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Contract Laboratory has received the following quartz granite and marble Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These quartz granite and marble Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their quartz granite and marble Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a quartz granite and marble Laboratory, please Submit a quartz granite and marble Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Natural Marble Stone DIN Ramp Testing

Construction Company has natural marble stone being used for a ramp on hotel project that the hotel chain requires testing to be in compliance DIN 5... View More

Granite, Marble, Quartzite

Third-Party Independent Laboratory needed for Mohs harness and hydrochloric acid testing on three samples; one each of granite, marble and quartzite.... View More

Marble Maze Puzzle Consumer Products Testing

START-UP Small Puzzle Business needs Consumer Products Safety Laboratory for CE Marking and Consumer Products Testing of different variations of marb... View More

Black Pearl Granite Absorption Testing

Mining company needs Geology Laboratory for black pearl granite testing for water absorption report. View More

Mica and Quartz Mineral Analysis

India Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of mica and quartz View More

Granite Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for granite testing to allow for exports to European and Asian standards.

View More

API Colloid Particle Characterization Analyses

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for the following Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API analyses 1. Colloid particles characterization
- Z-average ... View More

Granite Stone Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for granite stone testing for iron. The granite is from a granite driveway that has what appear to be iron stains coming up... View More

Polished Granite Slabs

Geology Laboratory needed for physical property testing and chemical analysis polished granite slabs. View More

ASTM Natural Stone

Natural Stone Supplier needs Laboratory for ASTM testing of natural stones including marble to ASTM standards for US based customer.. View More

Product Development Test Method Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Method Development for laundry stains/testing
3 stains X 3 reps = 9 stains + 3 stains (... View More

Geology Laboratory needed for determining of mercury (cinnabar) is present in micro-crystalline quartz specimen. The hardness of specimen on Mohs scal... View More

NABL Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of granite to ASTM 1354 Standard Test Method for Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials and Produc... View More

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for elemental analysis testing for presence of cinnabar (mercury) in micro-crystalline quartz View More

INDIVIDUAL Geology Laboratory needed for testing iron pyrite and quartz for the amount of gold or other precious metal. View More

INDIVIDUAL Geology laboratory needed for mineral analysis in granite. View More

Geological laboratory needed for isotopic dating of oreferous mineralized quartz vein View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of Calacatta Marble as per ASTM C 503,Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone. View More

Accredited laboratory recognized by certifying bodies needed for ANSI testing of metal halide quartz lamp to determine if it fullfills the demands fo... View More

Geology laboratory needed for mineralogy testing for the percentage of quartz in a countertop sample. View More

On site analysis needed in India of rock deposit for precious and semi precious metals and for gem stone.Black Rock with quartz bands seen in our fiel... View More

Geology laboratory needed for Compliance testing: Marble and granite tiles for import to UK and USA. Certified to British/American standards. example ... View More

Quarry needs Geology laboratory for marble and granite stone testing View More

University researcher needs laboratory for granite testing: Trace element and REE of 8 granites samples. plus Bore isotope or F isotope. K-Ar dating
... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Geophysical Laboratory needed for Particle Analysis: Particle Size Distribution by Laser Diffraction of Quartz, Fly Ash, GGBS etc. W... View More

Lighting company needs optical laboratory needed for spectral transmittance measurement services. on quartz glass tubing 26mm I.D x 32mm O.D. (3mm wa... View More

Geology laboratory needed for Marble Analysis:
Caco3, Fe2O3, SiO2, Al2O3, MgO, MnO, Ph Value, Under 105 Degree Centigrade volatile Matter, HCL Insolu... View More

Marble quarry need laboratory for ANSI testing of 4 products. Quarry makes marble blocks, as raw material in order to produce high quality building ma... View More

Marble quarry need laboratory for ANSI testing of 4 products. Quarry makes marble blocks, as raw material in order to produce high quality building ma... View More

India geology laboratory needed for electricity conductivity test of quartz. View More

Supply chain management company needsgeology laboratory for Metal,Gold ore,quartz rocks and gold testing View More

Tool company needs geology laboratory for simple basic aggregate identification, quartz, chert, etc. MOHS Test for hardness. View More

Asia geology laboratory needed for granite testing View More

India Geology needed for granite testing to test the stone to check whether this can be used for industrial purpose in large scale . View More

Corporation with quarry needs quartz ore tested for different properties including gloss, clearness, color, density and else. View More

North America Geology Laboratory needed for Trace level analysis of As and Pb in fine grind nepheline syenite samples and low purity quartz materials View More

Geology laboratory needed for quartz testing of projectile point (arrowhead) of a rare type that was supposedly found on Long Island, New York. It is... View More

UK Geology Laboratory needed for Quartz stone testing of quartz from a mineral rich excavation of gold. View More

FDA consumer products laboratory needed for thermal testing of raw quartz crystals. FDIR/UV Radiation, Thermal Microwave in nano-meters.
We need t... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing : Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) test report of granites according to one of the following methods.

AST... View More

Geology Laboratory needed for granite testing : SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) test for White Granite. Please suggest. View More

Mining company needs India geology laboratory for granite stone testing View More

India geology laboratory needed for granite stone confirm testing by lab test need lab report. View More

Telecommunications firm needs Asia laboratory for ASTM Testing: Solar Reflectance Index test report for Granites. View More

Saudi Arabia or UAE geology laboratory needed for ASTM testing of marble and granite stone for physical properties similar to compressive strength, fl... View More

Large engineering firm needs physical chemistry laboratory for Particle size distribution testing of particulate samples collected on 3" glass or quar... View More

Middle East geology laboratory needed for Granite Stone testing View More

Marble company needs pakistan geochemistry laboratory for complete stone analysis of granite stone. View More

British Columbia Canada metallurgical laboratory needed for Amazon Jewelry Quality AssuranceTesting of the contents of clasp of pearl/jade jewelry, ja... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for optical testing: Optical transmission @ 185 nm of samples of fused quartz tubing. View More

Granite quarry needs geology laboratory for granite testing to Indian and International standards as per required for domestic sales as well as export... View More

India ICP-MS laboratory needed for granite testing of 20 granite samples for REE and trace elements. This forms a part of research work purely on achi... View More

INndia ISO metallurgical laboratory needed for High Purity Quartz Sand Elemental analysis for Quartz Sand needed Al,B,Ca,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ti View More

Saudi Arabia Geology Laboratory needed for British Standard BS Testing: Granite testing, all type more than 45 kind of tests View More

View More

Gulf Country Metallurgical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing and ASTM Testing: 2 Nos Quartz Samples to be tested for %Gold and %Silver View More

ISO Middle East Metallurgical laboratory needed for Quartz Testing. Samples to be tested for Gold and Silver
Two Samples View More

China, India Mining Laboratory needed for preferential precipitation testing of cassiterite ultrafine particles (less than 20 micron) in the process o... View More

South Africa Geology Laboratory needed for gravimetric and ICP testing of Quartzite Silica
Grading of dust samples
32 element scan
fall-out dust View More

Materials Laboratory needed for materials testing of cultured marble product for number of varied projects (ASTM D638, D2583, D696, G21, D570, E84, NE... View More

Canada environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for mineral analysis, analytical mineral results for canadian hydrophilic clay
Aluminum 5... View More

USA Geology Laboratory needed for geological testing of base rock samples to be tested to prove they are infact marble and what type of marble. View More

India Geology Laboratory needed for quartz samples analysis to determine the quality of the crystals View More

India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to de-Formulate a silicone compound with Vinyl terminated Diphenylsiloxane - Dimethylsiloxane as a base p... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical composition testing of marble mastic View More


Geological Laboratory needed for testing Marble Quality for potential buyers for a client owning a quarry of 3 mountains of marble in Punta Balandra, ... View More

USA ASTM Physical Laboratory needed to determine polished stone value of aggregate such as granite or basalt in accordance to ASTM E-660. View More

Houston, TX USA Geological Laboratory needed for geology characterization for granite slabs. Around 300-400 different samples maybe even more. View More

Russia or Europe Geology Laboratory needed for elemental analysis of quartz raw materials in Kazakhstan,according to preliminary data the the maintena... View More

Middle East Materials Laboratory needed for External Stone Cladding Testing, Pull-Out Test required for replaced Granite Panel fixed with 4 Nos. of S.... View More

USA/Canada ISO 17025 Occupational Health, Environmental Laboratory required for dioxins and furans stack testing by EPA 23. This will be a routine pro... View More

India Geophysical laboratory needed for ASTM Granite Physical property check as per ASTM C 615 View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed to identify the components and ratios of a marble polishing powder. I know the 2 main components are Oxalic Acid and A... View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for testing on a Quartz Infrared Heating lamp. The lamps are used as heating elements inside our portable ... View More


Geotechnical Materials Laboratory needed for analytical Chemistry testing: pH
free and combined moisture, SO2,CaO, MgO, SrO, Na2O,K2O, F2O3/Al2O3, qu... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for microbial growth rate testing on multiple samples of sealed granite, laminate, solid surface, and engineered stone-... View More

Geotechnical laboratory needed for cathodoluminescence imaging (and emission spectra if possible) and laser ablation mass spectrometry trace element ... View More

Physical laboratory needed for testing quartz lamps that are used in our portable heater. We would like to know the how many hours the lamps will las... View More