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Laboratory Service Requests

Number Industry Description Status
13-00066 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Midwest laboratory contract service provider needed for laboratory Repair of Precision Scientific Incubator 51221089"... Closed
13-00065 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis ""Pharmaceutical BSL-3 FDA cGMP contract manufacturer needed with the capability to deliver a current Good Manufacturing Practices vaccine product that will be suitable for use in humans to support non-clinical and Phase 1 studies under an Investigational New Drug (IND) application. Specificall... Closed
13-00064 Consulting and Advisory Services Polymer Laboratory needs Laboratory consultant for laboratory auditing We would like our laboratory to be audited for Laboratory Test Methods Compliance Audit and have it accredited. We are doing the following tests based on ASTM: 1. RTFOT 2. Elastic recovery 3. Brookfield Viscosity 4. Penetration 5... Closed
13-00063 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis US Contract Manufacturer needed for contract manufacture: Production of e-juice used in electronic cigarettes. "... Closed
13-00062 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract sterilizer needed for sterilization of nanotechnology medical devices... Closed
13-00061 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory engineering firm needed for laboratory development of Explosive Testing Laboratory ... Closed
13-00060 Maintenance, Calibration and Repair Laboratory needs Michigan Laboratory Service Providerfor Laboratory Centrifuge Maintenance and Repair for Beckman Coulter Allegra 6R and Allegra 6 centrifuges. CAP/COLA requirement - need copy of service/repair visit... Closed
13-00059 Architecture, Construction and Design "Laboratory Engineers needed for laboratory construction of Industrial Hygiene laboratory for Oil Laboratory under Health,Safety & Environment-Dept..Hence, we need your valuable guidance in establishment(i.e.,in design of the lab, in selection and procurement of equipment)of the lab.""... Closed
13-00058 Sterilization and Lyophilization ""ISO Gamma Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer needed for ISO Gamma EO sterilization ""... Closed
13-00057 Architecture, Construction and Design "Laboratory Engineering firm needed to expand and update our current GLP micro pathogen testing laboratory. Needs to meet GLP pathogen laboratory standards as well as local, state and federal standards.""... Closed
13-00056 Sterilization and Lyophilization USA contract sterilizer needed for EO sterilization to EO sterilize medical devices (procedure bags) which includes several items. The products will be kitted in one bag and those have to be EO sterilized on a weekly basis (1 pallet a week) the height of the pallet is around 6 foot)"... Closed
13-00055 Consulting and Advisory Services "Laboratory needs laboratory consulting and registration with ISO & IEC regarding the establishment of new laboratories in which testing of following equipment can be performed according to their energy efficacy point of view: 1.LED luminaires meter(induction & digital) 3.induction motor... Closed
13-00054 Maintenance, Calibration and Repair Florida University needs laboratory service company for Repair and Calibration of class set of Spec 20 Spectrophotometers."... Closed
13-00053 Sterilization and Lyophilization Texas contract sterilizer needed for contract sterilization of food packaging: ETO or Gamma Sterilization of food packaging"... Closed
13-00052 Sterilization and Lyophilization Canada Contract Sterilizer needed for contract sterilization to sterilize/rinse/clean glass bottles (350mL) and jars (500 and 1000 mL). We operate a food company and moved to glass from plastic."... Closed
13-00051 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Biomedical company needs contract sterilizer of petri dish (made of polystyrene). Need sterilization and packaging service.these petri dish will be sold to other research lab for grow cells on them.""... Closed
13-00050 Training and Education "Caribbean Government Laboratory needs Laboratory Consultant to provide laboratory instrument Training in pesticide residue analysis using Agilent 6410 LC/MS. A hands-on session which includes instrument optimization, data processing, quality control and interpretation. ""... Closed
13-00049 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture Firm needed for FDA GLP construction of GLP compliant Animal house. The laboratory design and construction and modification required for an ALREADY EXISTING ANIMAL HOUSE"... Closed
13-00048 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Pharmaceutical manufacturer needs Contract Research Organization for contract synthesis of flavonoids. Large project. "... Closed
13-00047 Architecture, Construction and Design ""our R&D department would like to building a new laboratory that is most suitable for our needs ""... Closed
13-00046 Sterilization and Lyophilization Biotechnology Manufacturer needs New Zealand or Australia Contract Sterilizer for Electron Beam Sterilization of Stainless steel catheters, stainless rods and plastic catheters"... Closed
13-00045 Sterilization and Lyophilization Singapore FDA GMP contract sterilizer needed for autoclave sterilization of carboys"... Closed
13-00044 Maintence Calibration and Repair Laboratory Contract Service Provider needed for ASM repair of Lab Mining Equipment"... Closed
13-00043 Maintenance, Calibration and Repair University Laboratory needs USA Laboratory Contractor needed for laboratory repair of laboratory instrument: Isotemp 215 waterbath needs repair, it does not turn on"... Closed
13-00042 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed in India: lab setup consultant as per isi requirement, let me know asap..... Closed
13-00041 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis US Biologics Contract Manufacturer needed for Canine plasma fractionation for albumin and lyophilization for in vivo use in dogs. low or no endotoxin - product to treat albumin deficiencies in dogs"... Closed
13-00040 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Contract Manufacturer needed for cell line culturing of Cell line sensitive to gastrin for growth assay""... Closed
13-00039 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Contract Research Organization CRO needed for who can handle 510(k) analytical studies and a 3 site trial on an MMRV multiplex based test. We are ideally looking for a CRO who has their own laboratories or access to labs for testing work ahead of the final studies. Ability to also manufacture... Closed
13-00047 Consulting and Advisory Services Manufacturer needs ISO consultant / FDA GMP consultant or auditor to come verify their laboratory testing for USP material"... Closed
13-00046 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Toronto FDA GMP consultant needed for assisting in conversion of leased space to space for manufacturing facility for personal health products"... Closed
13-00045 Maintenance, Calibration and Repair Food Science Laboratory needs India Laboratory Maintenance company for maintenance and calibration of laboratories instruments ... Closed
13-00044 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis USA bioanaltical laboratory needed for Hybrid cells in stock not thawing out at high recovery"... Closed
13-00043 Sterilization, Lyophilization annd Autoclaving ISO, FDA GMP Northeast USA contract sterilizer needed for Autoclaving/heat sterilization of laboratory materials"... Closed
13-00042 Maintenance, Calibration and Repair Ohio laboratory contract service provider needed for Preventative maintenance for 18 laboratory balances Preventative maintenance for 30 centrifuges. and 21 microscopes"... Closed
13-00041 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed to assist on setup of a agriculture / environmental laboratory for water, air, soil and seed testing; ... Closed
13-00040 Sterilization, Lyophilization and Autoclaving Northeast ISO, GMP Contract Sterilizer needed for Heat autoclaving / sterilization.... Closed
13-00039 Consulting, Advisory and Expert Witness Services Northern NJ Nutraceutical Microbiology Expert needed in coliform testing for consulting and method development"... Closed
13-00038 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis CLIA contract manufacturer needed to contract Manufacture ELISA Kits for shipment outside the US. Looking for Company close to TN, preferable in NC, GA or FLA. ... Closed
13-00037 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Texas ISO , FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needed for Full service quality controlledFDA, GMP manufacturing / sterility validation, assembly, packaging "... Closed
13-00036 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis USA FDA GMP Laboratory needed for GMP Expression and processing of an E. coli produced protein. The protein will be formulated in vials for a vaccine""... Closed
13-00035 Protoyping and Modelling Research and Development Laboratory needed for prototyping of prototype materials for OLEDs.... Closed
13-00034 Calibration, Repair and Maintenance Middle East Laboratory Contract Service Provider needed for ... Closed
13-00033 Formulation and Deformulation Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to deformulate / reformulate an industrial lubricant. This is a wool grease(lanolin) based imported product.""... Closed
13-00032 Architecture, Construction and Design "Puerto Rico Laboratory Architecture and Engineering Laboratory needed for construction of Food Analysis and Microbiology Laboratory""... Closed
13-00031 Calibration, Repair and Maintenance US contract service provider needed for repair of Genesys 6 spectrophotometer (by ThermoSpectronic). During boot up it gets stuck on the "Checking filter wheel" screen. Tech support recommends cleaning and calibration."... Closed
13-00030 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair California Contract Service Provider needed for repair of laboratory incubator: Pacific Science branded CO2 water-jacketed incubator that needs to be fixed. Model number is NU-4850. The CO2% can not reach 5%. We tried to calibrate the CO2 indicator and changed the filter in CO2 tubing. But that didn... Closed
13-00029 Consulting and Advisory Services ""Expert witness needed in the malt barley sciences, someone who can determine whether certain levels of plant diseases on seeds affect malt barley quality.""... Closed
13-00028 Architecture, Construction and Design "We require the services of an organisation to design and equip a proposed tissue laboratory in Armenia, with proposed surface finishes. We have an area plan where the lab will be housed"... Closed
13-00027 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis "Pennsylvania Contract Manufacturer needed for custom synthesis of 5 to 10 grams of CAS # 88373-30-2, 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4(1H,3H)-dithione,6-[[(4-ethenylphenyl) methyl]propylamino]-. We require this sample for evaluation purposes. if evaluations are successful, it will become part of our manufacturin... Closed
13-00026 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "US, UK, Europe laboratory service provider needed for Repair and maintenance services on scientific laboratory equipment to ensure optimum performance. Includes preventative maintenance, calibration, installation / operational / performance qualification & verification, repair and service contract ... Closed
13-00025 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture or Engineering Firm needed for Remodeling or renovation to research laboratory ... Closed
13-00024 Sterilization and Lyophilization California irradiation contract sterilizer neded for contact sterilization service for our plastic bag product(packaging for wine) gamma irradiation 15-10 kGy, they will be packed in corrugated boxes(gaylord)"... Closed
13-00023 Validation and Qualification "Asia validation consultant needed for validation of Ethylene oxide oxide sterilizer in Indonesia under ISO11135. ""... Closed
13-00022 Sterilization and Lyophilization Singapore ethylene oxide sterilizer needed for ETO sterilization of a few samples"... Closed
13-00021 Audits, Inspections and Benchmarking Maryland laboratory auditor needed to perform a GLP / CLIA audit prior to launching the program."... Closed
13-00020 Architecture, Construction and Design South Africa Laboratory Architect, Engineer needed to design Mobile Physical Science Laboratory or a complete physical science laboratory equipment. Company must be South African owned.... Closed
13-00019 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Nova Scotia Canada laboratory service provider needed for repair of array annalyzer. The VersArray colony arrayer is not pinning on the right hand side of the plates. I think the arrayer requires some alignment maintenance."... Closed
13-00018 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis North America contract manufacturer needed for contract manufacturing of insect bait"... Closed
13-00017 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Large pharmaceutical manufacturer needs UK, Europe or USA laboratory instrument service provider for instrument repair of LIS, TLS, Lab Consumables / Supplies Capabilities for above scope on a global / regional basis including dimensions... Closed
13-00016 Architecture, Construction and Design India Laboratory Architect or Lab Engineer needed for designing Food testing lab. Need to design interior (technical civil work, furniture, placeemnt of equipments, microbiology lab) as per ISO/IEC 17025"... Closed
13-00015 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory construction consultants needed to plan : 1. On site storage and distribution of Liquid Nitrogen for a Tissue preservation facility. 2 A consultant to set up BSL 3 Lab and a molecular Lab with Stem cell facility. "... Closed
13-00014 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Texas Laboratory Repair Company needed for Water systems maintenance and repair""... Closed
13-00012 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Georgia Laboratory Service Provider needed for calibration our Medical Clinic equipment located in Atlanta, GA. "... Closed
13-00011 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair US, UK, Europe laboratory service provider needed for Repair and maintenance services on scientific laboratory equipment to ensure optimum performance. Includes preventative maintenance, calibration, installation / operational / performance qualification & verification, repair and service contract m... Closed
13-00010 Architecture, Construction and Design "Middle East Laboratory Construction, Architect, Engineer needed for Turnkey job for setting up Middle East Drinking water testing laboratory(,supply..etc) ""... Closed
13-00009 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Bahamas Laboratory needs FDA GMP laboratory service provider for Repair of laboratory equipment: a 6890N GC, FID with low areas and repair of 1100 HPLC with repeatability issues."... Closed
13-00008 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair North Carolona Laboratory needs laboratory service provider for laboratory calibration of Lab scale Lyophilizer VirTis Genesis freeze dry system"... Closed
13-00007 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis "FDA cGMP contract manufacturer needed to for contract manufacturing of polymer ocular inserts including two specific drugs as per specifications. The ocular inserts will be used for human clinical trials. ""... Closed
13-00006 Architecture, Construction and Design United Arab Emirates Manufacturer is seeking laboratory consultant, architect, engineer for inhouse microbiology lab construction which will be a part of production facility. "... Closed
13-00005 Sterilization and Lyophilization New England contract sterilizer needed for contract sterilization of Tyvek pouches with scaffolds used in animal study"... Closed
13-00004 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair California calibration provider needed for calibration of Dataray GFS12RAY01 including a certificate of calibration.... Closed
13-00003 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Canada or USA contract manufacturer needed for contract manufacturing of synthetic urine controls which includes: Freeze-drying of synthetic urine control solutions on a contract basis; To establish and validate procedures for small quantity lyophilization of synthetic urine controls for human prote... Closed
13-00002 Genetic Engineering Genetic engineering of DNA. DNA manipulation. Have to amplify and sequence ancient human DNA with accuracy.""... Closed