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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Brake Drum GAWR Testing TP121D Performance Dyno Test (FMVSS-121)

Automotive Laboratory needed for brake drum GAWR test for FMVSS121 TP121D ... (view details)

RUSH FMVSS and CMVSS Truck Cab Pull-Off Testing

Contract Automotive Test Facility that can do a rush in time truck ... (view details)

Motorcycle Comparative Evaluation

Automotive Laboratory needed for comparative testing of ... (view details)

ANSI Grinding Wheels for High Speed Failure Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for ANSI testing of grinding wheels for high s... (view details)

Exhaust Muffler Testing

Automotive Laboratory for exhaust muffler testing for bac... (view details)

Transmission Parts Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for transmission parts testing for wear (view details)

Automotive Gasket Photo Evidence and Materials Identification

Automotive company needs Materials Laboratory needed for ph... (view details)

Volvo Group Standard and ISO Standard Cleanliness of Small Internal Engine

USA LABORATORY (Midwest Preferred)
USA Automotive Laboratory needed for C... (view details)

Snowmobile and Jetski Waterproof Electrical Product Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for testing new waterproof ... (view details)

All-Terrain Vehicle ATV GSO Certification and EN-15997 Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for GSO certification and E... (view details)

Large Format Glass (Windshield) Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for testing according to TL 9... (view details)

FMVSS Vehicle Lighting Systems Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for the fol... (view details)

Automotive Parts Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for testing... (view details)

Dryer Drive Motor Functional and Life Testing

Product Testing Laboratory needed for functional and life testing of a Drye... (view details)

Tire Crumb Testing

Contract Automotive Laboratory needed for tire crumb testing. (view details)

SAE J560 Truck Trailer Jumper Cable Aftermarket Parts Testing

North America Automotive Contract Laboratory needed for SAE J560 Primary a... (view details)

ECE R28 Horn Testing (Sound Level, Sound Characteristics, Endurance)

Automotive Laboratory needed for ECE R28 Horn testing all tests (Sound lev... (view details)

India Industrial Air Purifier Unit Testing

India Contract Laboratory needed for air purifier unit t... (view details)

Motor Vehicle Glazing Material ANSI Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing to ANSI Z26.1,Safety Glazing ... (view details)

Automotive Parts General Motors GMW Specification Testing

Accredited Automotive Laboratory needed for PV testing a... (view details)

RFQ FMVSS 205 and SAE J934 Automotive Military Hinge Load Testing

Contract manufacturer needs Automotive Laboratory for quoting on a large or... (view details)

Volkswagen Test Standand VW80000 Sonar Radiation Testing (600 Hours)

Contract Laboratory needed for Volkswagen sonar radiation testing accordin... (view details)

RFQ SAE On-Road Hitch Trailer Coupling Certification Testing

North America (Canada Preferred) Automotive Laboratory ... (view details)

Corvette Wheel SAE Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Certification testing on wheels for co... (view details)

Toyota Specification Smell Quality Testing of Non-Metallic Materials

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for Toyota odor testing performed in accor... (view details)

Automotive EVI, Functional and Drop Ship Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for EVI, Function... (view details)

SAE Trailer Plug and Sockets Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to the SAE J560 test standard... (view details)

Automotive Electrical System PCB Evaluation

Automotive Company needs Electrical Laboratory for evaluation of electrica... (view details)

Automotive Interior Parts High Temperature Load Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for load testing at high temperatures of autom... (view details)

ISO Vehicle Interior Burning Behavior Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for proficiency testing in accordance with ISO 3... (view details)

Automotive AC Component Leak Testing

Automotive Testing Facility needed for automotive AC component leak testing... (view details)

Automotive Spare Parts Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Automotive Laboratory Testing Services needed to test... (view details)

Automotive Brake Boosters SAE Testing

USA Automotive Mechanical Laboratory needed for SAE testing of brake booste... (view details)

Vehicle Safety Certification Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for vehicle safety certification testing for ... (view details)

Automotive Aftermarket Product Installation Time Comparison Study

Automotive Laboratory needed to determine the installation time savings for... (view details)

Automotive Fuse Box Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for fuse box testing of automobile in standard... (view details)

Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN and Audio VIsual Navigation Study

Large Automotive Company needs Laboratory Controller Area Network (CAN) Tes... (view details)

Food Processing Motor IP Rating Testing

Independent Laboratory needed for IPX9k and ISO 20653 testing of two motor... (view details)

SASO-ISO 6415 Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SASO-ISO Testing of the following
Oil Fil... (view details)

General Motors Reliability Testing

Large Automotive Company needs Third-Party Laboratory needed for Reliabilit... (view details)

Ford Motor Material Specification Testing

ISO 17025 Accredited Automotive Laboratory needed for Ford Motor Company ma... (view details)

Battery Capacity Competitor Comparison Study

India Automotive Laboratory needed for battery competitor comparison study ... (view details)

Automotive Rubber Parts DBL and VDA Standards Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for Daimler DBL standards and VDA standards te... (view details)

Motor Efficiency Tests

Third-Party Laboratory needed for a quote for motor efficiency tests (view details)

General Motors GMW Car Surge Tank Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Standard Testing of the sur... (view details)

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