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Contract Laboratory has received the following forensics Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These forensics Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their forensics Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a forensics Laboratory, please Submit a forensics Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Downhill Snow Ski Equipment

Government Agency needs Forensics Laboratory for testing of downhill snow ski equipment involved in a fatal accident. View More

Illegal Substance Testing

HR Consultant needs Forensics Laboratory for illegal substance residue testing of small sample container and a straw like item we suspect to have bee... View More

PET Preform Failure Investigation Analysis

ISO 17025 Forensics Laboratory needed for failure investigation analysis of PET preforms. One PET preform has a grey shade and another PET preforms ha... View More

Forensic Ink Date testing

Forensics Laboratory needed for Forensic Ink Date Testing for a one page document believed to be 19 years old.
Would interested in professional opin... View More

Motorcycle Engine Failure Analysis

Motorcycle shop owner needs Forensics Laboratory for failure analysis of broken piston in a motorcycle engine. View More

Forensics Firearms Examination

Sheriff's Office needs Forensics Laboratory. Department is considering obtaining a NIBIN machine; however, as our Forensic Unit does not have Firearms... View More

Glass Color Failure Analysis

Forensics Laboratory needed for failure analysis of a notable color difference between glass bottles used for bottling whiskey including a chemical an... View More

Forensics Failure Investigation

Forensics Laboratory needed for on-site inspection and failure investigation of failed industrial propane-fired heater involved in a fire and also pos... View More

Failure Analysis of Connectorized Cables

Industrial Forensics Laboratory needed for failure analysis on connectorized cables.that 1 meter in length with a BNC connector on one side and a DI... View More

Heavy Metals Analysis

Company needs forensics laboratory for industrial hygiene investigation for heavy metals in a specific garment and respirator filter f View More

Contaminate Failure Analysis

URGENT Large Corporation needs Industrial Forensics Laboratory for failure analysis and identification of contaminate affecting composites part qualit... View More

Failure Analysis of Automotive Part

Industrial Forensics Laboratory needed for failure analysis testing on automotive part for water contamination. Water is getting past the seals in the... View More

Hydraulic Fluid Contaminant Identification

Forensics Laboratory needed for identification of contaminant in SAE10W-30 oil hydraulic fluid that caused hydraulic system in a farming machine becam... View More

URGENT Clinical Forensics Laboratory needed for analysis of crime related testing in fluid, DNA, and sperm View More

LEGAL Law firm needs forensics laboratory for chemical identificaiton analysis of unknown white powder. Police believe that it is crushed opiods and ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Forensics genetics laboratory needed for DNA testing of crime scene evidence in particular sexual assault cases. View More

Forensics Laboratory needed for ballistics testing for gunshot residue GSR test kit processing View More

Investigation firm needs forensics labroatory for To have a hand gun testing for blood and hair for criminal case. View More

URGENT: Asia forensics laboratory needed for drilling project failure analysis. 3rd party lab which can analyze the reason of broken pipe and swivel. ... View More

USA forensics drug laboratory needed for reference comparison study of spectrometers with GCMS or other qualitative testing of device designed for law... View More

Investigator needs forensics laboratory for fire debris accelerant testing. Forensics samples tested for presence of fire accelerant / arson testing View More

India forensics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for trace element analysis: 50 number of Trace element(Lead, Antimony, Barium, Bismuth) View More

Southeast clinical forensics laboratory needed for DNA analysis of of biological evidence in a criminal case. View More

West Coast forensics laboratory needed for container testing of one vial of morphene with a broken safety seal and one vial of versed with a broken sa... View More

Pakistan FDA, ISO, GMP, GLP EPA Forensics Laboratory needed for DIN and USP Testing: Trace Chemistry.
Forensic Photography
Latent Fin... View More

USA forensics laboratory needed for Furfurylamine testing - one sample of construction debris collected from a fire. View More

USA ISO Clinical Forensics Laboratory needed hydrogen sulfide in post mordem blood and/ or lung tissue. View More

US forensics laboratory needed for DNA analysis, drugs detection, chemical analysis.
View More

Construction Forensics Laboratory needed for failure investigatio testing of "tile" with a blister "about the size of a nickel." The subcontractor de... View More

Law firm needs forensics laboratory for GSR testing on a "hoodie" for pending criminal case View More

Hong Kong Drug forensics laboratory needed to retest the purity of a sample of methamphetamine (ICE) from a criminal case View More


View More

USA Industrial Forensics Laboratory needed to replicate what would happen if a aluminum pole (I have a exemplar) contacted a 7.2kV electrical power li... View More

Independent ASCLD/ISO Forensics Laboratory needed for testing with PM+DQA1, D1S80 and some standard nuclear STR testing. View More

Ontario Forensics Toxicology Laboratory needed for forensic examinations on articles of clothing, pieces of furntiture fabric, pillow stuffings, for a... View More

Electronics Forensics Laboratory needed for Independent Failure Analysis
View More

Forensics laboratory needed to do handwriting analysis. View More

If such a test exists, I am looking for a laboratory that can determine the age of a cured California Forensics Laboratory needed for material age det... View More

USA Forensics Laboratory needed for forensic examination of a Ventilator. Examiner most be qualified to testify in a criminal procceding as an exper... View More

GMP Forensics Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing of soot and residue from a burned out power unit to identify hazardous contaminants. (e.g. PAHs... View More

Attorney firm needs clinical forensics lab for blood testing for presence of blood on clothing for criminal matter View More

Mechanical Forensics Laboratory for investigation testing, stress fracture imaging of tool that has failed (broken) offshore. Would it be possible to ... View More

Forensics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for conducting testing on debris samples for hydrocarbon fuels that may be taken from a fire scene... View More

Tennessee Forensics Toxicology Laboratory needed to confirm glass and/or fiber optic cable particles in blood and stools View More

Canada Toxicology Forensics Laboratory required to test hair folicle for fatty acid ethyl esters View More

USA Forensics Toxicology laboratory needed to test dna left on a diabetic lancet for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Also we would like the blood ... View More

USA Toxicology Forensics Laboratory needed to receive and store biological specimens from Crime Laboratory for retesting or further testing in a civil... View More

USA Food Analytical Chemistry, Forensics Laboratory needed for Contaminant Testing that caused inflammation with projections of a persons tongue. The ... View More

Forensics laboratory needed for Gunshot Residue Determination with Atomic Absorption Percin Elmer model View More

Forensics laboratory needed for bone analysis for poisons in bones: lead, mercury, arsenic,stricnine, and all availables
I need also organophosphates... View More

Forensics Laboratory needed for confirmatory blood testing and blood typing on blood stained blouse View More

nY Physical laboratory needed to Assess breakdown of polymer, compatability, contamination etc . Forensics polymer analysis of architectural glass ins... View More