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Power annd Energy

Physical Laboratory needed for solar panel testing for strength of the our racking system against wind and snow load. Tensile test for racking system (including end clips, mid clips , nuts and bolts) is a good idea to prove strength of the system against wind and snow load. If it is possible, can you give me an information about Load Bearing test: 1) Qualifications and Certificates 2) Quote 3) Lead time 4) Test report 5) Option: Engineering Sign-off Our material setup is as follows: Unistrut : P5500 Bolt: 5/16-18 X 2 SOCKET CAP SCREW 18-8SS 31C200KCSS (See Catalog) Spring Nut: 5/16-18 TOP SPRING NUT 3/8? THICK ?ZINC TSN031 (See Catalog) Clamp - 46mm mid and end clamp (see Schletter Brochure and PO and ignore red boxes)



Medical Devices

Medical Devices Laboratory needed for performance and microbiology testing of medical textiles to EN 13795: 2011 A1: 2013 including Tensile strength - dry and wet - EN 29073-3:1992 Burst strength - dry and wet - EN 13938-1Resistance to fluid penetration - EN 20811Cleanliness microbial - EN 1174 (replaced by EN ISO 11737)Cleanliness particulate matter - ISO 9073-10Linting - ISO 9073-10 Resistance to microbial penetration - dry - ISO 22612Resistance to microbial penetration - wet - ISO 22610.My main question is, if you are able to perform such tests?

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Motor Vehicles and Automotive

Automotive Laboratory needed for Ford WSS-M99P2222-D1 and Chinese GBT ELV 30512-2014standard testing of spacer fabrics with various thickness including: pH of Aqueous Extract 3.5-8.0, Formaldehyde 100mg/kg max,

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Textiles and Fabrics

Materials laboratory needed for ISO and SAE testing of nonwovens textile for : Thickness SAE J882 SEP2012 Thickness ISO 9073-2/A at 0,5 kPa

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Polymer laboratory needed for rheology testing to determine the viscosity on Polyamide 06. Is this possible at your end ?




Food laboratory needed for analysis to determine the nutrition profile of egg similar to the AECL published items of nutrition of egg.

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