this product is fufu made of de... View More

Southern USA physical laboratory needed for aerospace testing to IAW SP 04-003. Government Source Pressure Test View More

USA FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for food packaging testing of recycled PET material aimed for food container production. In order to confirm the f... View More

Doctor's office needs Eastern USA clinical laboratory for uranium isotope testing, I have a family with elevated levels and would like to see if can i... View More

Eastern Europe Accredited Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for air testing for Dimethyl ether from air pollution source in Lithuania, total 4 me... View More

West Coast UL Electronic Certification Laboratory needed for UL Certificaiton testing to Certify an inverter to U.L. 1741,Inverters, Converters, Contr... View More

USA Nuclear Science Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of Radioactive beta source holder to ISO Standard: ISO 7205:1986, Radionuclide gauges View More

Europe or Middle East ISO 17025 Electrical Certification Laboratory needed for accreditation testing of Power System Laboratory Lab will be accredited... View More

Africa Geochemical Laboratory needed for petroleum testing: source rock quality, maturity View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to SAE J2302, Radiant heat source temperature.
Heat internal cylinder to 1200 degrees and measure surf... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for fuse testing. The fuse is rated at 15 amps 250 VAC. We can supply the currently approved vendors parts and the new s... View More

FDA Non-GLP preclinical microbiology laboratory needed for non-glp Confirmative in vitro Testing for Determining Tuberculocidal Activity - NON GLP exp... View More

Third party independent energy certification laboratory needed for certification testing of alternative heat source for various applications. product.... View More

Asia geology lbaoratory needed for RO, GC- GC MC-Source rock evaluation testing View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for liquid LPG gas testing. PROCESS STREAM ANALYSIS FOR RBI WORKSHOP VERIFICATION FOR UNIT 15 &70. SAMPLE SOURC... View More

University Research and Development needs India microbiology laboratory for fungal isolation and identification, pathogenicity, fungicide sensitivity ... View More

Importers of Post-Consumer PET flakes needs quality control lab to test PET from various sources to help us qualify their quality control. Primarily w... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Tesing: ASTM D6953-03 for Erucamide contamination and suspect a couple of different materials as the ... View More

Medical Device Manufacturer needs packaging laboratory for ISO Testing: ISO 2919:1999 Classification of Sealed source performance Packaging and shipme... View More

Bionalytical Laboratory with Collagen extraction experience needed for collagen extraction from an animal source. This is for Commercial purposes. If ... View More

Large electronics manufacturer needs Canada or USA Electrical Laboratory for electrical (12,000 amp, 4 cycls, 240Volt source) testing. Fixturing woul... View More

University Research and Development Laboratory needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for gcms analysis of e. coli amino acids, preferably would like to outso... View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for BSEN 117 toxicology testing for toxic value of a wood preservative against the
Reticulitermes species of the Europea... View More

Toronto Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing paint samples that are "yellowing" due to unknown source or conditions, need to determine c... View More

Analytical Food Laboratory needed for testing; need nutritional breakdown, vitamin mineral breakdown, shelf-life/expiration. This bar will be labeled... View More

Florida Microbiology/ Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for contamination testing to determine source of contamination with contamination issue they are... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to set up temporary mobile lab at Palouge Site Feed Processing Facilities and provide Laboratory Testing appara... View More

Nebraska Microbiology Laboratory needed to do DNA microbial testing protocols to determine source (human, avian, other) of E. coli bacteria to help in... View More

St. Louis Research and Development Laboratory needed for Product Development for a source of the human breast cancer cell line PMC42 or PMC42ET View More

Materials Laboratory needed to test anodize samples (per MIL-A-8625) as follows:
1.Salt spray test per ASTM B 117
2.Coating weight test per ANSI/AS... View More

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Geological Laboratory needed for testing permeability and porosity, Miniperm on semi-unconsolidated rock (water source well) View More

FDA GMP and GLP Medicinal Chemistry Labroatory needed for method development and validation for nutraceutical ingredients from plant sources. About 15... View More

Europe Genetics and Genomics Laboratory needed for EU SNPs Genotyping for Direct to Consumer Predictive Genomics tests. Request to outsource lab servi... View More

Calgary geology laboratory needed for Source rock analysis for oil and gas Total organic carbon
Vitrinite reflectance

Tests to be conducted on cor... View More

Europe UKAS Microbiology laboratory needed for routine enterovirus testing in source water used for bottled water products View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for thermal, combustion testing, glycerol combustion experiments and would like to measure the acrolein emission in the e... View More

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for livestock feed analysis for sugar and iron levels, source View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization need for study to determine the effect of oral glucosamine on degenerative disc disease in a rabbit model. ... View More

Asia - Thailand Analytical Chemistry, Materials/Mechanical Laboratory required for the following tests:

3.5.1 Density, Core ISO 845/ASTM D 3574, Te... View More

USA Microbiology Laboratory required for BSE/TSE testing of 1-2 raw materials from animal sources for the presence of BSE/TSE View More

Materials Laboratory needed for testing school resource for children with communication difficulties and there are many aspects to the product as I wi... View More

Florida Pharmaceuticals Company needs USA Laboratory for "complex viscosity" testing, for one of our silicone materials (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) ... View More

Texas Analytical/Microbiology Laboratories needed for testing in the food/dietary supplement industry. They have to either currently outsource part of... View More

U.S. Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for a variety of tests including: westerns, coips, and nmr derived data for a series of domain mapping exp... View More

USA Histology laboratory needed for:
Source: Pig aorta
Total parafin embedded formalin fixed blocks: <30
Need immunohistochemisty: MMP-1,MMP-2, MMP... View More

USA FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for GLP Toxicology Studies of radioprotecting drug in non-human primates. Gamma-irradiation source 0.1-0.6 Gy... View More

Molecular Biology Contract Research Organization needed to study the effect on gene expression of a Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) structural protein. The... View More

Mexico factory needs environmental analytical chemistry laboratory for air sampling to determine source of sulfur at a Mexican based factory. The sulf... View More

OEM Aerospace Manufacturer needs metrology laboratory to outsource all metrology services for 3000 items including monitoring to performing routine ca... View More

Asia or India Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicological & allergenic potency comparison between two samples of the same antibiotic obtained from ... View More

USA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing the quality parameters for a carmalized food product by looking at HPLC/GC profiles. The o... View More

Environmental lab needed for USP testing of Trace drug residue in drinking and source water View More

Electrical laboratory needed to conduct motor loaded tests of medium voltage motor drive products
 Power Paragon will provide drive in the 5000 kW t... View More

Physical laboratory needed for security film on glass - glazing product safety test. Please see the link below for details: View More

Food microbiology laboratory needed to extract and concentrate bioactive ingredient from natural source for nutriceutical (liquid and powder formatio... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for inrush current test on 300KVA transformer 1700 lbs 33" x 32" x 20"

1.0 Inrush Current
1.1 Objective is to verify ... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Nisin Testing in food products; i.e. cheese, dressing, etc. Lab needs to be able to run an HPLC or other method tha... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for validation of energy achieved testing for Self-Sustaining Energy Process

Supplies needed:

- Hydrogen (gas)
- ... View More

Acoustics laboratory needed for ASTM testing sound transmission lost. for exsample:
There are two rooms.
The room in the left side is receiving roo... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing TGF-beta activity in feed samples supplemented with a concentrated TGF-beta source View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of potential biodiesel seed source. View More

Materials laboratory needed for identification testing for the source of the silicone deposits found in customer's marketpulp samples and in their pul... View More

OEM for Scissor lift needs electrical laboratory for failure investigation testing of the machines. We use 24 Volt Dc contactors in our machines
Th... View More

Acoustics laboratory needed for pressure measurement testing of noise sources (microphones,multi channel amplifier microphones calibration device,sign... View More

Physical laboratory needed for sound pressure measurement testing of noise sources
View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for coliform testing in the effluents of our wastewater facilities and would like to have the colonies that frow on the... View More

Product Safety laboratory needed for conducting a sanitation wand test.The method required placing the Sanitation Wand containing the UV lamp on top o... View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for identificaiton testing of protein source in pet food? Identification of elk or bison protein.
View More

FDA laboratory needed for Molecular Weight Determination by Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering and Molecular Weight by MALLS of poly-L-arginine powder... View More

FDA GLP / GMP microbiology laboratory needed for viral load testing of relevant model virus in source materials for manufacturing pharmaceutical produ... View More

Preclinical toxicology laboratory needed for measuring the anti-mutagenic and anti-cancer properties of a give substance against toxic mutagens and ca... View More

CRO needed to conduct ICH Photostability Study on topical gels. We are looking for a CRO that expose topical samples for a known light source and then... View More

GLP analytical laboratory needed for testing an extract containing alkaloids of Veratrum album for Health Canada Product Licenses submission. An inves... View More

Nutritional testing for Vitamins B1,B2, B6, niacinamide,panthothenic acid, para-aminobenzoic acid, inositol,folic acid, choline and biotin on a veg p... View More

Sound Abosorption Test, % min, Initial Source Approval Only as per ASTM C384. Sound Abosorption Test, % min, Initial Source Approval Only as per ASTM ... View More

""Looking for a quote from a lab to perform USP Identification Testing for the following USP monogram chemicals:
1) Oxybenzone - IR & UV
2) Octi... View More

The same microorganism has been recovered from two different sources, Need to know if they are the same strain View More

New ankle prosthesis manufacturer needs Asia medial device electrical laboratory for telemetric energy source testing type of ASTM tests
address: ... View More