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Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Independent, Third-Party Information Technology Laboratories to perform their Information Technology Testing, Analysis, Assays, Product Development, Scientific Research Experiments, Inspections, Certifications, and Engineering Projects. If you are a Information Technology laboratory that would like more information on these Information Technology projects, please visit Register Laboratories or call toll free 1-855-377-6821.



Large cabling company needs a laboratory for fire resistance cable testing to BS 6387 Cat C W & Z.

1) Copper conductor, Mica tape, XLPE insulation, LSHF Bedding, Galvanized SWA and LSHF final Sheath.

3) Copper conductor, Mica tape, XLPE insulation, LSHF Bedding, AWA and LSHF final Sheath. This cables will be tested as per ( BS 6387 Cat C W & Z ).

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Information Technology

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for rheology testing of bio sealant to find its gel time(i.e time required for the substance to change from liquid to gel).




Telecommunications laboratory needed for lab examination and reporting of our mobile phone devices that we produce in China. 1) 3G signal quality and speed 2) LTE signal quality and speed 3) WiFi reception quality and speed 4) HD Voice quality 5) Speaker phone, earphone and headset quality 6) Front and Rear camera picture and video quality on different conditions eg low light including flash 7) Screen quality 8) Battery quality and capacity 9) Charging quality



Information Technology

Technology Laboratory needed for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers SMPTE Testing to , SMPTE 425 and 2082. Specially with the jitter testing for SMPTE 425, and return loss and signal sensitivity for SMPTE 2082. Let me know if you want to have a conference call to review this request or if you can provide a quote.



Physical Laboratory needed for ISO kink testing per ISO 13868, Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Private Integrated Services Network Inter-exchange signalling protocol Name identification supplementary services Annexure B. We had caluculated the starting length was calculated. We also designed the kink test tool per ISO 13868. We wanted to know how the samples need to be mounted in the kink test tool based on the calculated starting length.



Third-party laboratory needed for compliance testing of industrial grade modems for automation & instrumentation CCC for China...what is needed from us, the estimated cost, time-line and any other pertinent details.



India Laboratory needed for Information Technology Product Testing testing


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