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Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Independent, Third-Party Pumps and Pumping Laboratories to perform their Pumps and Pumping Testing, Analysis, Assays, Product Development, Scientific Research Experiments, Inspections, Certifications, and Engineering Projects. If you are a Pumps and Pumping laboratory that would like more information on these Pumps and Pumping projects, please visit Register Laboratories or call toll free 1-855-377-6821.


Construction | Building

Materials laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of jointing materials for sewer drains to DIN 4062, Cold processable plastic jointing materials for sewerdrains - Jointing materials for prefabricated parts of concrete, requirements, testing and processing



Water, Sewer and Pipeline

Electrical laboratory needed for protoype testing: potable water testing of energy consumption and water delta, flow rates and energy of volts, amps and wattage temperatures on a 2 stage prototype of 1 gallon and 4 gallons = 5 gallons total



Measuring, Analyzing and Controlling Instruments

Laboratory needed for quantitative analysis of DEHP and DEHT. Must extract a resin from peristaltic pump tubes and then within that resin find the DEHP and DEHT levels in ppb. The resin is approximately 3% of the tubing composition and the DEHP and DEHT is approximately 1% each of that.



Pumps and Pumping

Contract Research Organization needed for performance testing of a microbiology pumps used in laminar flow hood. One of the requirements for the pump hardware is that it be aerodynamic such that it does not create dead spots in a laminar flow hood.



Life Sciences

USA Laboratory needed for smoke testing of lamiar flow hoods to of pump hardware that need to be aerodynamic such that it does not create dead spots in a laminar flow hood. We need to tests whether it create dead spots in the laminar flow hood. This is determined using a smoke test.



Filters and Filtration

Europe filter company needs test laboratory to perform turbidity reduction and contaminat retained mass on our sand filter. Our sand finter in very small, from 15 litres to 200 litres, and is used in above ground swimming pool to European norm EN 16713-1



Pumps and Pumping

Non-Destructive NDT Laboratory needed to provide a quote for the failure analysis of a failed CW pump bolts.

We require doing the following testing:

? Digital photography ? Visual examination ? Physical measurements ? Corrosion examination (Corrosion deposits) ? Fractographic examination ? Metallographic examination (Microhardness, microstructure characterization) ? Mechanical properties (Tensile and chemical analysis)

Your immediate response is highly appreciated

Regards, Czar


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