Laboratory Service Request 10-00104

Consulting and Advisory Services

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Urgency: 3-4 weeks

Industry: Consulting and Advisory Services

Description: Microbiology Consultant needed in Ohio, Wisconsin to help determine the technological capabilities of a company that we are interested in doing business with. The company in question imports 20 -25 separate cultures from European sources. They grow and combine these cultures to produce commercial products for use in diverse industries such as waste treatment, water treatment, grease trap and drain maintenance, hydrocarbon remediation, ammonia reduction and odor control. We do not have an in house expert to evaluate the technology being employed at that facility and our desires is retain a consultant to evaluate the cultures currently in use. We are looking for validation that the technology at this facility is current, the cultures employed are right for the applications and get an overall evaluation of the operation from an expert's point of view."

Required Laboratory Location: ohio, wisconsin

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