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Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Services Requests for Consulting which need to be fulfilled ! These Laboratory Services Requests Consulting are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking laboratories to perform Consulting services. If your Laboratory receives Laboratory Service Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or call 1-855-377-6821 .

Incoming Laboratory Consulting Services Requests

17-00008 Biofuels company needs laboratory consulting firm needed for establishing a full petroleum engineering laboratory from design and equipment. Approved
16-00018 Laboratory consulting firm needed for assisting in setting up an FDA laboratory for testing e-liquid for e-cigarettes. Closed
15-00029 Large company seeking strategic partnership with regulatory consulting firm global regulatory and quality compliance services for nutraceutical prod Closed
15-00016 India Laboratory Consultant needed for consulting on the lab set-up of an in-house small laboratory in a food manufacturing company. Closed
15-00015 "India Laboratory Consultant needed to provide consulting services on establishing a soil testing laboratory " Closed
15-00006 ""Consulting microbiologist needed to consult on the relationship between bacteria and concrete. "" Closed
14-00243 "Laboratory consulting firm needed for ongoing advisory services to construction firm that is building 4 types of Quality Control Laboratories : 1- E Closed
14-0028 India Quality Consultant needed for Quality Systems Consulting. Closed
13-00055 "Laboratory needs laboratory consulting and registration with ISO & IEC regarding the establishment of new laboratories in which testing of following Closed
13-00039 Northern NJ Nutraceutical Microbiology Expert needed in coliform testing for consulting and method development" Closed
Caffeine in lip balm Closed
12-00048 "India Laboratory Consultant needed for consulting for NABL accreditation of Stem Cell Laboratory"" Closed
12-00014 "Validation Consulting firm or Engineering firm needed to validate ETO sterilizer " Closed
11-00138 Mining and Metals laboratory needs Laboratory Architecture / Engineering Consulting firm to assist it in expanding services in to Health sector by bui Closed
10-00202 "Large Pharmaceutical Company in South Korea needs FDA GMP consulting firm to consult on conceptual design of our animal laboratory facility for bioph Closed
10-00151 FDA GMP Consultant needed to provide pre-authorization consulting services. Closed
09-0148 Laboratory Consultants needed to assist in establishing a series of forensic labs in an overseas country." Closed
09-0147 Laboratory consultant needed to advise on start-up of laboratory in the state of Florida. " Closed
09-0135 "EPA Consultant needed to advise on requirements for sampling a lagoon to be used for testing for a EPA Part 503 scan. The lab we are using isn't awar Closed
09-0134 "Consultant needed for advising on start-up for Food Testing Center (for contamination, etc.)"" Closed
09-0117 Laboratory Consultant needed to provide advice on which spectrophotmetric method is better to use in order to determine the mineral properties (impuri Closed
09-0109 Supplier required that can supply us with complete metal testing laboratories.. Kindly let us know if you are interasted so i can send you the specifi Closed
09-0095 Ukrainian company needs pre-clinical and clinical trials consulting and regulatory compliance consulting for conducting trials with further registrati Closed
09-0089 "United States Laboratory seeking consultant with the expertise in starting up a blood lab in the United States. General lab tests - blood and urine. Closed
09-0080 "Consultant required to conduct a lab audit to verify the proper mechanisms and procedures are in place (SOPs, training verification, change control, Closed
09-0075 California Agriculture Manufacturer needs agrochemist or chemist for pesticide development consultation services. Chemist must havegood experience in Closed
09-0029 "Germany Laboratory needs Bioanalytical, Proteomics Laboratory Consultant wwith Bioanalysis of proteins experience to review internal standards for bi Closed
09-0026 Qualified chemist needed in London to monthly mix chemicals such as Potassium Cyanide and Sulphric Acid. Closed
09-0016 Laboratory Consultant with start-up experience needed to advise Africa Laboratory currently under construction on all required lab equipment to operat Closed
09-0010 "Laboratory Consultant needed to assist company in the process of setting up a lab that supports an Liquefied Natural Gas facility. This lab will will Closed
09-0009 "Laboratory Consultant needed to supply and set up of food quality control laboratory in our new meat processing plant based Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. " Closed
08-0109 Laboratory CLIA Consultants needed for helping to setup a small North Carolina laboratory to do drugs of abuse testing in urine samples and looking fo Closed
08-0108 Laboratory Consultant needed for providing consulting on organization of a Brooklyn, NY Laboratory Closed
08-0102 Laboratory consultant needed to assist in the development of a tissue culture lab of about 1-2ml plants / year in kerala, India. Closed
08-0096 Histology Laboratory Consultant needed in advising on setting up an histology lab for making pathology slides only for a doctors office: space requir Closed
08-0092 United Kingdom contract laboratory needed with antibiotic resistance references for plasmid fingerprinting of MRSA strains obtained from patients body Closed
08-0090 Laboratory consultant needed for assistance in starting a toxicology lab in India. Closed
08-0089 Laboratory consultant needed to assist with establishing a new ISO laboratory in NJ. Need consultant to assist with information on the details about l Closed
08-0082 "Attorney needs expert review and testimony of matters related to CLIA compliance and/or laboratory purchase. "" Closed
08-0078 "Laboratory Consultant needed for Business Development Consulting to establish all the paperwork to get my lab up and running"" Closed
08-0039 ""Laboratory Architecture Firm needed to provide consulting on building a new laboratory for the oil & gas and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabi Closed
08-0033 "Nutrition and personal training facility located in a wellness center with plastic surgeons needs lab consultant for helping start a blood lab to do Closed
08-0019 Audit Consultant neded for nutraceutical company that outsources the manufacturing of our products. We need to have an audit performed on the lab that Closed
07-0150 Consultant needed to help start my own small Lab, only for STD's testing, I live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl,and its here where i want to open the lab. I b Closed
07-0149 Consultant needed to help set up a training laboratory to bridge the gap between the academy and Industry Mainly concentrating Biotechnology, Analytic Closed
07-0148 Consultant needed to help write a proposal to analyze the product samples for Micro & Chemical content. I'm writing from "Brisas Del CAribe, Corp." - Closed
07-0135 "Certified Audit Consultant needed for Drinking Water (Bacteriological & NO3) Wastewater (BOD, Total Suspended Solids, NH3-N, Total Phosphorus, Chlori Closed
07-0126 "HVAC Consultant or Mechanical Contractor needed for a large contractor for a high profile BSL Level 3 / Containment 4 project. The project is two Closed
07-0121 "Pharmaceutical consultant needed who has experence to process gelatin. The product will be used for injcetion purpose, gelatin will be used to fomula Closed
07-0107 "Consultant needed for technical support or collaboration on establishing Analytical Microbiology lab in Bangalore." Closed
07-0105 "Audit consultant needed for lab audited for GLP. The audit has to be done for both facility and study" Closed
07-0102 ""Regulatory consultants needed that can audit or provide consulting service to help us build the GLP and non-GLP lab for toxicity study""" Closed
07-0098 "Looking to hire laboratory professional for initial consulting on starting a laboratory for development of over the counter (OTC) products such as ha Closed
07-0092 Laboratory consultant needed for setting up a ISO, GMP, GLP microbiology lab for our Instant brown drice drink, instant porridge and instant barley dr Closed
07-0088 Investor needs Laboratory Consultant for consulting on new laboratory setup to open a new lab in Miami, FL Closed
07-0086 Lab consultant required to provide information regarding names and function of latest equipment used in a food microbiology lab,how to carry out shelf Closed
07-0072 "Consulting engineer needed for advising on the engineering method of measuring "abrasion resistance of nonwoven and its equipment " Closed
07-0060 Laboratory Consultant needed to set-up a new laboratory to process the oilsands analysis. At frist, we get cores from the field. we slab, we chop the Closed
07-0058 Laboratory Architecture or Engineering Firm needed to provide laboratory planning consulting services for an environmental laboratory under design at Closed
07-0020 "Laboratory Consulting of Bioanalytical laboratory Rat and mouse holding procedure area " Closed
07-0015 Laboratory Architecture and Engineering Firm needed for designing plant tissue culture laboratories and consulting on plant tissue culturing. """ Closed
07-0001 """"Biotechnology company needs consultant for HPLC Method Validation Training / Consulting"""" Closed
06-0113 "Contract Research Organization needed with experience with gaining FDA approval for in vitro diagnostics (IVD)."" Closed
06-0089 "Architectural/Engineering Firm in search of subconsultant for consulting on a Food Lab and Weights & Measurement Lab. The facility shall include, but Closed
06-0085 "Laboratory consulting group needed for auditing GCP mycology culture and KOL prep for a 54 site clinical study. " Closed
06-0081 ""A subject matter expert is needed in microbial culture collections with hands on experience in the day to day operations of a collection and knowled Closed
06-0068 "Experienced laboratory architectural or engineering firm needed for consulting on BSL 4 laboratories under the guidelines of CDC & WHO. We were a co Closed
06-0064 "Consultant needed to advise on Canada Product safety certification for selling product in Canada." Closed
06-0061 "Laboratory consultant needed to assist company with feasibility of developing internal laboratory. Company that currently spends in excess of £250k p Closed
06-0059 """"Consulting firm needed for "Quarterly level 3 and level 4 validation of groundwater analytical data. Samples will be analyzed for VOC, BNA, & din Closed
06-0054 "CLIA consultants needed for attaining CLIA certification of DNA genetics tests." Closed
06-0047 ""Consulting chemist needed to develop formula for nutrititional product."" Closed
06-0031 "Laboratory architect and design consultant needed for consulting on establishing new laboratory for testing textile (Quality test). (Feasibility stu Closed
05-0036 ""Laboratory consultants needed to audit 75 Medical laboratories for infrastructure assessment - engineering and architecture consulting nationwide. W Closed
05-0026 OTC pharmaceutical company need regulatory compliance consulting for importing pharmaceuticals into Canada. Experience with DIN, NHP and HealthCanada Closed
05-0024 Microbiology laboratory needs EPA consultant to register a "me too" germicide/biocide product with the EPA."" Closed
05-0023 Laboratory consultants needed for guideance in setting up a lab consultancy firm in Africa Closed
05-0017 CLIA certified laboratory needs CLIA consultant for CLIA compliance. We want to make sure our lab is prepared in the event that we are the recipients Closed
05-0011 """Consulting laboratory needed to assist in identification of full information the equipments, machines, apparatus and instruments that might be need Closed
05-0009 """ FDA registered laboratory needed for consulting to identify the regular testings (toxicity, microbiology ) are required to ensure that each of our Closed
05-0005 "US Laboratory consultants needed for consulting on Medical Courier Services" Closed
05-0004 Laboratory Consultant or contract service that is well versed in petitioning the USP for a "Request for Revision" to an existing USP OTC product disso Closed
04-0011 """Former FDA investigator with GCP experience in phase 3 and 4 IND studies. In addition, this person must have strong IT/validation knowledge to aud Closed
04-0010 Laboratory Consultant needed to assist with FDA GMP Part 11 compliance for a lab with Pharmaceutical CGMPs""" Closed
04-0004 "Laboratory Consultant needed to assist firm with development of in-house procedure to prepare / mix Fluorescein for the purpose of detecting blood st Closed