Laboratory Service Request 14-0005

Training and Education

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Industry: Training and Education

Description: Expanding Laboratory needs laboratory training provider to enhance the analytical competency and skills of the microbiology laboratory analysts on various microbiological parameters. This is to inquire about individualized training package in the field of Microbiology. It should be a 2 week laboratory hands-on training for one analyst. Expenses will be shouldered by our company. Please refer to our training concerns: 1. Clostridium Sampling and testing of Clostridium. Method is applicable to water , sewage and biosolids samples 2. Pseudomonas/ Aeromonas Sampling and testing of Pseudomonas/Aeromonas. Method is applicable to water , sewage and biosolids samples 3. Fecal Steptococcus Sampling and testing of Fecal Streptococcus. Method is applicable to sea water sample 4. Legionella Sampling and testing of Legionella by PCR. Method is applicable to water supply and cooling towers samples 5. Air Quality and Swabs* Sampling and qualitative analysis of environmental samples such as swabs, and dusts to detect E. coli and fecal coliforms 6. Sampling, identification and quantification of molds/fungi commonly detected in air.Air quality and standards 7. State of the art equipment /devices and QA procedures for the above analysis and our existing analytical parameters. email:

Required Laboratory Location: Anywhere

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