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Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of acrylics that need to be tested or analyzed for seam strength. These are two acrylics that are glued together from one end. There is a 1mm gap in between the two acrylics. I need to know the seam strength if you can imagine the two attached acrylics pulled apart.

These samples are essentially retail display and measured at most 88mm W x 419mm L x 607mm H and smaller.

We are working with a number of different suppliers and will need to have these samples tested every 6 months or so.

We would like to know how we can go about the process of having the acrylic signage tested for seam strength and see how they measure up against the International ASTM standards.



China materials laboratory needed for adhesive testing: Shear strength and viscosity test needed for for solvent based adhesive



Materials laboratory needed for epoxy testing: test CHE of Adhesive epoxy for Coefficient of humidity expansion (CHE) Could you please send Quotation and approximately Shipping time for me.



Materials Laboratory needed for epoxy resin testing. 2-5 SAMPLES, EPOXY RESIN USED IN VPI PROCESS,


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