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Contract Laboratory has received the following cell lines and cell cultures Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These cell lines and cell cultures Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their cell lines and cell cultures Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a cell lines and cell cultures Laboratory, please Submit a cell lines and cell cultures Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Human Stromal Vascular Fraction SVF Cell Assays

FDA GLP or ISO Certified Biologic research laboratory needed to conduct 4 s... (view details)

MTT Assay Agar - Direct Contact Testing

Medical Device Company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for MTT Assay Agar - ... (view details)

Agriculture Organic Matter Testing


Agriculture Laboratory needed for testing or... (view details)

Virucidal and Bactericidal Effectiveness Research Studies

Europe Microbiology Laboratory to conduct a series of research study test... (view details)

Microcrystalline Cellulose and Silicon DIoxide Test Method Development and Formulation

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Analytical Test Method Developme... (view details)

CAP Nerve Fiber Density Punch Biopsy Test Validation

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Nerve Fiber Density Punch Biopsy labora... (view details)

Human Serum Bioanalytical Testing

Third-Party Pharmaceutical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for the followin... (view details)

Four Novel Peptide In Vivo Toxicity Study

Toxicology Laboratory needed for in vivo toxicity analysis for a novel pept... (view details)

OECD Synthetic Pyrethroid Analysis in Mammalian Blood

Contract Bioanalytical Laboratory needed OECD testin... (view details)

Calibration of Medical Device with NIH Virus Samples

Medical Device Company needs USA Contract Labora... (view details)

Laminating Film Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Paper Company needs Independent Microbiology Laboratory for laminating fil... (view details)

CLIA Laboratory Urine Collection Kit Cell Processing

Massachusetts FDA GLP and CLIA-compliant Biosa... (view details)

Pharmacogenetics Clinical Blood Draws and PBMC Extraction

Pharmacogenetics Company needs Clinical Laboratories in Research Triangle P... (view details)

Prevention of RNA COVID 19 Cell Transfer

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for a study on the pre... (view details)

FDA GMP Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Testing

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for silver hydrogen peroxide testi... (view details)

ASTM Vacuum Pack Plastic Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of vacuum pack plastic materia... (view details)

COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibodies Testing


Healthcare Company needs Clinical Laborato... (view details)

Make-up Brushes Disinfection Cleanliness Study

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for evaluation of 3-6 different mak... (view details)

Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein (EGFP) Expression Quantification

URGENT FDA GLP Compliant Commercial Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to quan... (view details)

Textile Protection Masks Permeability and Washing Testing

URGENT Contract Laboratory needed for permeability and washing testing for... (view details)

ASTM Surgical Face Mask Testing

Large Fortune 500 Company planning on manufacturing it's own surgical face ... (view details)

We want to screen dietary supplement ingredients in Human peripheral blood... (view details)

Face Mask Testing

Laboratory required to test a mask under EN14683 and require below tests.
... (view details)

Ice Cream Alcohol By Volume ABV Testing

TTB Food Laboratory needed for ice cream testing for Alcohol By Volume / W... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Drug Substance Manufacturing Release Testing

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Pharmaceutical Laboratory for Drug subst... (view details)

FDA GMP, CLIA and FACT Compliant Apheresis Contract Research Study

USA FDA GMP, CLIA Compliant and FACT Compliant (Foundation for the Accredit... (view details)

COVID19 Infected Alveolar Cell Study

Southeast USA Biosafety Level 3 Contract Research Organization CRO needed f... (view details)

Sterility testing

Hello, I am a manufacturer in a facility where we make cell and gene therap... (view details)

SEM Imaging of Human Neural Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles

Contract Laboratory needed for scanning electron microscope (SEM) imaging ... (view details)

BS EN Grease Characterization Testing

Large Manufacturer needs BS EN testing of grease as per BS EN 50326 Conduct... (view details)

BSL 1/2 Compliant Coronavirus In Vitro Infaction Research Study

Scientific Research Facility needs BSL 1/2 Compliant Contract Research Orga... (view details)

Tissue Detergent Residuals testing

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed in determining the presence or absence of ... (view details)

BS EN Polymeric Materials Hardness and Fatigue testing

Large Corporation needs construction materials laboratory for testing for H... (view details)

Cleanliness Efficacy Comparison Study

URGENT Large Corporation needs Contract Test Laboratory for cleanliness ef... (view details)

FDA GMP Lentiviral Vector Study in HEK293T Cells

FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for lentiviral vector research stud... (view details)

Proetein Surgactant Performance Testing

Contract Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for measurements of the following ... (view details)

Clinical Trial Central Laboratory Patient Testing

Central Laboratory needed for a clinical trial project for analysis of pati... (view details)

Protein and PTM identification in gel sample via Mass Spectroscopy

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to identify a protein band that has been re... (view details)

Calcite (CaCO3) Analysis

Geochemistry Laboratory needed for Calcite analysis (CaCO3) The preliminary... (view details)

Automotive Spare Parts Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Automotive Laboratory Testing Services needed to test... (view details)

Hair Creme Labeling Claims Study

USA Clinical Research Laboratory needed for labeling claims substantiation ... (view details)

Modelling Air Dry Clay Compliance and Toxicology Testing for Amazon

Small Business needs Consumer Products Laboratory for toxicological risk as... (view details)

USP Monograph Ethyl Cellulose (COA) Retesting

Experienced Pharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory needed to retest ethyl cel... (view details)

USP Ethyl Cellulose Testing

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for re-quantification... (view details)

Medical Device Implant Clinical Trial Biological Evaluation

Contract Research Organization needed for Medical Device Implant Clinical T... (view details)

Japanese Pharmacopeia Heavy Metal Analysis

Large Company needs Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for JP H... (view details)

Cell Product STR Short Tandem Repeat Analysis

CLIA Certified or ASHI Accredited Contract Research Organization needed th... (view details)

Certified Enzyme Testing

Certified Laboratory needed for animal origin enzyme testing, with standard... (view details)

Bronchial Smooth Muschle Drug Metabolism Study


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