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Most Recent deodorizers and odor removers Laboratory Requests

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Contract Laboratory has received the following deodorizers and odor removers Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These deodorizers and odor removers Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their deodorizers and odor removers Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a deodorizers and odor removers Laboratory, please Submit a deodorizers and odor removers Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Garment Odor Testing

NY/NJ Apparel Manufacturer needs Textile Laboratory for odor testing on garments View More

Textile Smoke Odor Testing

URGENT Texiles Laboratory needed for smoke odor testing of apparel/clothing from Import container fire. View More

Ozone Forbidden Substances

Cosmetics Analytical Test Laboratory needed for certification of shaving cream and deodorant to certify there are no ozone forbidden substances under ... View More

Car Air Freshener Gel Dispensing Problem

Independent Laboratory needed for failure analysis of Car Air Freshener Gel that is experiencing a dispensing problem View More

ABS Sheet General Motors Corporation Standards Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Corporation GMW Testing of ABS sheet to GMW16853 Comprehensive Standard for Overall Emission Testing o... View More

Aircraft Odor Eliminator Testing

Cleaning Product Company needs Materials Laboratory for odor eliminator testing to Aerospace Standard AMS1550B Cleaner, Water Base, Aircraft interior ... View More

ASTM Industrial Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for ASTM Testing to the following standards:
ASTM C1304 - Odor emission
ASTM C1338 - Fungi ... View More

Sustainable Apparel Certificates and Declaration Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for conformity testing of the certificates and declarations for 3 different sustainable brand garments that are pl... View More

Bulk Powder Analysis

Large Construction Building Materials Company needs Laboratory for Chemical/Physical Properties of a Bulk Powder Sample analysis:

Upper/lower flamm... View More

Haircare Shampoos, Conditioners, Additives Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for conducting independent accelerated package stability, physical, consumer labeling claims and microbiology ... View More

Biological Enzyme RV Deodorizer Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT USA Biotechnology Laboratory needed for formulation of a biological/enzyme based RV holding tank deodorizer View More

USP Castor Oil Testing

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Compendial Testing of Castor Oil analyzed to verify that it meets
the following Parame... View More

SASO Toilet Deodorants Bathroom Odor Removers

Independent Third-Party Laboratory needed with testing capabilities to test as per SASO 1959, SASO 1958, SASO 494 for the product - TOILET DEODORANTS ... View More

EN Medical Gauze Dressing

URGENT Medical Device Laboratory needed for conformity and odor control tests on two medical gauze dressing products including one with/ and one witho... View More

Baby Teether Testing

CPSC Consumer Products Laboratory needed for product safety testing ofSilicone Teether products including teething rings. teething clips and teething... View More

GMW Vehicle Interior Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for GMW Testing of Vehicle Interior Materials to GMW16853 COMPREHENSIVE STANDARD FOR OVERALL EMISSION TESTING OF INTERIOR... View More

Physical and Chemical Properties Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Healthcare Company needs Laboratory for physical and chemical properties testing of a variety of products including ointment, tinc... View More

Soil Testing for Geological Survey

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing as part of a geological survey including the following tests.

1. Laboratory tests of determinatio... View More

USA Food Laboratory needed for frozen fish fillets testing for weight, size, glaze, drip loss, moisture, texture, odor and so on. View More

Polypropylene film manufacturer needs Sensory Laboratory for odor profiling on it' s polymer products. View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for testing of a filter developed for a medical application.  The filter consists of a pleated element to trap partic... View More

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for the following Certificate of Analysis testing for finished sunscreen: appearance, odor, PH, Visc... View More

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis COA Testing on face mask for odor, color, texture, viscosity, volume, for... View More

Chemical company needs materials laboratory for ASTM surface tension testing by ASTM D1331-14 Method A across the temperature range of 15-40C on a sam... View More

Large corporation needs food laboratory needed with a certified sensory expert to run ASTM comparison study on two developmental food packaging system... View More

ISO/IEC 17025 Automotive laboratory needed for resin testing to Mercedes Standard DBL 7384:2015: Supply Specification Coating of plastic parts in vehi... View More

URGENT Packaging laboratory needed for sensory testing on a new food packaging item in order to market it in the EU. Assess whether the packaging when... View More

Organization needs sensory laboratory for sensory evaluation testing on aromatic plants including color, flavor, fragrance, touch, smell, odor, and ol... View More


Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for standard LC50 toxicity testing for flathead minnow to comply with MSDS for a plant-derived odor control... View More

Chemical toxicology laboratory needed for two in vivo OECD toxicity studies of consumer air deodorizer and disinfectant supplied in Tyvek pouch. Studi... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical, and accelerated aging testing of polymer auto parts to car manufacturers ... View More

Automotive Parts Company needs VW validated materials laboratory for VW Testing to VW 50180 odor test View More

Medical device company needs clinical product safety laboratory for in vivo, in vitro and microbiology testing of disposable feminine pads including: ... View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for LD50 Toxicity Study for plant derived odor control product. View More

Clinical research laboratory needed for clinical trial on sensory study: split-nostril / nasal lateralization testing on a consumer panel for olfacti... View More

LONG TERM. Cosmetic laboratory needed for testing of product comparison shampoo/conditioner samples for the following:

Anionic active assay
Color ... View More

Polymer laboratory needed for EPA and ASTM materials testing of a O/W micro-emulsion matrixColor; Physical State; Odor; Explosive Properties; Oxidisi... View More

Clinical Research laboratory needed for irritation and allergy testing of deodorant. View More

European Union Pharmaceutical Sensory Laboratory needed for sensory testing: odor, color, taste preferences of oral care products compared to other co... View More

Clinical Research Organization needed for clinical research study of 10 toothpastes in EU:
cleaning effect
effect of desensitization
inflammatory ... View More

Sensory and analytical chemistry laboratory needed for comparision testing vendor qualification of activated carbon to be used for odor absorption o... View More

FAA Certification laboratory needed for FAA Certification ftesting or a cleaning product and an odor elimination product View More

Laboratory needed for petroleum testing of three petroleum based samples that require the following analyses:
Appearance (physical state, color, etc.... View More

Energy company needs laboratory for fuel testing. I have three samples (Light Ends, Solvent, and Industrial Diesel Fuel) that would require the tests ... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed to conduct tests according to General Motors standards:
GMW: 3205 - Odor
, 3232-Flammability
, ... View More

Independent consumer products safety laboratory needed for Amazon Safety Assessment Testing of natural deodorant made of coconut oil, shea butter, ca... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology and safety certification testing of cleaning product that we would like to have tested and certified i... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for aluminum analysis in Liquid cosmetics like deodorant. View More

Chicago area senrory laboratory needed for odor testing of textiles following physical activity.Odor panel must be able to provide a score/rating with... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for active ingredient testing: Product Analysis and Certified Limits.
Chemical Analysis for heavy metals.
Ana... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for research testing on the vegetable oil used in a medical device used in hospitals to support "mold and hold"... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for deodorant product safety assessment testing to be Amazon compliant for all-natural deodorant to meet Amazon re... View More

Food laboratory needed for Stability testing and analytical testing on Energy Drink including organoleptic (color, odor, appearance), potency of Caffe... View More

Automotive Manufacturer needs Central Asia Automotive / Mechanical Laboratory for ASTM Testing and other testing:

ASTM D3012 or ISO 4577 - Oxidatio... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Testing: ethanol analysis to certify that meets certain specification because I'm going to export them.... View More

FDA GMP Cosmetics Laboratory needed for cosmetics testing of 5 topical cosmetic products (creams) We need testing / measurements and certification of ... View More

Herbal medication manufacturer needs China analytical chemistry laboratory for stability testing: shelf life certificates
1- Healing cream: made fro... View More

Asia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for soap testing: Soap base analysis:

Composition, % ? Palm Oil + Palm Stearin : 80
... View More

New Zealand company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for stability testing: Accelerated stability testing of
1- Healing cream
2- V- Healing Cre... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal activity testing of aerosol that is used to eliminate odors and sanitize environments in homes and hospit... View More

Dental Pharmaceutical company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for clinical study: dental consumer products panel testing with 100 patients. Company... View More

USA or China food laboratory needed for food packaging testing of food packaging material (PE/AL/PET) with GC-MSand there is a slight odor from the in... View More

Latin American Textiles Laboratories needed for textile testing:

Free Formaldehyde, PH- ValueAzo arylamine 24 dyestuff carcinogenic, 9Dyestuff a... View More

Oil laboratory needed for fluid characterization testing tocharacterize fluids from oil & gas operations in order to complete SDS information sheets. ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for polymer testing 1- Tests for colour fastness of surface, according to DIN EN 20105-A02
2- Emission Behavior, accordin... View More

Consumer Products analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deodorant formulation. Formulation of aluminium chroride antiperspirant/ deodrant like dr... View More

Contract Laboratory needed for perfume testing: malodor counteractant efficacy studies View More

USA cosmetics laboratory needed for cosmetic olfactory testing: odor intensity measurement of cosmetic ingredient (oil) samples. Anticipate 12 sample... View More

Sensory Laboratory needed for odor testing of a liquid product. View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for Emmissions Testing to VW 50180 includes:
- Condensable constituents according to Test Specification PV 3015 (FOGGING... View More

Texas Consumer Products Laboratory needed for MP Consumer Panel Testing: 21 samples,
Want the odor panel participants to evaluate the effectiveness ... View More

USA Consumer Products and Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity testing of electronic appliance appears to be producing toxic odorless fumes. Thes... View More

India Surface cleaning liquid manufacturer which acts as disinfectant, deodorizer, insect repellent needs consumer producs laboratory for cleaning pro... View More

US Chemical Research and Development R&D Laboratory needed to assist us in creating a cleaning chemical used for the decontamination of mold, pet urin... View More

Washington Sensory Laboratory needed for on-site odor testing of a fine fragrance liquid cosmetic View More

Packaging laboratory needed for packaging testing: Chemiluminescence to measure hydroperoxides in polyolefin packaging film which may initiate a chai... View More

Washington Sensory laboratory needed for sensory testing, water testing for Taste and odor of water samples View More

USA EPA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for textile testing of Chemicals compile in a hydruspun fabric that will leave a residue (film) around ... View More

USA EPA Laboratory needed for Compiling several chemical solutions together into a tissue call hydra spun causing the effects of cleaning,deodorize, ... View More

Consumer Products Manufacturer of ion generators that that remove smoke, pet dander, dust, mold, pollen, and odors. needs consumer products, environme... View More

Food Laboratory needed for analysis of a liquid packaged ice tea product tested for residual contaminates, food poisoning, odor, etc. View More

Canada or USA Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for consumer product testing services.
for imported chinese manufactured deodorant
sticks,... View More

EPA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for EPA OPPTS testing and ASTM Testing: Physical State, Color, Odor, Viscosity, pH, Density, Flammability, ... View More

Sensory Laboratory needed for sensory testing: odor, color, taste preferences and differences of different mouthwash products. View More

Singapore/Malaysia USP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing for Free Ethylene Oxide and 1,4 Dioxane in Polyethylene Glycol 4000 as per U... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Rigid Foam that emitted an odor-need to be chemically analyzed for the possible presence of any Car... View More

Sensory Laboratory needed for nylon odor testing. View More

Large Pharma needs India or Asia Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for carbon filter testing to for odor removal efficiency, mainly the odor filter shou... View More

India Sensory Laboratory needed for Odor testing through Olfactometer. View More

Mumbai India Physical Laboratory needed for odor testing for Nylon(as per MS300-34-Min 3 grade) View More

India ASTM Microbiology Laboratory needed for Deodorant Efficacy - In vitro time kill test as per ASTM E2315 to generate data for claim substantiation... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing wearing apparel that has arrived damp, with moldy/chemical odor. Each garment is packed in a factory sealed... View More

Hoskote, Bangalore Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Xylene in Ambient Air before treatment and after treatment for Odor Control View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for testing of odor preventing innersole/insert for footwear. Interested in testing including chemicals, du... View More

EPA Analytical Chemistsry Laboratory needed for EPA testing OPPTS 830 series for insect repellent (DEET) balm-like product. Specifically, request quot... View More

California food analytical chemistry Laboratory needed for drug testing of liquid odorless in my fried rice. i became ill. i will personally pay for ... View More

Canada or West Coast USA Sensory Laboratory needed for testing to determine odor reduction in refridgerators from gases given off by decaying food pro... View More

Midwest USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for formulation of Line of shampoo- boost cleaner - conditioner - leave-in spray conditioner-deodor... View More

East Coast Sensory Laboratory needed for Odorous Sample Evaluation of Detection & Recognition Thresholds following EN13725:2003 & ASTM E679-04, determ... View More

Buffalo NY Environmental Laboratory required for Soybean Meal Fume and Odor constituents testing. View More

Asia - Thailand Analytical Chemistry, Materials/Mechanical Laboratory required for the following tests:

3.5.1 Density, Core ISO 845/ASTM D 3574, Te... View More

USA Board Certified Toxicology laboratory required for Toxicological Risk Assessment test of our mixture. We sell shoe pods that remove odors from cle... View More

USA Food Analytical Chemistry, Forensics Laboratory needed for Contaminant Testing that caused inflammation with projections of a persons tongue. The ... View More

Florida FDA GMP Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed or complete OTC Testing, Liquid Topical Analgesic product including Stability ... View More

Canada Cosmetics Laboratory needed for testing women's deodorant
View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing our stain and odor remover on dog and cat pheremones" View More

Food Manufacturer needs California FDA GMP Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for Stability Studies (30 sampels eper month), retention of production... View More

Turkey Textiles Company needs Europe Laboratory for photocatalytic reaction testing after removing volatile organic components and odor by photocataly... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs environmental company to do GC-MS testing of indoor air to determine the odor compounds. View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for High Level Disinfectant Testing:
Composition - Identity and Concentration
Physical properties (color... View More

ASTM Materials Laboratory needed for ISO, DIN Odor testing about plastic either human sensory or equipment. View More

Bioanalytical Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for the following testing:
Acute oral Toxicity
Acute Dermal Toxicity
Primary Eye Irritation
P... View More

FDA GMP ISOAnalytical chemistry laboratory needed to do the following testing:
SPF Testing
UVA testing
Cosmetic Safety testing
Antiperspirants & D... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Testing to (Toyota) standards TSL3505-Gand/or TSM0505Gsmell testing for odor strength and pleasantness of 4 material s... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing product for efficacy of urine odor control through odor panel and possible analytical. View More

GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO Testing of the odor of Isopropanol at a manufacturing facility after a process improvement to dete... View More

Analytical testing required to assess the effectiveness of odor abatement formulas for effectiveness in treating cat litter View More

Analytical laboratory required to assess the ability of diposable respirators to absorb/block the passage of fumes of Formaldehyde, clorox, body decay... View More

Sensory laboratory needed for testing recycled polystyrene pellets for odor type and strength View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for microbial identification testing of bacteria species on kitchen pull put hose. It is a field return sample returned... View More

ISO and A2LA Microbiology and textiles laboratory needed for Anti-bacterial Testing, Anti-fungal Testing, Anti-Static Testing, Absorption (moisture & ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for light bulb testing that the manufacturer claims also reduces bacteria, odor and smoke. We want a lab to test and verif... View More

R&D plus product testing for line of "green" household cleaners including: All purpose cleaner - degreaser
Bath, Shower & Tile cleaner,
Carpet st... View More

Test formula for deodorant for FDA approval.
Water and Potassium Aluminium Sulfate. View More