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Contract Laboratory has received the following litigation support Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These litigation support Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their litigation support Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a litigation support Laboratory, please Submit a litigation support Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Pharmaceutical Pharmacokinetic Ointment Reformulation and Stability

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for modifying pharmaceutical drug ointment formulation for topical application, including stabil... View More

Skincare Body Lotion Shelf-Life Testing

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for shelf life testing on skincare body lotion to support a 3 year expiration date. Please respond with the price. View More

Soil Fertilitiy Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for soil fertility, pH, organic matter content, suitability to support plant life.The soil samples wo... View More

Analytical Instrument Testing for Proof of Concept

LONG-TERM TESTING PARTNERSHIP Analytical Instrument Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory to support them on an evaluation of the testing various agricu... View More

Footwear Insole Durability, Flex and Wear Testing

Footwear Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for durability, flex and wear(with accelerated cycle) insoles footwear testing on polypropylene a... View More

CLIA CRO FDA Medical Device 510(k) Study

CLIA-waived CRO needed to help run one more studies in support of filing a 510(k) /CLIA Waiver petition of a whole blood analyzer device. View More

Garment General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)

Apparel Company needs Textile Laboratory for General Certificate of Conformity GCC and REACH testing to support certification for finished garments in... View More

Alkaline Stability Study

Financial Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to provide stability testing for a concentrated alkaline product to determine if manufacturer... View More

Herbal Supplement Finished Product Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for tests to support the Certificate of Analysis on finished products (herbal supplements). View More

Baby Skin Care Products Dermatology Evaluation Study

START-UP Baby skin care products company needs Clinical Research Laboratory for Is it possible to have dermatological testing to support packaging la... View More

Quotation for OECD, OPPTS, CEE and CIPAC MT. Pesticide Testing

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for all toxicological studies to support reqistration of new pesticides including: 5-batch, physical and c... View More

Soap Labeling Claims Study

Dermatology Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical study to support labeling claims that soap formulation containing pearl powder is good fo... View More

5 Food Product SKU Protein Analysis

Large Food Manufacturer needs FDA certified Food Laboratory to support a protein claim on 5 SKU's of food products including the PDCAAS values Each SK... View More

Organic Sanitary Pads Labeling Claims, Dermal Toxicology, Product Safety Testing

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for multiple studies on organic cotton sanitary pads to support labeling claims or free from harmful chemicals, ab... View More

SPF 30 Sunscreen Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory need for SPF30+ sunscreen testing by single port testing method for the following :-

1) SPF ISO 24444 International St... View More

Potassium Iodide Shelf-Life Extension

Massachusetts Area Radiation Laboratory needed for testing to support shelf-life extension of Potassium Iodide Tablets View More

Soil Analysis

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing to support a certificate that the land was not used for agriculture. View More

Facial Serum Clinical Research

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for shelf-life and labeling claims study to support the benefits of natural facial serum. View More

Toilet Sanitizer Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Certified Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial efficacy testing of a toilet sanitizer to support a matierals safety data sheet (MSDS) and to ... View More

USP Heparin Monograph Testing

FDA-registered GMP Bioanalyticala Laboratory needed to perform USP-NF <208> and Heparin monographs testing in support of cGMP manufacturing. View More

Facial Serum Clinical Research

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for shelf-life and labeling claims study to support the benefits of natural facial serum. View More

Pharma Related Substances

Large Pharma needs Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for impurities identification and related substances testing via HPLC analysis for r... View More

Alcoholic Content Reduction During Cooking Process Study

Food Laboratory needed for conducting a study to determine the alcoholic percentage left after normally boil off during the cooking process to support... View More

Growth Promotion of Sweat Formulation

Microbiology Laboratory needed for research study to determine whether artificial human sweat formulation supports the growth of either Corynebacteriu... View More

Fertilizer Germination Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for germination testing of a new fertilizer supplement to support filing with CFIA. Germination test is needed to det... View More

FDA GRAS Toxicology Assessment of New Food Additive

FDA Food Laboratory needed for toxicology studies to support FDA GRAS Notice (Toxicology Risk Assessment) of new tycopene food additive. GRAS Notice ... View More

MSDS Testing

URGENT Laboratory needed for testing to support MSDS review or confirmation for zeolite containing products. . We have MSDS for both products, so i... View More


Food Laboratory needed for testing retorted pouch food products to support an expiry up to 24 months View More

Protein Supplement PDCAAS

LEGAL Food Laboratory needed for determining the Daily Value Percentage by PDCAAS method of a protein powder supplement. The results would be used in ... View More

GRAS Testing of Lactobacillus

Product Safety Laboratory needed for testing to support GRAS filing for a microorganism Lactobacillus liquid and powdered product. View More

Food Expiry Testng

Food Laboratory needed for testing retorted pouch food products to support an expiry up to 24 months View More

CPSC Candle Testing

CPSC Laboratory needed for consumer product safety testing of candle packaged in a tin. Testing is being done in order to support selling candles on ... View More

Chemical Manufacturer needs Laboratory for GLP testing to support REACH registration of a non hazardous, insoluble, high melting point solid including... View More

EPA certified laboratory needed for conducting experiments to support EPA certification of a sulfur dioxide grape fresh keep mat(it is a kind of paper... View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for several in-vivo and in-vitro toxicity studies to support REACH registration including:

- In vitro skin corrosion ... View More

START-UP Outdoor wear company needs materials laboratory for breathability and waterproofness testing of new textiles materials used in rain pants. T... View More

EPA certified laboratory needed for conducting experiments to support EPA certification of a sulfur dioxide grape fresh keep mat(it is a kind of paper... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for cleaning and validation studies to support our class II medical device 510(k) submissions to the FDA- will need t... View More

Laboratory needed for polymer testing to OECD guidelines to support regulatory submission including:

111 Hydrolysis as a Function of pH
117 Partit... View More

START-UP Food manufacturer needs food laboratory for nutritional analysis to support the nutritional facts table on labeling for two food products. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Engineering company needs oil laboratory for oil testing and studies to support Master Service Agreement (MSA) qualification with a... View More

Chemistry consultant needed for technical support and formulation development of consumer goods products that fall into the automotive and household ... View More

Construction laboratory needed for weld failure analysis and root cause analysis of seam failures of Air Supported Structure buildings that are produc... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Aerospace company needs materials laboratory for testing new aircraft part including mechanical property testing for composites and ... View More

Metals laboratory needed for destructive testing of stainless steel tie down fixture, two component estimated break of the weakest link 30,000 Lbs. of... View More

Children's apparel company needs performance laboratory for testing to support care label instructions, Clo testing for temperature rating children's... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing to support expiration date extension for adhesive tapes used in aerospace industry View More

FDA GMP medical device laboratory needed for testing to support FDA 510(k) based on FDA-recognized consensus standards: 3-80 AAMI ANSI ISO 81060-1:200... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for physiochemical testing including thermal, mechanical and dynamic analysis to support the development of a new tra... View More

Materials laboratory needed for integrity / life expectancy testing of PVDF and Tedlar used in Supported Structure industry and Fabric Structure indus... View More

Chemical toxicology laboratory needed for two in vivo OECD toxicity studies of consumer air deodorizer and disinfectant supplied in Tyvek pouch. Studi... View More

Dear Laboratory team
I?m Henry from Happy Secret USA Enterprise company, from San Jose, California, nice to meet you
Now we are going to do COA(Cert... View More

Food laboratory needed for tea testing to support labeling claims (vegan). View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of flooring to ASTM E1007: Field Measurement of Tapping Machine Impact Sound Transmission Th... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing to support stability extension of hydrolyzed collagen used in medica... View More

Cosmetic / Consumer Products Laboratory for safety testing of a hair care product to support compliance with FDA regulations and receipt of FDC certif... View More

URGENT TESTING FDA GMP Medical device preclinical laboratory needed for product safety and toxicity studies of a plastic dental aligner. Risk Assessme... View More

Sports beverage company needs food laboratory osmolality/osmolarity testing. Need reliable, consistent measurements to optimize formulation and supp... View More

Company needs materials laboratory for Failure Analysis Testing of welded seam strength in air supported structures made out PVDF 28oz vinyl fabric. ... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for CE Mark Testing for Cables and Wires to .H05VVH2-F
- H05VVH2-U
- H05VV-F (TTR)
- YVV (NYY... View More

Medical Device Company needs Biomechanical Laboratory for ASTM / ISO medical device testing of orthotic that supports body part of patient having musc... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for OECD biodegradability testing to OECD 301D to support biodegradability claim on 7 different household cleaning pr... View More

FDA compliant food laboratory needed for characterization of a natural extract (including microbiological analysis and analytical support) with the go... View More

ISO 17025 certified laboratory needed with validated methods for e-vapor products testing for harmful constituents. Execution of a DOE to support a re... View More

University researcher in Plant Protection needs agriculture laboratory for water testing of water samples used for agricultural irrigation. Please pro... View More

FDA and GDUFA compliant Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for USP Testing performing the tests under new chapters <661.1> and <661.2> from USP 39, rega... View More

GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for six-pack toxicology study to support pesticide registration framework on one single active ingredient. Please pro... View More

USA FDA GMP Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for pet/animals product testing of veterinary medical device which is using cold plasma technology.... View More

Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for sterility and toxicology Testing of gamma sterilized medical device to support 510(k)

USP <71> ... View More

Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for Claims testing for eyeglass lens cleaning wipe to support claims: Non Scratching, Non Streaking, ... View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for safety certification testing on a new baby product apparatus to support a baby swing. View More

Medical Device manufacturer needs FDA GMP Product Safety Laboratory for Toxicology Testing to support FDA 510K application

a) A comprehensive scie... View More

Europe accredited laboratory needed with accreditation for the scope of the test method in accordance with

- EN 13500 - Thermal insulation produc... View More

Contract Lab needed for alcoholic health beverage testing all nutritional info and probiotic types and quantities to support claims of fighting the ha... View More

Montreal Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing to support nutritional value labels for a drink View More

European Union consumer products laboratory needed for Tests in order to support the claim 'Dermatologically tested' for cosmetic products sold within... View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for a nutraceutical testing: toxicology test (toxicology verification) performed on an ingredient for a NDI... View More

LEGAL Analytical chemistry labroatory needed to chemical analysis of oil heating fuel located in apartment house boiler for litigation purposes. View More

Agriculture Genetics Laboratory needed for Genetics Molecular Marker Research Study on root-forming legume from the genus Pachyrhizus to investigate t... View More

Mechanical Laboratories needed for ANSI Testing: Zero turn rotary blade lawn mower safety testing to ANSI/OPIE B71.10-2013, Off-Road Ground-Supported ... View More

Medical Device Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegration testing to support biodegradable claim for a patient belonging bag. We're hoping to g... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for research testing on the vegetable oil used in a medical device used in hospitals to support "mold and hold"... View More

Food Laboratory needed for beef hamburger patty labeling testing to support labeling claims of 100% beef claim for regulatory purposes View More

Law firm needs United States Food Laboratory for olive oil Testing for litigation purposes View More

Midwest Laboratory needed for testing to support new product development. Identification testing of residue coating on inside of washing machine to as... View More

Canada FDA GMP medical device laboratory needed for personal lubricant testing in support of a FDA 510(k) for the intent to sell in the United State... View More

USA FDA GMP medical device laboratory needed for bench testing of x-ray sensor testing to support FDA 510k View More

Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical study of sports bra for BACK and BUST support.

In additon, because the bottom portion of the Lean Body Spor... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for catalyst testing. The material is either a Catalyst, containing some nickel (we would want to know the exact conte... View More

Turkey analytical chemistry laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing. Producing liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and fertilizers from biomass. Need a... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for stress testing: Need load/stress analysis testing on welded support I beam View More

Chemical/Microbiological/Toxicological/Claim Support & Efficacy Testing/Legal Services....for COSMETIC & Personal Care Products View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for EN - ISO Transportation Study: packaging validation testing against (Transportation/ distribution Testing)
Our produ... View More

China materials laboratory needed for ANSI Testing to ANSI 107-2010 High Vis Safety vest Retroreflective and background materials and finished garment... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for ASM Testing to support FDA 510(k) of feminine hygiene products and are targeting markets worldwide recently. As f... View More

MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY NEED FOR ASTM TESTING: FUNGUS RESISTANCE TESTING TO ASTM D 4300 Standard Test Methods for Ability of Adhesive Films to Suppor... View More

Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for nitrile examination glove testing. These tests will be used in support to our 510k submission to F... View More

Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Pharmaceutical Synthetic Chemistry Testing support of molecule (o=R=o) which is insoluble in w... View More

Large consumer products manufacturer needs India Third party laboratory who can provide lyophilization support testing of it's lyophilization process.... View More

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Testing: Degradation OECD 301C 2 Fate and Behaviour in the Environment (IFF, 2005) Monitoring Stud... View More

India materials laboratory needed for coating testing of Acrylic based Anticarbonation coating in support of (Water permeability & CO2 permeability ) ... View More

Southern California Laboratory needed for Tourmaline stone testing and infrared heating support View More

Large electronics firm needs electrical laboratory for electrical product safety testing 1.Need you support to Know Which are the Labs do have facilit... View More


Europe Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology study: 90 day oral toxicity testing in 2 species to support a food contact petition to the European... View More

IALA Aerospace Laboratory needed for IALA certification testing of Aviation Airfield Markers & Cones.
We would like to test the point of breakage, an... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM-D-2183 Test Method for Flow Properties of Adhesives.ASTM-D-2863 Standard Test Method for Measu... View More

USA or Canada environmental laboratory needed for contaminant testing for numerical value to determine the ability of dirt and atmospheric contaminate... View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for car crash test safety testing of infant head and neck support approved by CPSC, Consumer Product Safety... View More

FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for FDA GLP compliant osmolarity testing for preclinical support of a liposomal drug product. View More

Non-GLP Contract Research Organization, Preclinical Laboratory needed for Non-GLP PK Studies, Pharmacokinetic testing of drug discovery compounds (IV ... View More

Europe FDA GLP, GMP Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Pre-clinical formulation development, GLP analytical and bioanalysis support for t... View More

Ontario FDA GLP, GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Test Method Development Testing. Dionex ASE 350 to support R&D activity for NHP manuf... View More

USA EPA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Bioaccumulation test studies in freshwater trout on fluorochemical surfactant in freshwater trout in supp... View More

Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer needs pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory for Speciation testing of solutions containing pyridine, iodine... View More

Biomechanical Laboratory needed to measure the anklee stability with and without ankle support system in place. View More

Large multinational pharma needs Europe physical chemistry laboratory for Particle Size Analysis support to Milling Trial. Require Sympatec Helos Lase... View More

Canada or USA FDA GLP Preclinical Product Safety laboratory needed for pre-clinical trial safety study for New blood filtration product to be used in ... View More

West Coast Physical Laboratory needed for Load testing of expanded aluminum walkway products (grating)to determine max. load between supports and max.... View More

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to perform tissue distribution, metabolism, pharmacokinetic and excretion studies, under GLP compliance, of a radi... View More

USA Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing to support patent litigation and possibly formulating dosage forms that are to b... View More

JMHW, OECD FDA GLP preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical study in rodent and nonrodent to evaluate a compound being developed as a prescriptio... View More

Malaysia ASTM Mechanical Laboratory needed for Indentation Force Deflection test-specified deflection as per ASTM method D3574-test B1.
Test PU foam... View More

UK ISO Analytical Food Laboratory needed to obtain quantitative test data detailing moisture vapor transmission rates on fatty film samples. Test regi... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical based testing for replacement cleats (football) to support product claims. Performance based testing r... View More

USA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for differential scanning calorimetry of powdered active pharmaceutical ingredients in support of GMP m... View More

USA ISO Laboratory needed for fifteen samples of medical devices to be tested for phthalate in support of CE Mark. View More

Large Pharma needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for a rapid method test for the quantization of a 7-carbon monosaccharide in a raw material matrix (fruit)... View More

USA FDA ICH Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed to conduct preclinical studies to support a Phase 1 IND filign for a new drug. We need ... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Accelerated Stability Testing to support 2 year shelf life for two products:
1- Astaxanthin
2- DHA (Omega... View More

Acoustics Laboratory needed for vibration testing, effect of load on natural frequency of vibrations of a lever pin supported at one end carrying adju... View More

USA Biophysical Laboratory needed for Medical Product Stress Testing for construction of the product and weight limitations, (weight support specs) an... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for failure analysis of a polyurethane material for litigation. We have the failure of a polyurethane material and need to ... View More

US FDA GMP Bioanalytical Contract Research Organization needed for development and testing of Bioassay to support product release. View More

US Physical Laboratory needed for testing for ANSI IEC 61537 certification for steel cable trays, cable ladders, and channel support systems. View More

Mississauga Mechanical Physical Laboratory needed for ASME Testing of Boilers to MIL-PRF-25567E Appendix A from the asme boiler and pressure section V... View More

FDA GLP preclinical toxicology laboratory needed for toxicity studies water soluble chemical entity (to be supplemented orally),
We need contractual... View More

India FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for Animal toxicity studies, pharmcokinetics water soluble chemical entity (to be supplemented orally), fo... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM testing, ASTM D5500 and D6201 of engine deposits, while ours does not. We want comparative data to support this... View More

USA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing services using validated methods for Magnesium Hydroxide residues via TOC to support Cleani... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed to test newly invented rotary mechanical system without energy support. View More

FDA GMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization required forperformance testing to support 510(k):
Comparative performance testing using crystaloi... View More

Major Medical Device Manufacturer needs ISO biophysical laboratory to ensure denture cleanser products to ensure they do not corrode the metal compone... View More

Texas Microbiology Laboratory needed for endotoxin testing for sterile packaged fluid for the presence of bacteria and for level of endotoxin. To supp... View More

USA FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry needed for IND, phase I and II analytical support CRO with experience in analytical testing of drug-eluting ocular im... View More

Government needs West Coast USA Histology laboratory for histological testing of juvenile Chinook salmon samples for locations of incisions created to... View More

Clinical analysis laboratory needed for biospecimens analysis. Specifically, the request to obtain laboratory services as part of the quality assuran... View More

US Serology Laboratory needed for analysis of biospecimens. Specifically, the request to obtain laboratory services as part of the quality assurance ... View More

UK/N. Europe/ N. Amer. Lab to test Fecal fat analysis to support clinical trials View More

USA GLP Clinical Laboratory needed for hemolytic testing in support of an injectable drug. View More

Mid-sized oil and lubricant manufacturer needs USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to test our gas, diesel, and oil additives as well as grease. We w... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing Unidentified species of protozoa that appears to be Opercularia species.

Domain Eukaryota - eukaryotes
... View More

USA Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for animal study on a molodable bone void filler material to support its use to fill neurosurgic... View More

USA ISO ADA 38 and ISO ADA 69 Dental Laboratory needed for testing dental Zirconia EXCLUDING biocompatibility testing. This testing is supporting an ... View More

Australia Preclinical laboratory needed for lab rat studies - regards Dopamine release - by a medical device - due for FDA testing in 3 years - approx... View More

Hong kong/Singapore/France/USA GMP, HACCP and ASTM Preclinical Food Testing Laboratory needed for Sensory test: preference test for ready to eat froze... View More

India Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to help measure the SHINE on hair tresses (and give us the associated claim support)? View More

California FDA GMP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for GMP Cell Proliferation Assay for Fusion Protein in support of Phase I IND. Perform 100 assays ... View More

US Physical Laboratory needed for Flammability testing for a neck support pillow. View More

ISO, FDA GLP Product Safety Laboratory needed for Biocompatibility Testing to support a 510k submission for a Medical Device View More

Middle East FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for stability testing to support the extension the shelf life of Gama Globulin, made from human pl... View More

USA FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for toxicology testing on a compound to support a clinical trial of 6 weeks and an IND application. View More

EPA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicity testing in support of EPA registration of a pesticide. View More

FDA GMP Biomedical Laboratory needed for testing to support FDA 510K approval of an dental implant system View More

Electrical laboratory needed to conduct motor loaded tests of medium voltage motor drive products
 Power Paragon will provide drive in the 5000 kW t... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for the following characterization study:
Enoxaparin Sodium injection of the following tests 1) IR spectra 2) ... View More

Electronics Microbiology laboratory needed for MIL-STD-810F Fungus Resistance Test. Equipment shall not support Fungus growth. It should be resistent ... View More

FDA GLP Preclincial laboratory needed for clinical testing by RT-PCR-based assay to quantitate viral sequence in support of investigative new drug. M... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing O/W emulsion for antioxidant activity using 4 assays (halogenated oxidants, peroxynitrate, haloxyl ... View More

Physical laboratory needed for support in doing ISO test for intraocular silicon devices
View More

Microbiology lab needed for microbiological challenge testing to assess the ability of Sparkling beverage to support the growth of spoilage organisms... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for Residue Chemistry Data tests.
Nature of the Residue: Plants
Std - 860.1300
Crop field trials
std - 860.15... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Biodegradability and compostability testing of new biodegradable polyurethane foam product to support our produc... View More

ICH GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for GLP preclincial studies to support a new drug application. View More

FDA GMP / GLP microbiology laboratory needed for USP bioburden profiling & trending / sterility testing for radiopharmaceutical I131. Seeking a contr... View More

Preclinical toxicology laboratory needed for full testing to support an IND application for molecules that are biologically derived and for cytokine t... View More

Clinical laboratory needed for blood testing for supporting clinical Alzheimer's vaccine trials in Madrid, Spain View More

Materials laboratory needed for Lubricant Testing: FZG Load Support DIN 51354 fail stage., Stick-Slip coefficient, ratio and max. View More

Non-GLP pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed with validated analytical procedure for guinea pig plasma or serum analysis of the follo... View More

FDA GMP Food Toxicology Laboratory needed for all Product Safety GRAS testing for naturally derived sweetener to be used as an ingredient in food manu... View More

GLP preclinical, toxicology laboratory needed for UK MHRA submissible, preclinical toxicity study testing in support of regulatory approval for a huma... View More

Clinical laboratory needed for collagen type I antibody testing of approximatley 850 speciments in support of an upcoming clinical trial. There will ... View More

Contract laboratory needed to perform engineering applications research to determine aqueous solubility of bis-2-chloroethyl ether (BCEE) as a functio... View More

Product Safety Laboratory needed for testing to support claims of product being hypo-allergenic. View More

FDA GMP Virology laboratory needed for testing to support RT-PCR-based clinical diagnostic device development and validation. Targets include H5N1, B... View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for non-GLP USP Biocompatibility and Cytotoxicity Testing(MEM, some Agar diffusion) and hemolysis testing to support Rece... View More

Physical laboratory needed for testing Capsule Dimention Measuring Devices supporting software
and capsule wall thickness measuring devices supported... View More

Laboratory needed for CCD-104/GS-41 Efficacy testing of hand soap in support of Green Seal/Environmental Choice Ecolabelling certification. View More

FDA GLP laboratory for expanded OECD toxicity testing with analytical support 90 day oral (gavage) rat toxicity with analytical support. Expanded OEC... View More

2D NMR of a 30 amino acid synthetic peptide to support FDA CMC filings View More

Protein Purification Laboratory needed to provide protein purification support services View More

preclinical research safety evaluation to support an IND submission for clinical evaluation of pharmaceuticals for university.
View More

Anti Rho(D) immunoglobulins are dosing by ELISA test method (Method B . Eur. Ph 4th ED.)but we need to compare the Test Method B with the Test Metho... View More

To support pre-clinical testing Genotyping PCR products using the ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer is needed. View More

Medical device testing needed to support the submission for hydroxyapatite bone cement which contains a chemical viscosity modifier. Study to include ... View More

GLP Performance/Safety testing of a finished medical device in support of FDA marketing application. In particular, accuracy test for volumetric infu... View More

Characterization and manufacture of Master Cell Bank to support an IND. The conditions of manufacture and characterization should be sufficient to s... View More

Electrical testing for litigation issues (ongoing) View More

USP sterility testing and microbial identification in support of GMP manufacturing of Clinical Grade Lots of a pharmaceutical. View More

GLP toxicology in support of IND for NCE. Oral dosing
acute rat
28 day rat
acute mini pig
28 day mini pig View More