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Contract Laboratory has received the following government Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These government Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their government Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a government Laboratory, please Submit a government Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

EPA GLP Water Supply Contaminants Testing

New York City Area EPA GLP certified Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed to test for generic e. Coli and other biological or chemical contam... View More

Genetics Mitochondrial DNA

Government Agency needs Genetics Laboratory for DNA analysis of white substance possibly bone and, I would like to have it analyzed to see if it has ... View More

Downhill Snow Ski Equipment

Government Agency needs Forensics Laboratory for testing of downhill snow ski equipment involved in a fatal accident. View More

Home Appliance Electrical Compliance Testing

Government needs Electrical Laboratory for compliance testing of house appliances to international standards for export opportunity. View More

AOAC Biomass Testing

URGENT Government Agency needs USA Agriculture Laboratory for AOAC agricultural testing for freeze dried algae biomass.
Biomass characteristics
Moi... View More

ISO Milk Powder Fat Purity Testing

Government Agency needs Food Laboratory for ISO testing of powdered milk products for the purity of fat content to ISO Standard 17678:2010 - Milk and... View More

India Fragrance Product Devleopment

India Laboratory needed for product development of an aagharbhati fragrance. Fragrance must be in compliance with India government standards. View More

Adhesive Food Grade Certification

BUDGET APPROVED Third-Party FDA Laboratory needed for Food Grade certification testing of Liquid Adhesive Product according to 121 CFR as per View More

Chocolate Calorie Testing

Chocolate Factory needs Food Laboratory for calorie testing of chocolate to get the calories as government requirement. View More

Mil-Spec Military Packaging testing

Fortune 500 Company needs Packaging Laboratory for Mil-Spec package testing for bags Mil-spec 2073 appendix g Standard Practice for Military Packagin... View More

FDA Compliant Disposable Coffee Cup Testing

FDA compliant Food Laboratory needed for all relevant testing to import disposable coffee cups from china to the usa to determine if they are complia... View More

GMO Certification of Vegetable Oils

Food Laboratory needed for testing and certification of Non-GMO vegetable oils which will be recognized by Canada government. View More

URGENT Laboratory needed for certified ABV analysis of beers to submit to local and federal government agencies View More

Brewery needs Laboratory for nutritional analysis for a light beer product. Verified data needed for TTB/government approval of labeling is calories, ... View More

Cosmetics laboratory needed for authoritative analysis of the free ammonia content of a cosmetic hair dye product to EU, FDA or equivalent government ... View More

Forensics Laboratory needed for ballistics testing for gunshot residue GSR test kit processing View More

Materials laboratory needed for NATO STANAG Testing of gun cases for dry heat, low temperature, impact, and vibration testing according to STANAG 428... View More

Water agency needs Metallurgical Laboratory needed for corrosion testing including pitting depth from corrosion on 1 Type K Soft copper tubing. View More

Major governmental facility needs materials laboratory to conduct ASTM gas analysis of PDMS based fluid per ASTM 3612 View More

Electronics laboratory needed for conformance testing of new cctv camera testing to Government of India parameters View More

Laboratory needed for Industry standards and safety testing for a piece of exercise equipment. No digital or electrical component to meet government a... View More

Government Agency needs NABL certified materials laboratory needed for Tests on silica filler (commonly used in rubber products)

2) DBP St... View More

Restaurant needs food laboratory for sushi rice testing for compliance to government regulations for food safety View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Microbiology needed for swabbing and Microbial count for transit company every two weeks for two months. View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASME Testing to ASME PCC-2, Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping View More

Government needs laboratory for Alcohol Content Testing of food product samples for specific ABV% View More

Geophysical laboratory needed to make geophysical measurements on 1-5 soil cores, each comprised of multiple test samples. The desired measurements in... View More

LEGAL California attorney needs textile laboratory for fire retardation / flammability testing of fabric used in shirt. Attorney who is thinking abo... View More

Government needs Australia geology laboratory for halogen analysis in rocks. Please provide quote including per sample costs? View More

Asia laboratory needed for drinking water testing prior to distributing to government authorities. View More

Government agency needs veterinary medicine laboratory that follows GLP (Good Laboratory Practice. Procedures and results must meet FDA veterinary re... View More

Canada food laboratory needed for alcohol content testing in Kombucha fermented tea to ensure compliance with government regulations. View More

City Government needs Laboratory Testing Services to conduct testing of waste containers compliance to ANSI Z245.30 & ANSI Z245.60 requirements, and o... View More

India Government approved Laboratory needed for electrical testing of Electrical Insulated Mat material (CONFIRMING to IS 15652:2006). View More

Electronic laboratory needed for BIO Certification testing of Multi Media Projectors. As per Indian Government guidelines, we need to get the product ... View More

Asia government would like asia food laboratory for palm oil fatty acid testing:fatty acid to measured a partition coefficient and water solubility. View More

Government needs North Carolina laboratory for raw material testing nylon testing. View More

USA Canadian Government approved Environmental Laboratory needed for bis phenol testing for bis phenol A to Canadian Authorities. So the lab must be a... View More

Southern USA physical laboratory needed for aerospace testing to IAW SP 04-003. Government Source Pressure Test View More

Large Electronics Manufacturer needs Radiochemistry Laboratory for Radiation Detection test of our Japan goods before ship them to Iraq to comply Iraq... View More

Government Agency needs USA Oil Laboratory for Forensic oil analysis View More


Government needs India Materials Laboratory for materials testing of materials used for fiberglass boats, which are currently being used.
View More

Canada Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of hot sauce for bottling and sales. Will need all nutritional values for government requirement... View More

County Government needs toxicology laboratory for Pyrethrin qualitative and quantitative testing View More

Government needs analytical chemistry geochemistry laboratory for gas condensate analysis View More

Government needs USA consumer Products laboratory for consumer panel sensory testing including recruitng panel of trained olfactory testers to evaluat... View More

Government medical center needs USA Central Laboratory for clinical plasma testing : RP-HPLC of plasma neostigmine bromide concentration View More

Government Department needs USA food analytical chemistry laboratory for beverage testing for a unknown substance, possibly hydrogen peroxide. View More

Government needs ISO 17025 geology laboratory for ASTM Testing, ASTM C110 for limestone View More

US Government Laboratory needs bioanalysis for tobacco specific nitrosamines in cell culture media up to 1000 samples View More

US government agency needs US eastern USA bioanalytical laboratory for HPLC analysis to measure the concentrations go glucose, acetic acid, ethanol, m... View More

US Government Laboratory needs USA Analytical Laboratory for Total Sulfur (nitrogen sulfur analyzer) with ppb detection limit preferred and total sulf... View More

County Government needs USA Clinical Toxicology Laboratory for Drug screen services to include specimen collection (urine or oral fluid saliva) from a... View More

UAE Non Government Organization involved in the Environmental monitoring needs Bioanalytical/Microbiology Laboratory for testing the following paramet... View More

Europe government agency needs OIML, IEC electrical laboratory for testing electricity meters View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for testing power transmission cables according to government standards. View More

US GOvernment Agency needs Eastern USA Bioanalytical laboratory for lung H-E staining and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytology by Diff-Quick or Wrigh... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for implant testing on a partial knee replacement. We have a partial knee device that we would like to have mechanica... View More

USA and UK Nutritional/Product Safety Laboratory required for testing:
The product: Mixed drink
Ingredients: Taurine, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine, B... View More

Government needs Europe, UK, USA or Canada ISO or FDA Product Safety, Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing blankets Total plate count, Candida a... View More

US GOvernment Agency needs Washington DC metro area laboratory forAPI Tablet testing by USP monograph HPLC method for drug content assay only.Determin... View More

Government needs West Coast USA Histology laboratory for histological testing of juvenile Chinook salmon samples for locations of incisions created to... View More

Government Agency needs Toxicology Laboratory needed for Ames Testing to screen potential toxicological effects in mammals View More

Asia government needs environmental , marine genetics laboratory for Genetics identification required for a marine species (rock oyster) View More

Government Agency needs East Coast, USA, NYC analytical chemistry laboratory for determination of tobacco content in shisha samples (mixture of tobacc... View More

Canada, Asia Textiles Laboratory needed for textile testing for color fastness to Light, Dry Cleaning, Washing and Perspiration. The test to certified... View More

US FDA GLP and ASTM product safety & toxicology laboratory needed to test a developed biobased skin cleanser/cosmetic for skin irritation. It will b... View More

Local Government needs laboratory for EPA Environmental Testing to EPA Methods: EPA Method 1694: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Water, ... View More

Consumer Product Safety Testing needed on footwear sandel straps to government standards. toxins, lead, etc. View More

Physical laboratory needed to test knee implants to ASTM F 1223. We are a Brazilian company that produces knee implants. We are needing to quote these... View More

Consumer Product Laboratory required for strength testing US Government back packs. View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for nutritional testing for infant food to ensure that our products are commercialy viable and meet all go... View More

Government needs physical laboratory for bench testing functionality and accuracy of pneumatic temperature controller involved in a fire and explosion... View More

City government needs Radiological laboratory for Sr87/Sr86 stable isotope testing in groudwater samples View More

laboratory needed for government iron analytical testing ( View More

nutritional testing the level of caffeine in decaffinated coffee purchased at coffe shops to see if it meeting government standards View More

Labs to test our samples and issue a Certificate of Analysis of all kind of medical and pharmaceutical products for new Middle East Government project... View More