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Contract Laboratory has received the following exploration Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These exploration Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their exploration Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a exploration Laboratory, please Submit a exploration Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Mining Ore Mineral Analysis

Mining Exploration Company needs Geotechnical Laboratory for mineral analysis of ore (Cu, Co) for an exploration program

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LONG-TERM Medical Center needs Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer for outsourcing their EO sterilization. Medical Center is in preliminary exploratio... View More

Mining company engaged in the exploration of mineral deposits, mining of tantalum, industrial minerals and fashioning of gemstones needs geology labo... View More

Oil Exploration Company needs India analytical chemistry laboratory for chemical Analysis of Amine and Glycol samples1. LEAN AMINE: Amine % weight, Wa... View More

Geochemical Laboratory needed for geochemical analysis of geochemical exploration samples XRF,AAS, for pre-prepared streamsediment, soil and rock samp... View More

Eastern USA geology laboratory needed for ASTM core analysis of core samples and bulk pit samples Sample count could exceed 400. Test of exploration ... View More

Exploration Company needs geology laboratory for graphite testing of 10 pieces of natural graphite. Each one is over 2-2,5kg. Testing for all properti... View More

Central USA Geochemical Laboratory needed for Geochemical testing for Subsurface hydrocarbons Initially to test the validity of using as an exploratio... View More

Africa environmental laboratory needed to perform large number of sample testing for mineral exploration and mineral analysis activities such as soil/... View More

Exploration Company needs California Geology Laboratory for Geochemical Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and Pyrolysis GC/MS Testing.We have a number of ... View More

California Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing Oil Sample of sand and salt for Oil exploration and drilling. View More

Asia Mining Laboratory needed for geomechanical testing for mineral dressing, exploration, rock analyze, geomechanics, anythings about mining software... View More

Oil and Gas Enterprise needs Geology Laboratory for analysis 1- Conventional core analysis 2- Sidewall core analysis 3- water analysis 4- Crude oil an... View More

USA geotechnical laboratory needed for Onsite test to determine if oil exploration is feasible. Oil assay, ground testing (sonar?) View More

Canadian analytical chemistry lab needed for caffeine Test, phase 1 exploration for 7 metabolites (137x, 37x, 17x, aamu, 17U 1x, 1U and 5 enzymes (CYP... View More

USA Geotechnical Laboratory needed for seismic sensor evaluation. Need capability to test noise, frequency characteristics, linearity of sensitive sei... View More

Geological laboratory needed to determine metal grades in rock samples and exploration drill core View More

ISO geochemical laboratory needed for ASTM geochmical analysis for exploration purposes, ICP package View More