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Contract Laboratory has received the following NATO STANAG Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These NATO STANAG Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their NATO STANAG Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a NATO STANAG Laboratory, please Submit a NATO STANAG Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Influenza Vaccine Challenge Study Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for Influenza vaccine challenge study with H5N1 virus (BSL3). Delivery of adenovirus-vect... View More

Unknown Protein Peak Analysis

Biopharmaceutical Company needs FDA GMP Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory CE-MS or CZE-MS testing for identification of an unknown protein peak in a... View More

Small Molecule Competitive Enzyme Inhibitor

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for small molecule developmental study involving small molecule competitive enzyme inhibitor and purified human enzyme... View More

Bioactive Molecules Dosing Studies

Biochemistry Research Laboratory needed bioactives molecules application dosing study on oxidative stress and antioxidants View More

FDA Biopharmaceutical Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity Testing

Biopharmaceutical Company of recombinant therapeutic proteins needs FDA GMP Laboratory for Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity testin... View More

Contract Research Organization In-Vivo Study

BUDGET APPROVED Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for new pharmaceutical drug in-vivo study. Mouse facility with adult mice (wild-type... View More

Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins and Ergot sclerotia and ergo alkaloids

USA Life Sciences Company needs laboratory for AOAC and ASTM endotoxin (total) and scorched particle testing of Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins an... View More

HIV-1 Genotyping for RT and Integrase

Large Medical Center needs Genetics Laboratory for HIV-1 genotyping test for RT and Integrase as part of HIV-1 research project, we are growing T cell... View More

Anti-Denque, Zika , Influenza and Zika

Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing two bovine colostrum samples that for anti dengue, Influenza A and HIV and Zika activity.
The goal is ... View More

Aircraft Odor Eliminator Testing

Cleaning Product Company needs Materials Laboratory for odor eliminator testing to Aerospace Standard AMS1550B Cleaner, Water Base, Aircraft interior ... View More

Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay

CAP and CLIA Certified Genetics Laboratory needed for quantitative Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay of # genes in FFPE primary mela... View More

Blood Autoimmune Myositis Antibodies Testing

Clinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for blood testing for antibodies to rule out Autoimmune Myositis (anti Cn-1a-auto-antibodies). View More

Biologics Release Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Manufacturing Organization focusing on producing live biotherapeutics, both as biologics (drugs) and(food) needs FDA Compli... View More

Enzyme Reduction Potential Values

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to determine reduction potential values for a heme enzyme by spectroelectrochemistry or cyclic voltammetry. View More

Pericardium Patch Thrombogenicity Studies

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for In-vivo/in-vitro thrombogenicity studies of a biological pericardium patch. View More

URGENT Microbiology Confirmatory Study - 2500 samples

URGENT Microbiology Reference laboratory needed to perform confirmatory testing (viral culture and Alere i) on approximately 2700 samples. Our target ... View More

CLIA CRO FDA Medical Device 510(k) Study

CLIA-waived CRO needed to help run one more studies in support of filing a 510(k) /CLIA Waiver petition of a whole blood analyzer device. View More

New CLIA Breast Cancer Test

LONG-TERM TESTING Texas CLIA certified laboratory needed for introducing a new diagnostic test for breast cancer with 1000 samples per month. The labo... View More

Early Cancer Warning System Biomarker Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIA Certified Clinical Laboratory needed for assisting a company in the development of an early warning system for cancer. Labora... View More

Porcine Blood Nitrous Oxide Levels

Preclinical Laboratory needed to quantify the levels of nitrous oxide (N2O) in porcine blood samples. I will have approximately 150 - 200 samples to ... View More

OECD Stably Transfected Transactivation In Vitro Assays

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for OECD Study to OECD 455 Performance-Based Test Guideline for Stably Transfected Transactivation In Vitro Assays View More

FDA GMP Monoclonal Antibody Batch Release Testing

Large Biotechnology Company needs FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory for monoclonal antibody testing for GMP batch release
- physiochemical methods (co... View More

Protein Polymer Extraction Method Development and Optimization

USa Contract Research Organization to develop and optimize extraction methods ofr recombiant unstructured protein polymer molecules with Phenol, TCA/a... View More

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Vapor Pressure

FDA GMP Eastern Europe Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed that is equipped with vapor pressure osmometer and can conduct pharmaceutical studies for us o... View More

Biopharmaceutical CSII Dose Accuracy and Precision

Biopharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory for dose accuracy & precision of currently available CSII system.The laboratory must have a team who has ne... View More

FDA GMP Gene Therapy Lot Release

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for GMP method validation, product qualification and lot release testing of a gene therapy p... View More

Small Molecule, Polymer Based Drug Delivery System Method Development


New Rapid Bacterial Enumeration and Identification System Research & Development

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for Research and Development (R&D) assessment of a new Rapid Bacterial Enumeration and Identifi... View More

Protein Comparison Study

Accredited FDA GMP / GLP and ISO 17025 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for comparison study of a protein (mW ~5700 g/mol) from two different manufact... View More

Finished Release Bioassays

LONG-TERM TESTING Experienced FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed finished biopharmaceutical release testing using for Bioassay L929, TNF alfa ce... View More

Hepatitis B Virucidal Efficacy Testing

Large Healthcare Corporation needs Microbiology Laboratory for EPA Hepatitis B virucidal efficacy testing of a preservative medium. Use of duck hep B... View More

Biomaterial MBEC Studies

Biomaterials Company needs Medical Device Laboratory to for both FDA GLP and non-GLP MBEC studies to determine a biofilm susceptibility to antibiotic... View More

Human Serum Quality Control QC Panel

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed that can provide a full Quality Control QC panel for our human serum samples.
Physical Appearance Clear, straw yello... View More

GCP and MHRA/EMA Clinical Trial ELISA Assays

FDA GCP and MHRA/EMA clinical trial sponsor looking for clinical laboratory to conduct 3 x ELISA assays to GCP standard on approx. 60 plasma clinical ... View More

Breast Cancer Assays

University Research Scientist needs Bioanalytical Laboratory to conduct breast cancer related assays. MTT assay, western blotting on cell lines. View More

Protein Circular Dichroism

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for circular dichroism testing on a protein in solution. This is the direct measurement and would not include test pro... View More

Stem Cell Genomic Stability Research

Genomics Laboratory needed for Research Study to ensure a stem cell manufacturing protocol does not affect the genomic stability of our cell product ... View More

Rhinovirus Research Study

Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for Rhinovirus Study Testing of 680 Samples for
1. Rhinovirus isolation from nasal wash specimens
2. Rhinoviru... View More

Insulin Assay on Culture Media

Start-up needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for Insulin Assay on Culture Media. The human islets in culture will be tested for insulin release over a per... View More

GLP/ICH Chronic Toxicity Study

LONG-TERM TESTING. GLP/ICH-compliant Preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) needed for long term chronic toxicity study in rats, 6 month plu... View More

Recombinant HGH Quality

Biotechnology company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for verification of quality and contaminants of recombinant HGH including other proteins,... View More

Preclinical Helicobacter Study

FDA GLP Preclinical Gastrenterology Contract Research Organization CRO needed for new drug efficacy testing on Helicobacter pylori infection model.
1... View More

Transfection of SH-SY5Y Neural Cells with Candidate Plasmids.

LONG-TERM TESTING Experienced Biotechnology Contract Research Organization needed to conduct ongoing in vitro studies with SH-SY5Y cells including th... View More

Preclinical Oncology Contract Research Organization CRO

Preclinical Oncology Contract Research Organization CRO needed for new drug testing on cancer cell lines. The model to be used will be pancreatic canc... View More

14C Radiolabeled USP Bacterial Endotoxin Testing

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed with a radioactive materials license for USP Bacterial Endotoxin Testing USP View More

Tensile, Strain, Modulus and Relaxation

Biotech Company needs Physical Laboratory for tensile, strain, modulus, and relaxation testing. View More

Qualitative Tuberculocidal Study

BSL-2 Microbiology Laboratory needed for qualitative tuberculocidal study including bacterial kill study, colony plating and counting similar to the ... View More

Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)

FDA GMP Packaging Laboratory needed for multiple runs of container closure integrity testing (CCIT) by laseri-based headspace analysis for a product ... View More

Quantification of Drug in Lung tissue

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for bioassay for the quanitification of a drug in lung tissue, using HPLC. View More

Cellular Adherence Study with HeLA, BAE, SH-SY5Y Cells

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Cellular Adherence R&D Study on 2D glass samples with 4 different types of nanotechnology surface coating on 3 di... View More

Plasma Bioanalysis

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Ciprofloxacin concentration analysis in 50 plasma samples for a research project. View More

CLIA Clinical Comparison Study

CLIA Laboratory needed for bioanalysis of clinical samples in duplicate using two different technicians using a new method and new instrument. View More

Viscosity Testing

Large Pharma needs Laboratory for viscosity testing using the following instruments. HAAKE RS75RheoStress or the HAKKE RheoStress600 rheometers View More

GLP Preclinical Studies

FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for GLP Studies on anti-parasitic combination product including: Pharmacokinetics Study, Tol... View More

FDA Clinical Trial Drug Application Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Clinical laboratory needed for FDA clinical trial study with routine testing for FDA drug application. The study involves approxima... View More

USP Protein Analysis

Biotechnology Company needs FDA GLP Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory for USP analysis of aprotein sample (solution form) for Particulate Matter (fo... View More

CLIA Laboratory

LONG-TERM TESTING Medical Device Company needs CLIA accredited laboratory to distribute, manage, and rollout the devices at POCT clinical testing cen... View More

Osteoinductive Properties Bone Research

Preclinical Biophysical Laboratory specializing in bone research is needed for the evaluation of osteoinductive properties of a new medical device on... View More

Biologics Sterilty

Biopharmaceutial company needs Microbiology Laboratory for sterility testing for an inactivated complex biological sample. Looking for recommendations... View More

Residual Host Cell DNA by qpcr

Biotechnology Company needs Genetics Laboratory needed to perform residual host cell DNA by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR),. Protein s... View More

OECD Genotoxicity Study

Biopharmaceutical Company needs Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Genotoxicity Study according to OECD 474 the in vivo micronucleus genotoxicity t... View More

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC)

Researcher needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) processing for me. View More

USP Bioidentity

Pharmaceutical company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory USP Bioidentity test for Injectible to USP Method View More

Cancer Research Study

Clinical Laboratory needed for multiplexing the following human serum/urine analytes (below) in multiple samples of multiple cancers.
1. CCL2
2. CC... View More

Western Blot of Human Skin Protein

Biotech needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for western blot and agarose gel of human skin extract protein- Hyaluroninc acid and Pentaxrin 3 Protein. 30-5... View More

In vitro exon skipping study

FDA Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for In vitro exon skipping using phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer (PMO) AOs In dystrophin gene. ... View More

CLIA Biomarker LC-MS/MS

LONG-TERM TESTING Biotech Start-up needs CLIA certified laboratory with State-of-the-art UHPLC-MS/MS system required. for Liquid chromatography-tandem... View More

Albumin Zone Electrophoresis

US FDA registered bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalysis: protein composition testing by zone electrophoresis as per human albumin Ph.Eur mo... View More

Peptide ID Confirmation & Purity Assay

Bioanalytical Company needed to confirm the identity and purity of lyophilized peptide samples of <15AA length. View More

Insulin Analysis

Clinical Laboratory needed for Insulin testng via Elisa method, and Amino Acids via MS for clinical trial. View More

Stem Cell Testing

Clinical Center needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for multiple tests on 30 stem cells samples:

1.Determination of Hyaluronic Acid, Agarose Gel Electro... View More

CRO with human in vitro neuromuscular junction assay (NMJ) system

LONG-TERM TESTING Experienced Preclinical Contract Research Organizations CROs needed with human in vitro neuromuscular junction assay (NMJ) system us... View More

Multi-Lab Precision Study of an In-Vitro Diagnostic

Three Bioanalytical Laboratory sites needed to conduct an in-vitro precision (repeatability and reproducibility) study of an IVD using banked serum sa... View More

Clinical Trial

Clinical Laboratory needed for HSV PCR Testing and 30 day PCR DNA swabbing for clinical trial. Laboratory must be able to provide DNA swabs and vials ... View More

NIH Vaccine Potency Testing

Pharmaceutical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for NIH potency testing of rabies vaccine View More

Custom Peptide USP Testing and Validation

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for custom peptide testing and validation of USP <85> LAL and USP <61> Bioburden or TAM count and Y&M Count along wit... View More

Influenza Virus Studies

Microbiology Laboratory needed that specializes in influenza viruses for efficacy testing the efficacy of our product on a variety of virus contaminat... View More

USP Validation and USP <787> Subvisible Particulate Matter in Therapeutic Protein Injections

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP <1225> and USP <1226> validation and USP Particle Analysis of injections to USP <787> Subvisible Particulate... View More

GRAS Testing of Lactobacillus

Product Safety Laboratory needed for testing to support GRAS filing for a microorganism Lactobacillus liquid and powdered product. View More

Bioassays for Sucralfate

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for the performance of the 3 bioassays detailed in the FDA Draft Guidance for Sucralfate released in October of 2017. ... View More

Environmental Soil Amendment Study

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil amendment testing for comparison study of agent to gypsum for use as a soil amendment and its ability to redu... View More

Antibody Testing

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Antibody testing for human parasitical infection with Sparganosis (Spirometra) by ELISA View More

Blood Borne Pathogen RNA/DNA Testing

Life Science Laboratory needed for blood borne pathogen rna/dna testing on human liver samples. The samples are part of a biorepository. View More

Leukocytes Analysis

Medical Device Laboratory needed for Clinical Study urine analysis for concentration of leukocytes. The following needs to be performed:
Negative uri... View More

Gene Expression

Genetics Laboratory needed to test the effect of apoptosis on T cell's gene expression by western blot or ELISA. View More

Anti-viral drug Testing / Virus-neutralizing monoclonal antibody

Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for anti-viral drug testing for assessment of a human mAb for its capacity to prevent infection of human c... View More

Karyotype of Embryonic Cell Line

Genetics Laboratory needed for karyotype testing of human embryonic cell line View More

Genomics Company needs laboratory for testing biological materials for opioid addiction, cancer related testing for KRAS, BRAF, NRAS, EGFR, 5FU and UG... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ELISA analysis on pre and post samples looking IL-1 expression, PGE and Hyaluronic acid from equine synovial fluid... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for assay of select inflammatory biomarkers to confirm the presence of inflammatory cytokines: CXCL1, TNF alpha and IL... View More

FDA GLP Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for in vivo and in vitro peptide toxicity and pharmacokinetic studies on neuroscience small peptide ... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for dose response tests and coagulation assays to determine if there are anti-coagulation properties in 10-20 small mo... View More

FDA Contract Research Organization CRO needed for in vivo and in vitro studies of implant based bone cement medical device including material characte... View More

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for derrnatology clinical research study with 10 subjects for efficacy of10 people with facial blemishes, acne, ac... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA Microbiology Laboratory needed for cell culture media testing for HIV I & 2, HTLV 1 & 2, Hepatitis A, B and C, Treponema pallidu... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Biohemistry Laboratory needed to test 500 samples to measure sucrose and starch levels in plant leaf tissues View More

Biotechnology company needs Microbiology Laboratory for viral efficacy testing of medicinal preparations against dengue virus. View More

FDA GMP Dermatology Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical study with skin prick testing of a new protein based wound dressing on 20 patient... View More

Biotechnology company needs microbiology laboratory for strain identification of spores, bacteria and fungus. View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Bovine Collagen III detection in Bovine Collagen I samples per ASTM impurity profile View More

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP Genetics Laboratory needed for Quality Control QC DNA fingerprinting analysis (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) of ... View More

Biopharma Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for the following analysis in drug product:
1, mineral oil
2, white petrolatum
3, poloxamer... View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for research study on combinations of drugs on pancreatic cancer stem cells View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for measuring total protein and turbidity of 60 samples cell culture media and water View More

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP compliant bioanalytical laboratories needed to perform In-vitro biological assay for Lot release tests. It is to measure the... View More

Large pharmaceutical manufacturer needs FDA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for EU and FDA compliance testing of m-PEG-PAL by 1H and 13C-NMR.
View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed grow Human Primary Trophoblast cells with serum and without serum for varying amounts of time (0, 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs,... View More

Europe Biotechnology Company needs laboratory engineering firm to design and build a grade b clean room facility in South America. View More

Large pharmaceutical company needs bioanalytical laboratory for liposome characterization eg. mean volume, PEG layer thickness View More

Toxicology consultant needed for toxicological risk assessment based on PDE calculations. Company would provide the data and is not looking for new e... View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for testing cell-permeable, water soluble peptide compound in the monkey model forage-related macula... View More

Agriculture biotechnology company needs EPA GLP environmental toxicology laboratory for 4 ecotoxicology studies for a botanical active substance under... View More

Virology laboratory needed for performing PCR analysis for many different rabbit and porcine viruses based on the guideline (CPMP_BWP_3354_99), as fo... View More

Biotech company needs bioanalytical laboratory for viral inaction of monoclonal antibodies. View More

Biologics company needs bioanalytical laboratory for analytical ultracentrifugation and DSC analysis of monoclonal antibody products. View More

Life Science company needs laboratory for NMR spectras to help determine if there are steroimpurities. Spectras at NMR: 1H-13C HSQC 400-500MHz. We ne... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING bioanalytical laboratory needed for purification of His tagged protein from a transformed Pichia strain. The protein expression indu... View More

FDA GMP pharmaceutical preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed to for drug inhibition study againstthe replication of the HSV-1 (cold so... View More

Small molecule therapuetic company needs pharmaceutical preclinical laboratory for low throughput testing the potency of novel compounds to inhibit ... View More

Large life science company needs laboratory for imaging of a topical lotion for micelles or microemulsions to determine is microstructure, ie vissicle... View More

Bioharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for initial method development and qualification of sterility, mycoplasmas, and bioburden tests... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Bioscience company needs bioanalytical laboratory for raw material, in-process, and final product MAT or cell-based endotoxins testi... View More

Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for exosomes of the 100 Nano meter size under non-GLP conditions. View More

Biosciences company needs bioanalytical laboratory for in-vitro anti-biofilm activity testing by Minimal Biofilm Eradication Concentration (MBEC) ass... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for developing and validating bioassays in bulk substance high-titer antibody biologics (PPM... View More

Biopharmaceutical company needs microbiology laboratory for USP sterility testing of cellular therapy finished drug product API to USP monograph 71 View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for 3rd party verification of a cryopreserved amniotic allograft tissue sample using an automoted cell counter: Counte... View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for an in vivo osteoinductivity study of a biologic product in an athymic rodent model. Endotoxi... View More

Pharmaceutical bioanalytical laboratory needed for antifactor IIa assay testing for heparin sodium to BP 2017 standards.

View More

Pharmaceutical ICH-GCP Contract Research Organization CRO needed for influenza clinical study using qRT-PCR (qualtitative H1N1 and H3N2 PCR). Samples ... View More

University researcher needs pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory for cultured streptococcus mutans research study on the biochemical properties and ... View More

Laboratory needed for shear or flow testing of powdered yeast extract to detect differences. View More

Bioscience company needs bioanalytical laboratory for chitosan or chitin testing on a partly purified protein powder made from fermentation. View More

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical bioanalytical laboratory needed for heparin testing for determination of Anti Factor IIa activity on heparin sodium API samples... View More

Veterinary medicine company needs bioanalytical laboratory for plasma / serum assay for estradiol. View More

Molecular diagnostic company needs Contract Research Organization CRO for biocompatibility and toxicity studies View More

FDA GMP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for AATB human tissue bioanalysis including stability studies, protein degradation, bioburden and tensile str... View More

Materials laboratory needed for NATO STANAG Testing of gun cases for dry heat, low temperature, impact, and vibration testing according to STANAG 428... View More

Molecular Diagnostics company needs Contract Research Organization CRO for biocompatibility testing services. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for ELISA testing for cytokines to determine the concentration of cytokines IL-6, TNF-alpha, and VEGF in of 3 sample o... View More

Pharma needs preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO for biological, small molecule (viral) in vivo studies of HBV and HCV infections View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for capillary electrophoresis (CE) method development and testing on three samples of powder. View More

Genomics laboratory needed for rapid amplification of the polymorphic DNA (RAPD) testing of 200 human biological samples.

View More

Biomedical laboratory needed for identification of bloodbourne pathogens. View More

University researcher needs a virology laboratory for performing a hepatitis C virus replicon assay in whole cells. View More

FDA GLP ISO-17025 bioanalytical laboratory needed for characterization of collagen scaffold medical device including amino acid analysis, quantificati... View More

Molecular Biology / Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for up to three university-based experiments involving human cell lines:

Experiment #1: Test up... View More

Genetic / Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein A (PAPP-A) testing on the following instruments: Wallac Auto Delfia... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for HPLC analysis of Polysorbate 20. View More

Experienced bioanalytical laboratory needed for Luminex Assay testing for immuno-modulatory activity using fresh (not frozen) human PBMC peripheral bl... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for structural analysis of therapeutic protein molecule by FTIR (ATR) aqueous samples, like BSA in aqueous, etc. View More

FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for USP compliant testing for heparin sodium including nucleotidic impurities, molecular weight determination,... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for quality control testing of reference materials, including identification and purity assay by HPLC, LCMS, IR, UV-Vi... View More

Medical Device Manufacturer needs bioanalytical laboratory needed for USP particle analysis on samples taken from medical device. Please provide quote... View More

Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for genotoxicity testing of water by allium assay. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for ICP-MS testing of a sample. View More

Analytical Laboratory needed for XRD and XRF microscopy and imaging: 6 XRD, 6 XRF and cut 12 thin sections with photographs of the thin section.

... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for protein characterization using circular dichroism. View More

Applied Science Company needs agriculture microbiology laboratory for bioanalysis for organic acid profile of digestate from a microbial digestion pro... View More

Medical Device preclinical contract research organization CRO needed for insulin characterization with or without infusion through medical device: (1... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing water samples to determine if they are DNAse, Protease and Nuclease free. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for microarray testing of RNA samples extracted from urinary bladder cancer tissues. View More

URGENT. Biostatistician needed for interpreting in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo data. View More

Glass laboratory needed for ballistic impact testing to meet NATO standards 1, 2, or 3 to MIL SPEC Level 4. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for blood testing for Janus kinase inhibitor selection. View More

LONG TERM. URGENT cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for metals testing using an ICP-MS with a sensitivity of 1ppb. View More

LONG TERM TESTING FDA cGMP microbiology laboratory needed for USP water testing of water for injection based on USP monograph for Sterile Water for I... View More

Virology laboratory needed for conducting antiviral activity (HCV) screening using muteins targeted against replicons. Muteins: 3a genotype wild type,... View More

URGENT. LONG TERM TESTING. Biologics company needs bioanalytical laboratory for carbonic anhydrase activity testing in red blood cells. View More

Research laboratory needed for optimization study on ozonators used for water treatment to define the optimal ozone amount for treatment of customer's... View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for particle size analysis using a Malvern Zetasizer ZS90 with the red laser and a stray-light f... View More

URGENT. Pharmaceutical analytical laboratory needed for testing osmolality of pharmaceutical liquid samples.
View More

Biomaterial laboratory needed for fatigue testing of dental implants in accordance to ISO 14801. View More

GLP Environmental Toxicology laboratory needed for OECD testing of mammalian cell chromosome aberration in the presence of a chemical according to OEC... View More

Scientific Research Fellow needs analytical chemistry laboratory for Colloidal Silica Test View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for plasma testing: plasma nitrate/nitrite analyses at the detection level of about 0-1000 uM for nitrate and 0-1000 n... View More

Europe pharma needs bioanalytical laboratory for potency assay testing of human growth hormone View More

URGENT TEST: Eye drop manufacturer needs immediate measure of osmolarity on a series of topical eye drop formulations. View More

Pharmaceutical company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for USP Testing to measure SULFUR CONTENT of a refrigerated solution to verify/validate ... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs *Globule size limits and *Limit of free fatty acid tested per USP 39 injectable lipid emulsion standards Per: Method I an... View More

FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for PCR viral testing of two regenerative drug products and raw materials using Pharmacopeia methods:
1. HIV (... View More

Food Laboratory needed for rice testing for glycemic index of rice samples (25 No). View More

Bioscience company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for agar testing: gel strength in the range of is a range of 660-1200 g/cm^3 for bacteriological ag... View More

Large Clinical Research Organization (CRO) needs clinical laboratory for HMGCoA Reductase analysis on 240-250 samples. View More

Pharma needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for Japanese Pharamcopeia (JP) Amino Acid Analysis for Peptides Amino Acid Analysis of Leupolide Acetate as per ... View More

Contract Research Organization needed for pharmaceutical clinical study on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in drug users (n = ~400). PrEP involves ta... View More

Life Science Research facility needs bioanalytical laboratory to do peptide identification and purity assays. View More

Laboratory needed in India to determine the amount of vitamin C and vitamin E in moringa plant extract per HPLC View More

Long term need for a toxicology laboratory in India to test urine samples for benzene. Industrial facility needs occupational hazardous materials eval... View More

Medical device company needs Electromyogram (EMG) done for small muscle activity related to eye movements. View More

USA Laboratory needed for Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry (MDSC) mDSC testing from -80C to 80C View More

Dental distribution company needs viral & bacterial (live/viable) analysis from wipe/swab samples. Analysis should include identification of specific... View More

GLP Compliant Laboratory needed for ongoing testing of regenerative drug development (Cell Therapy Hellas)
Test for:
1. HIV (anti-HIV (I/II), negati... View More

Pharmaceutical bioanalytical laboratory needed for nanoparticle bioactivity testing: competition assay to determine the remaining bioactivity of insul... View More

US Pharmaceutical Company needs FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory for stability studies and methods validation by a FDA-approved HPLC method val... View More

University needs industrial hygiene laboratory for solid waste management worker monitoring testing: Hair and nail samples for: HEAVY METALS (LIKE ME... View More

International biotech company needs: Bioanalytical assay development for PK analysis of glycosaminoglycan of in vivo plasma sample View More

Bioscience company needs microbiology laboratory for antimicrobial research studies of Bacillus species against E. coli serotypes relevant for pigs, ... View More

Large University in India needs laboratory with Bioassay capability for cytotoxicity study(apoptosis) using cell Hela cell lines for synthetic compoun... View More

Large Pharmaceutical company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for USP Testing: Carbonates test in sodium bicarbonate per USP mongraph View More

Biotechnology laboratory needed for plant cellular analysis using southern blotting of putative transformants View More

FDA GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for GLP Small Molecule Study for Molecular Level Study and Extinction coefficient for a small molecule in MeOH... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for hematology analysis: bio-assay of erythropoitein View More

Pharmaceutical Company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for USP Testing: HPLC Assay of Betahistine Hydrochloride according to USP 39 monograph fo... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis testing of 4 pet grooming products for Appearance, pH, Specific gravity, Viscosity, Ef... View More

Health care agency needs laboratory for Semen analysis View More

Preclinical Laboratory needed for biomechanical testing of Biologic implantables to be used as replacement tissue. Tests needed for mechanical propert... View More

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for Food Nutritional Clinical Trials which will include plasma, serum, blood and DNA analysis for Changes in phos... View More

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for oncology preclinical study of a therapeutic nanoparticle drug delivery systemin Breast can... View More

Research Facility needed to conduct efficacy studies on biocides applications for the comparative assessment of biocidal products containing candidate... View More

Large Industrial Bioscience Company needs pre-clinical contract research organization genotoxicology studies on substance including Ames and Chromosom... View More

LONG TERM TESTING: Biopharmaceutical company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for Caster oil testing for Ricin content
View More

Disinfectant Materials Compliance Test: Two (2) peracetic acid based disinfection materials for STAAT level II compliance.

View More

Large company needs California Microbiology laboratory for environmental monitoring / microbiology sampling and testing View More

Regenerative Medicine Company needs FDA GMP or GMP compliant bioanalytical laboratory for characterization studies on the residual antibiotic (aminog... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Purification and Activity Monitoring of human Nerve Growth Factor (hNGF) View More

Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for non-clinical safety study of DNA vaccine. View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ELISA analysis to determine if Suspension Placentae preparation contains Ribosomal protein SA peptide. View More

USA FDA Laboratory needed for HPLC, UV/Vis work. Experience in polymer analysis / separation by HPLC. is advantageous View More

Pharmaceuticals laboratory needed for biologic finish product testing (appearance, PH-value, osmolalitypolymer/Aggregate of HSA, Total protein content... View More

Pharmaceutical preclinical laboratory needed for in vitro potency testing of COX 1-2 inhibitors View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for biologics testing for residual simethicone from antifoam treatment in fermentation process for biological product ... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for biosimiliars testing: hydrogen deuterium exchange of biopharmaceuticals to show biosimiliarity to innovator produ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for NATO coatings testing of chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) to North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO AEP 64 sta... View More

Preclinical laboratory needed for performing a number of in vitro studies using stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells.These studies involve labeling ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Europe bioanalytical laboratory needed for Microarray Testing View More

FDA GLP pre-clinical product safety laboratory needed to perform murine toxicity studies on biotherapeutic compound View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for flow cytometry for characterization of white blood cell separation filter. Need a laboratory that is capable of do... View More

Biotech company needs analytical chemistry laboratory to measure O2 Henry's cte in salts solution. Or solubility at different pressures. Please provid... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory for cell line testing: Mouse Hepatitis Virus Parvovirus Rotavirus Theiler`s Encephalomyelitis Virus Lactate Dehydrogenase Ele... View More

Laboratory needed for ISO testing of yttria stabilised zirconia products. ISO 6872 and ISO 13356 are both needed. mechanical tests like 3 point bendin... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for study for determining cisplatin levels in human tumor xenografts (after systemic cisplatin treatments to mice bear... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Apolipoprotein E testing. 60 samples. View More

Pharmaceutical virology laboratory needed for Plaque assay of viruses (vesicular stomatitis virus) method transfer, method development, and method qua... View More

Biotech company needs Bioanalytical laboratory for cell culture experiment in bioreactor for pH, Glucose, lactic acid, glutamine etc. Blood/gas test o... View More

FDA GMP/GLP Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for stabiilty study, feasibility, method development and method validation of capillary IEF for quantitat... View More

Large pharma needs pharmacogenetics laboratory for 32 P post labeling DNA adduct assay View More

Canada microbiology laboratory needed for pharmaceutical sterilization validation and Sterility assurance testing View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Genetics Laboratory needed for DNA sequence replacement. We have our own BAC that we would like to make 6 sequence replacements in.... View More

Biosafety Level BSL-2 Laboratory needed for conducting research on oncolytic viruses based on HSV1, Herpes Simplex Virus. We are looking for service... View More

Large chemical company needs biotechnology laboratory for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Testing for crop plants. Must be able to process single seed... View More

San Francisco Bay area Serology laboratories needed to centrifuge and aliquot human saliva, urine, plasma, and serum into cryo-vials; place on dry ice... View More

Pharmaceutical Virology Laboratory needed for evaluation of a new topical antiviral in an invitro anti-viral assay against Adenovirus and Herpes Simpl... View More

Laboratory needed for ASTM engine coolant testing to ASTM D7304, Standard Test Method for Determination of Denatonium Ion in Engine Coolant by HPLC
View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for method development /Analytical Analysis for immunotherapeutic View More

CAP or CLIA certified histology laboratory needed to process and analyze paraffin blocks of human skin samples that we would like to have cut for sli... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for protein characterisation studies using analysis techniques/toolsused in a protein formulation?to demonstrate the u... View More

Novel Drug Development company needs FDA GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory for AAS analysis of 150 biological samples under GLP conditions View More

FDA GLP / GMP certified Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Transfer of a HPLC-UV/DAD method for assay and purity of a small molecule in a complex mat... View More

FDA cGMP Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for identity testing for the following drug and excipient materials that may be used in... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Imaged Capillary Isoelectric Focusing iCIEF for monoclonal antibody mAb identification. View More

US FDA GMP / GLP Pharmaceutical VIrology Laboratory needed for GMP PCV (porcine circovirus) testing of 1, up to 10 samples.
a) cost per 1 sample, and... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Containment Level 3 Laboratory needed for Dispensing approximately 2Ltrs of HG3 plasma from a single container into 500ml bottles View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing Tocrisolve emulsion to two test methods. Homogeneous emulsion was analysed using dual scattering p... View More

Large corporation needs laboratory for LC/MS quantification of synthetic cannabinoids in urine samples specifically: AB-PINACA and its metabolites (A... View More

Australia bioanalytical laboratory needed to make degalactosylated/desialylated bovine colostrum from normal bovine colostrum in various amounts.

P... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Southern hybridization testing for confirmation of integration for three samples View More

Pharmaceutical Microbiology laboratory needed for USP preservative effectiveness testing on a viral-tested human blood component to USP <51> Antimicro... View More

Independent test lab needed for stem cell count and quality testing for stem cell products. Specifically, we need the product we receive from the ma... View More

Biochemistry laboratory needed for custom synthesis and quality control testing of Zn2+ complex of anthracenyl terpyridine View More

Laboratory needed for Deep Freezer and Ice Lined Refrigerator Testing to WHO / PQS standards:
WHO/PQS/E03/FZ01-VP.2, Refrigerators and freezers for... View More

Life Science Company needs Toxicology laboratory for in vivo toxicity studies in rats. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Atomic Absorption analysis for quantification of Ag+ ions released into an aqueous environment. Please provide the cos... View More

Large research institute needs Medical Genetics laboratory needed for seedcongenic services and genotyping. Please specify the price per sample. View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for In-Vitro cell line toxicity study of herbal aqueous extracts on HeLa cell lines or any other cell line View More

Biotechnology company needs genetics laboratory for DNA Testing by PCR analysis to determine if materials are of animal origin View More

ILAC Mutual Recognition Signatory Laboratory needed for Electrical ageing testing for insulation piercing connector for LV arial bundle cables as per... View More

FDA and GDUFA compliant Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for USP Testing performing the tests under new chapters <661.1> and <661.2> from USP 39, rega... View More

University Researcher needs bioanalytical laboratory for LDH enzyme activity testing on homogenate sample of rat brain tissue in 7 vials approx 1 ml e... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for cell based antioxidant assay View More

University Researcher / Start-up Pharma needs USA Preclinical Contract Research Organizations CRO's needed for immunohistochemistry proof-of-concept s... View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for full quality control testing of Potassium Sulphate powder including Current FCC Identity, A... View More

FDA GLP Laboratory needed for estimation of residual Gentamycin content in cell culture and virus culture samples. View More

FDA GMP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for full release testing of biologic product. Must have physiochemical and bioassay capabilities. 100 - 200 s... View More

Europe GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for physiochemical testing of biologics: pH, Osmolality, appearance, LC based methods
Bioassays: ligand bi... View More

India pharma needs microbiology laboratory for Method development and Validation- Microbial Limit Testing View More

Biotechnology company needs bioanalytical contracti lab to run routine analysis of carbohydrates and other metabolite profiles from fermentation sampl... View More

Laboratory needed for pressmud testing for biogas formation. View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to determine iron concentration in cell culture media in ranges from 0 to 2mM. View More

South America biotech manufacturer needs USA toxicology laboratory for ecotoxicology studies of a formulation containing purified water, salts, cellu... View More

University Researcher needs bioanalytical laboratory for In-silico analysis to screen the laboratory of organic compound (ligands) and finds that cert... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for Ford alternator pulley decoupler test specification which describes the environmental and durability requirements for... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for product validation testing for an automotive accessory drive/alternator pulley system. I have the full product valida... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Testing: ethanol analysis to certify that meets certain specification because I'm going to export them.... View More

Research Institute needs medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for Plant Authentication studies of plant species using anatomy and histochemistry stud... View More

Northeast USA engineering laboratory needed for SAE Testing to Marine SAE J1171, External Ignition Protection of Marine Electrical Devices. for brushl... View More

Asia consumer products laboratory needed for luggage testing to material Def Stan 81-41 / Stanag 4280 IP67, ATA300, Stanag4280: Luggage / Casing
View More

India Mechanical Laboratory needed for DIN Testing Test Details: Specification - Equivalent to DIN 50018 The test duration of Saturated SO2 test is 3-... View More

FDA GMP Laboratory needed for medical device testingto AAMI 7199 and FDA guidance testing on extracorporeal blood oxygenators.
View More

Medical Device laboratory needed to test a blood oxygenator, per ISO 7199. View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for toxicological and heavy metal testing - Laboratory must be certified by one of the signatories to the I... View More

Southeast USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Testing to detect min. of 30 ppm not to exceed 50 ppm of denatonium benzoate in antifreeze co... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for JIS Testing (JIS D0207)Dust Testing on Starter motor and alternator View More

Japan Histology Laboratory needed for anatomic pathology examination View More