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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Adhesive Acrylic Polymers Technical Data Sheet Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for basic testing of acrylic polymers r adhesiv... (view details)

South America Plastic Surface Treated Antiviral Activity Testing

South America Laboratory needed for ISO 21702 mea... (view details)

ISO 21702 Antiviral Testing on Plastic Surfaces

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO Antiviral Activity testing to iso 21702 ... (view details)

Asphalt Testing from Heavy Oil


Oil Laboratory needed for testing asphalt from a heavy o... (view details)

Raw Materials Characterization Project (Polymers, Inorganic & Organic Chemicals)

LONG-TERM PROJECT (Multiple Products)
Large Company has pr... (view details)

Packaging Testing of Multiple Packaging Products


Packaging Laboratory needed for packaging materials te... (view details)

GLP Norovirus and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Study

GLP Laboratory needed for ISO 21702 Measurement of antiviral activity on p... (view details)

Plastic Materials Marine Environment Biodegradability Testing


Contract Laboratory needed for Biodegradability of plasti... (view details)

RFQ New Plastics Product Antiviral Activity Testing (R&D Studies)

Plastics Company formulating new product with viru... (view details)

ISO Antiviral Activity Testing

Large Corporation needs Contract Laboratory for ISO Antiviral Testing to IS... (view details)

ISO Antiviral Testing of Non-Porous Surfaces

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO Antiviral testing on non porous surfaces... (view details)

RFQ Copper Foil Antiviral Activity Testing (Bovine Coronavirus)


Europe Laboratory needed for ISO antiviral activity te... (view details)

Plastic FIlm ISO Antiviral Activity Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of plastic films ISO 21702 Mea... (view details)

RFQ Plastics Polymer Film ISO 21702 Antiviral Activity Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO antiviral activity testing of plastic po... (view details)

ISO Cookware Non-Stick Coating Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO testing of non-stick coatings of cookwar... (view details)

ISO Plastic Substrate Antiviral Activity Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for anti viral testing on plastic substrat... (view details)

Decorative Laminates ISO Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO anti-microbial and anti-viral testin... (view details)

Face Mask ASTM 2100 LVL1 Standard Testing

Plastics Company needs Contract Laboratory for face mask testing to ensure... (view details)

Medical Device Hydrogel Stability Biocompatibility, Sterility and Analytical Testing

FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed with experience with polymers for per... (view details)

ASTM Polyethylene PE Film Degradation Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for polyethylene PE Film sample as per ASTM D6... (view details)

Documentary Plastics Alternatives Investigation and Labeling Claims Testing

Film Maker needs Independent Laboratory for investigation and labeling clai... (view details)

Plastics Melt Flow and Notched Izod Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for Melt Flow and Notched Izod testing of plast... (view details)

Plastics Food Contact Surface Migration Testing

URGENT Plastics Products manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for migration t... (view details)

Food Packaging Migration Certification

Food Laboratory needed for third party migration testing certificate for pl... (view details)

ASTM Testing of Pipeline Coating

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of pipeline coating to the fol... (view details)

ISO Biodegradability Testing on PE Tarpaulin

Materials Laboratory needed for ISO biodegradability testing on PE tarpauli... (view details)

Plastics Materials Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for plastics ASTM flammability and materials te... (view details)

Building PVC Fitting Testing

Accredited laboratory need to perform PVC fitting testing in compliance wi... (view details)

Plastics Lab Thermal Shock Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for plastics thermal testing for
 Thermal Sh... (view details)

PVC ASTM Thermal Expansion Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of PVC to ASTM-D696 Standard T... (view details)

Biodegradability testing on plastics

Materials Laboratory needed ASTM biodegradability testing on plastics to (... (view details)

Vapor Pressure Osmometry for Molecular Weight of Polymers

Large Oil Company needs Materials Laboratory for Vapor pressure osmometry f... (view details)

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Electrical Comparison of Test Devices

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Energy Company needs Electrical Laboratory for comp... (view details)

Microbiology Laboratory needed for JIS Antimicrobial activity

Microbiology Laboratory needed for JIS antimicrobial properties to Japanese... (view details)

ASTM Rigid Plastics Compressive Testing

ASTM D695 Standard Test Method for
Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastic... (view details)

ISO Meridical Device Contract Sterilization

Medical Device Mfg looking for ISO Contract Sterilizer to contract out stea... (view details)

Polyester Chloroform Soluble Extractives

Contract Analytical Test Laboratory needed for testing for chloroform solub... (view details)

Polymer Sheet Manufacturing Studies and Testing Development

Materials Laboratory needed for research studies to help determine the curr... (view details)

Polyurethane Foam Oxygen Index Testing

Experienced Polymer Laboratory needed for ISO and ASTM oxygen index testing... (view details)

Laundry Liquid Pod Polymer Identification

Materials Laboratory for polymer testing of laundry liquid and laundry pods... (view details)

Thermoplastics Testing

Plastics Company needs Polymer Materials Laboratory for the following testi... (view details)

Headphone Plastics Harmful Substances Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for harmful chemicals testing in the pl... (view details)

ASTM Plastics Biodegration

Accredited Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM Biodegrada... (view details)

ASTM PET Testing

Polymer Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM SIV and AAC testing in PET Pl... (view details)

Chemotherapy Drug Compatibility Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for compatibility testing of medical devic... (view details)

ASME Plastic Bag Compostability Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASME testing of plastic bags to ASME D6400 ... (view details)

Plastics Degradation from Insect Repellents

North America GLP Environmental Laboratory needed for conducting studies of... (view details)

Plastic Biodegradation Testing

Canada Laboratory needed for performing biodegradation testing of plastics... (view details)

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