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Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Independent, Third-Party Power, Energy and Utilities Laboratories to perform their Power, Energy and Utilities Testing, Analysis, Assays, Product Development, Scientific Research Experiments, Inspections, Certifications, and Engineering Projects. If you are a Power, Energy and Utilities laboratory that would like more information on these Power, Energy and Utilities projects, please visit Register Laboratories or call toll free 1-855-377-6821.


Power, Energy and Utilities

Petroleum laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: oil particle count analysis according to ASTM D6786.



Power, Energy and Utilities

Electrical laboratory needed for lightning protection and corrosion testing of 5 kilograms of a liquid and solid.



Physical Certification laboratory needed for certification testing of Lighting fixture to sustain full load operation in temperature reaching 70 deg. C. in direct sunlight with high content of ultra violet rays to 2 luminaire as Z3430/34R & Z3415/17RB



Energy company needs Netherlands Laboratory for XRD analysis of two solid samples to establish the contents of the solids.



EPA Environmental Laboratory needed EPA Trace Fluoride analysis of wastewater using EPA 300.0 and having problems with low spike recovery. Looks like problem with organic acid interference?? Need a lab that can handle this problem



Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Solar Reflective Index(SRI) - ASTM E 1980,ASTM C 1549, THERMAL EMITTANCE -ASTM C 1371



Electrical laboratory needed for partial discharge testing



Power conductor company needs electrical laboratories for overhead power conductor testing.



Middle East Laboratory needed for Sewage Testing of sewage samples for BOD,COD,PH,Oil/grease ,Total soluble solids,Total suspended solids,Phosphate,Ammonia ,Nitrogen,Total recoverable phenols Fluorides,Sulfides ,Chlorine,Disabled oxygen (DO),Hydrocarbons Floatables,Aluminum ,Arsenic,Barium,Boron,Cadmium ,Chromium Nickel,Mercury,Cobalt,Iron,Antimony,Copper,Magnesium Lead,Zinc,Most probable number of total coliform Most probable number of faecal coliform,Egg parasites,Worm parasites

Sludge analysis Arsenic Cadmium Chromium Copper Lead Mercury Molybdenum Nickel Selenium Se 100 Zinc Cobalt Total Coliform Faecal coliform Salmonella Viable Helminth Eggs Enteric viruses



URGENT: Forensic Laboratory needed for natural gas testing for analysis of contaminants we are finding in our natural gas fuel at a power plant. These contaminants are black in color and are liquid, semi solid and solids. They are causing damage to jet engines. We need to identify the materials and possible sources. Samples are available now.



ISO / IEC 17025.2005 Certified Europe Laboratory with QA System to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 140001:2004) needed for Calcium Sulphite hemihydrate solubility limit (precipitation temperature) of the recirculation brine. I would like to request for a quotation including the following:

- Description of the testing procedure - Required brine sample (possibility of using seawater feed to determine the circulation brine precipitation temperature) - Required additional information - References in similar tests and other work at Sabiyah - Laboratory certifications - Price and planning

Thank you very much in advanced

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Electrical Certification laboratory needed for certification testing of USB wall mounted socket for charging purpose. 13A Socket 2Gang size with 2 USB ports for charging only 1A each.



Manufacturer of electric power connectors needs US laboratory for ANSI Testing to ANSI c 119.4,Connectors For Use Between Aluminum-To-Aluminum And Aluminum-To-Copper Conductors Designed For Normal Operation At Or Below 93 Degrees C And Copper-To-Copper Conductors Designed For Normal Operation At Or Below 100 Degrees C Please let us know how and where we can get this done in the USA.



USA oil laboratory needed for waste oil testing for percentage of kerosene that has been mix in with our waste oil (Mineral Oil).



URGENT: Environmental laboratory needed for water testing that has the capability to receive samples delivered from overseas, test samples urgently according to the list below and report results.

Samples from 2 sites in Asia would be sent twice per month for testing, perhaps for the next 6 months. The laboratory would need to arrange all logistics on arrival in their country to allow prompt analysis of the samples. Please supply a quotation for these services.


pH Value at 25 deg C - APHA 4500 H+B

Conductivity @ 25°C ?S/cm APHA 2510

Total Suspended Solids mg/l APHA 2540 D

Total Dissolved Solids @ 180°C mg/l APHA 2540 C

Turbidity NTU ASTM D6855 / ISO 7027

Chloride mg/l APHA 4500 Cl -B

Sulphates mg/l APHA 4500 SO4²-E

Calcium mg/l APHA 350



Contract Test Laboratory needed for EN Testing 1. Radiated Emission: Ref. Standard is EN 61000-6-4:2007 +A1:2011 2. Radiated Susceptibility: Ref. Standard is EN 61000-6-2:2005 Kindly send the quotation for the same. Mention the charges for above tests separately.



Utility company needs laboratory for reliable condition assessment, investigation and IEC Testing on a utility transformer corrosive sulphur problem to assist us with understanding of our problem, assist with identifying causes and possible solutions. Various different test were performed on the oil (DIN, IEC and ASTM D 1275B). All test come back negative. (flash over in tap selectors) due to corrosive sulphur. Our problem is mainly associated with silver, therefore caused likely by the more reactive sulphur compounds. When we had the failure we took various samples to the CSIRO for test. CEM testing were performed and it was found that we have silver sulphide and copper sulphide on tap selector silver contacts. On LV brazed joints (silver used for brazing) there was also silver sulphide and copper sulphide. Both silver sulphide and cop



Laboratory needed for research and environmental operations for Nitrosamine analysis of condensate and MEA samples N-Nitrosodimethylamine N-Nitrosodiethanolamine N-Nitrosomorpholine



Electrical laboratory needed for IEC, ISO and ASTM testing: ISO 4689-3, Iron ores ? Determination of sulfur content ISO 14869-1, Soil quality EN 12457-2, Characterization of waste EN 12506, Characterization of waste, ASTM G57-06, ASTM G59-97, ASTM G102-89,



Metallurgical Laboratory needed for zinc / lead testing: zinc ash /dross total content of zinc/lead



Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASM Testing: Tensile testing yield strength, minimum elongation at fracture



Electrical laboratory needed for UL Testing to UL 1573, Stage and Studio Luminaires and Connector Strips UL 1993 Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters



URGENT Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: astm d6786 for particle count and filming compound on mineral oil. I'll also need to know the required sample amount for this test. Please get back to me ASAP.



India or Asia materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: 1. load deflection test/ fastner pull over test of FRP panels used in cooling tower per ASTM E 72 2. Light transmission test of FRP panels per ASTM D 1494 3.flame spread classification of frp panels per ASTM E 84



Asia Electrical Laboratory needed for ASTM electrial testing: Insulation grade Kraft paper.



Midwest laboratory needed for ASTM natural gas testing for electricity generation Once per year we collect natural gas samples in small cylinders provided by a lab. The lab analyses these samples by ASTM1945,Standard Test Method for Analysis of Natural Gas by Gas Chromatography D3246, and 3588.



State of Ohio EPA toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA Acquatic toxicology studies. Perform a Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) for a wastewater treatment plant effluent for NPDES permit.



Asia Test Lab needed for specification testing of HSD and MFO, in accordance with full specifications (Our sample of HSD & MFO is already in Kualalumpur ) Above all assistance and cooperation we thank you, in wait for the good news



Power plant needs ISO India Laboratory for is lots coal testing, oil testing, water treatment, and its cycle also. Boiler water cycle, flue gas cycle & many more cycles included.



Europe Laboratory needed for octane and toluene testing: 70% Iso-octane and 30% Toluene Sample for 168 hours in test Sample is 50cm x 30 cm x 15 cm



Large Energy Company needs electrical laboratory for electrical testing on grid system. Type Tests - ? Control Type Test?, Specified test will be performed on DUT as Grid proprietary set of cubicles called Overall dimensions and simplified list of I/O is provided on attached ADC Type Test setup.pdf document. Set of qualification tests is summarized in attached emc test list.pdf in three tables: EMC Test Summary table, Environmental Test Summary Table, Safety Test Summary Table. We are looking into startup of performing these tests in Novemeber 2014. Looking forward to your feedback, questions and availability of your test facility. Please contact me directly in case of any questions.



Environmental Consulting Firm needs Geochemistry Laboratory for material analysis on 2 samples . The first sample is what I think is fire brick with specific amounts of Alumina, Silica, and Oxides, am not familiar with a lot of the analysis techniques. So, I?m not really sure what I need done. The second sample is a loose bulk sample of ash. The ash came from the floor of a room in a buried archaeological site. We think this room was used as a rotary kiln dryer room in which they heated coal and wood to warm the air and dry clay. But, the room may also have been part of the adjacent clay storage building. It might be best to run a few smaller samples from within the larger bulk to get a range of results. Please call me if you are interested in working on this research with us. Right off the bat I?ll need to know how long analyzing these



Power and Energy company needs Saudi Arabia Industrial Hygiene laboratory for industrial hygiene monitoring sample analysis or testing.



Europe energy laboratory needed with environmetal simulation chamber for Solar Radiation Testing to According to MIL-STD-810G, method 505.5 Proc. II. OR According to Environment Condition appearing in Nature IEC 60721-2-4

Salt spray According to MIL-STD-810G, method 509.5.

This tests are to be performed on a sample of a Variable Message Sign. Maximum dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 250 mm Material: Aluminium

We need urgently lab confirmation of availability to perform these tests and respective quotation.

Please also let me know the restrictions on dimensions of test chambers.



Europe analytical chemistry laboratory needed methane pyrolysis unit is to be tested with GC-MS for gas analysis and solid carbon for an analytical challenge We are supposed to assess the influence of different contaminants in the gas stream on the reactor performance and reaction products.

This means that we require analysis of the outlet gas composition and also analysis of the species adsorbed on the carbon catalyst from the reactor. The inlet (carrier) gas compositions is: carbon dioxide (up to 2-4 % vol or 33-66 g/m3) water vapor (up to 5,2 g/m3 or 30% RH at 20 C) N2: up to 28% vol or 327 g/m3 CH4: rest (> 67% vol or > 447 g/m3).

The list of contaminants is: Ethanol: 11 ppmv Carbon disulphide: 11 ppmv Tetrahydrofuran: 3 ppmv 2-methyl-2-butene 3 ppmv Toluene: 3 ppmv. In case of concentrations of contaminants being hard to me



ISO Materials Laboratory needed for thermal stability testing of pure fluids: Determine if Methanol, Ethanol, Acetone and Cyclopentane are stable at temperatures above 450 Celsius degrees.

4 samples, one of each fluid.



Potable Water plant needs analytical chemistry laboratory for ASTM activated carbon testing for Atrazine - Microcistine - Geosmin removal of our Activated Carbon under ASTM D3860 norm,Standard Practice for Determination of Adsorptive Capacity of Activated Carbon by Aqueous Phase Isotherm Technique



Power plant needs Analytical chemistry laboratory for potential boxite testing on chemical found on transformers, breakers and turbines



Middle East Laboratory needed for natural gas testing and crude oil analysis. Test of crude oil and natural gas (all chemical and (LHV and HHV))



Western USA physical laboratory needed for concrete testing: Compressive strength of concrete before and after exposure to 500 F, 700 F, 900 F (to be determined). Laboratory must have Furnace that can accomodate standard core samples, 6 inch diameter by 18 inch tall



Certification Laboratory needed for graphite testing of raw graphite material in Malaysia. Can you please advice for laboratory and certification grade for our raw graphite material.



Engineering Laboratory needed for physical Laboratory Testing of Concrete mixes: Density of Hardened Concrete Compressive Strength of Concrete Cube Compressive Strength of Concrete Core Making & curing of Concrete Cubes Slump Tests Air Content -Reinforced Steel. Steel Fabrication Testing



USA environmental laboratory needed for water analysis to determine if RO/DI water from our laboratory to assure that it meets Type 2 Standards according to CLSI and ASTM D1193-91.



USA Geology laboratory needed for minteral analysis: Yield per ton analysis of minerals found in rock.



USA, Europe, UAE or Singapore Oil Laboratory needed for Heavy Fuel Oil Testing to check any adulteration along with testing for follwing prameters; (1) Strong acid number (mgKOH/gm), (2) Ash (wt%), (3)Gross Calorific Value (btu/lb), (4) Conradson Carbon Residue (wt%), (5) Flash Point, PMCC, (deg C), (6) Pour Point (deg F), (7) Specific Gravity, 60/60 deg F, (8) Sediments by Extraction (Wt%), (9) Sulfur (wt%), (10) Kinematic Viscosity, 50 deg C (cst), (11)Water by distillation (Vol%), (12) Hydrogen (%), (13) Wax (Wt%), (14) Asphaltene (Wt%), (15)Potassium (ppm), (16)Sodium (ppm), (17) Calcium (ppm), (18) Vanadium (ppm)



Asia Physical lightning certification laboratory needed for certification testing for early streamer emission(lightning protection system)



Physical lightning certification laboratory needed for certification testing for early streamer emission(lightning protection system)



USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for diesel Testing the purity of diesel fuel sample. Testing for water, rust, sand



electrical Mechanical Laboratory needed for Abrasion testing: EN60068-2-70 (e.g. ABREX)abrasion test of totally four painted automotive samples (100 000 cycles, 100 000 cycles, 10 000 cycles and 10 000 cycles). I can provide test samples within 5 business days and expect assessment report including pictures (one common report is Ok). Please specify cost per test according to above cycle numbers.



UK physical laboratory needed for air blower Comparison testing of the different manufacturers of Air Blowers to assess their performance against a given criteria of; flow, pressure quantity, enrgy costs etc.



Eastern USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for gas testing. As a byproduct of our production process we produce 'syngas' which we believe is comprised of methane, hydrogen, CO and CO2



New England Physical Laboratory needed for Heat of Combustion Testing in BTUs (D-240) as well as Sulfur Content in percent (D-7039-07) for kerosene and diesel fuel.



USA Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D130,Standard Test Method for Corrosiveness to Copper from Petroleum Products by Copper Strip Test. ASTM D7095, Standard Test Method for Rapid Determination of Corrosiveness to Copper from Petroleum Products Using a Disposable Copper Foil Strip. 1 oil sample tested for determination of corrosiveness to copper.



Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Testing: Degradation OECD 301C 2 Fate and Behaviour in the Environment (IFF, 2005) Monitoring Study in Sewage Treatment Plants was performed under supervision of Royal Haskoning, supported by analytical work from Omegam Labs 3 Fate and Behaviour in the Environment OECD 314D 4 Degradation OECD 307 5 Fate and Behaviour in the Environment OECD 305 6 Fate and Behaviour in the Environment 1 year outdoor die-away in sludge-amended soils exposed to the elements. Levels below limit of detection after 1 year. Removal process undefined. < 1% leaching from soil.N2V2R2 Rel 2. (RIFM, DiFrancesco, 2002). 7 Long term toxicity to sediment organisms OECD Guideline 218 8 Long term toxicity to sediment organisms OECD 208 9 Long term toxicity to sediment organisms OECD 218



USA materials Laboratory needed to perform TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) and DSC (Digital scanning calorimetry) testing, preferably both at the same time on Kapton (polyimide) material in N2 atmosphere from room temperature to 1000°C. We are interested in where the key reactions are taking place in the heating cycle and to see if the reactions are endothermic or exothermic.



Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Phytosterol testing including betasitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol & brassicasterol



India chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM Carbon black feedstock testing 1. Cetane Number: ASTM D 6890 2. Distillation (initial,10%,20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%,70%,80%,90%, end) : ASTM D 86 3. composition : ASTM D 1319 4. kin.viscosity(40°C):ASTM D 445 5. Net heat of combustion:ASTMD240 6. aromatics (by SFC): ASTM D5186



Utility Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing ANSI/AWWA B407-93 Total iron, Ferric iron,and ferrous iron titration, Specific gravity, Suspended mateers in Ferric Chloride samples about 1-2 samples / week.



Eastern Europe Mechanical Laboratory needed for EN 13948 Testing, Bitumen Membranes in root penetration


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